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Exposed: Soros And The Secret Origins Of Black Lives Matter Globalists pushing America into a manufactured race war

Never ending;

Host of Infowars’ American Countdown, Robert Barnes, reveals the true origins of the radical Black Lives Matter movement.

Why does George Soros fund the group and what else does he put his money into?

Rapper and activist Lord Jamar also touched on Soros’ involvement in BLM in this show segment.

Meanwhile, as an old white man oversees the largest African American movement in the country, what happened to the real leaders?

Barnes breaks down how MLK and Malcolm X were actually promoting peaceful protests, which is why they were deemed threatening enough to be assassinated, and why their peaceful message is lost today.

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Mainly in the US, but these dark cabal-controlled BLM "protests" [RIOTS>VANDALISM>MADNESS] are in UK cities too, in Europe and even Japan. Hardly any black people in Japan. So like Covid19, we observe another CONTRIVED CRISIS intended to interfere with the lives of Hillary's "basket of deplorables," but also scare/shame liberals, who fear loss of income from lockdown, or riots, to bend the knee and sacrifice all, for the greater "good" of voting Democrat, in November and stopping the rising trend away from Elitist Globalism, towards National Populism, everywhere....Think UK Brexit, think of the distrust for WHO>UN>EU>NAFTA>>>RED CHINA.....PRC: 21st version of Germany in 1919; at "hall of mirrors."

OF COURSE, PEOPLE WILL DEMAND A RETURN TO LAW & ORDER>>>MILITARY>>>Via Insurrection Act 1807 if needed and called for, by all, including LIBERALS [buying guns for the first time ever.]

Is it about public health & safety..? NO>>>It's about regaining power for the deep state Democrats..

Is it about black victims of policing methods..? NO>>>It's about regaining power for the deep state Democrats..



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