Exploding Head Syndrome

Hello, everyone!


I thought I'd take this opportunity to ask - who here has heard of (or even experienced) what is medically referred to as Exploding Head Syndrome?


Five years ago I had no idea it existed. But then my younger sister was killed in a car accident; shortly after that, I began experiencing the symptoms.


For anyone who doesn't know, Exploding Head Syndrome is where either in sleep, or the stages just before or after, sufferers experience an intensely loud noise in their head, often accompanied by a flash of light. It usually affects people over the age of fifty, and more often women than men.




When it first happened, I was incredibly freaked out - I didn't have a clue what was going on. Apparently the noises people hear vary, but for me it sounded like a motorbike or loud car driving right through my head. That and the flash of light woke me up instantly with my heart racing.


Because of what had happened to my sister, and the way it sounded to me like a chaotic split second of traffic, I started wondering if I was somehow experiencing my sister's last moment. It sounded daft, but it kept happening, and at the time I was desperately searching for some sort of spiritual reassurance that she was alright. So I googled the symptoms to see if anyone else had experienced anything similar, and discovered that it was EHS.


The weird thing was, when I was settling down to go to sleep, I discovered that I could tell when it was going to happen. There was a sort of buzzing energy I could feel in my head. It's hard to describe - it was as though in my brain there was a tube containing a bit of electric liquid, and the tube occasionally titled from side to side, sending the liquid buzzing one way or the other - and if it tilted too far to one side or the other, I would get the noise and the flash. That's not a very good description, but it's the closest I can come to it.


I also found that I could control the flow of this buzzing energy, to some extent. It was a sort of balancing act, in my brain. Not physical, I didn't have to tilt my head at all, but it took concentration and focus to keep the energy centralised.


Since then, I have experienced it infrequently - mostly during periods of intense stress, which apparently can be a trigger. I haven't had it for a while now (I'm rather happy these days), but there's always the chance it will pop back out of the blue once in a while.


Although there are a few theories, scientists have yet to explain exactly what causes the phenomenon. I myself am wondering if, in physiological terms, it has something to do with the Pineal gland (or "third eye"), and a short, concentrated release of Dimethyltryptamine. This is only a theory, but I have found it interesting that investigations into the euphoric effects of certain types of yoga have also pointed towards the Pineal gland as a source.




Dimethlytriptamine (known as DMT) has also been utilised as a drug; people under its influence experience intense psychadelic hallucinations, and often feel that they are subject to a period of spiritual awakening or contact with alien-like beings. It has also been hypothesised that a massive release of DMT from the Pineal gland is responsible for the near death experience phenomenon, although this is seen as a controversial theory in the scientific community.




For my part, whilst there may indeed be a physical reason in the brain for it happening, the experience of EHS is so overwhelming when it happens that I can't help but think I have felt a spark of the divine, just for that tiny moment. Whilst I would never describe the sensation as being a comfortable one, there is no pain involved - it's just a bit of a shock when it happens! I often find myself wishing afterwards that it could have lasted longer, just so I could get a better sense of what it really was.


I'd love to know if anyone else has any experience in this matter, or knows anyone else who has? Any thoughts are welcome!


Peace and love x

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  • Hello again!


    Indigo 1955 sent me a link to a great David Wilcock video on youtube that explains all of this, and confirms what I had suspected!




    Well worth a watch if you're interested :)


    Thanks, Indigo! Peace and love to you all x

  • Hi Ivor Carter!  <3  I have that brain dead feeling all the time...I feel it is because...our thoughts mostly just get in the way of our spiritual growth...the heart needs to be fully activated.  The heart ruling the mind and not the other way around.  It is very much an ascension symptom.  It is time to feel more and think less...for all of us.  Being calm is the perfect state in which to receive...the universe showers us with blessings constantly...but it is up to us to recognize a blessing and accept/ receive it.  Congratulations to your receptive state...you are ready to be blessed out of your mind and into the heart of the cosmos!  <3
  • Well I am the right age and gender and my experience of this "happening" was after I had fallen asleep. I had forgotten all about this occurance unitl I read your comments and it jolted my memory.  I had a loud noise in my head, like a cracking noise but not quite and a flash of light.  The whole experience woke me up and I remember I was startled and couldn't comprehend what had happened. Very interesting, thanks.

    Oh I also get a lot of ringing in my ears at times.

    I'm glad it doesn't mean my head is full of growth hormone and it is going to explode. Lol.


    Love and blessings x


    • I often get ringing in my ears as well. I wondered if it might be tinnitus?!


      I also, for no apparent reason, get infections in my earlobes - they grow very hot and itchy and swell up every few months. My doctor can't explain why this happens!


      Our bodies are strange things...


      Peace and love :) x

      • I don't believe the ringing is tinnitus.  I think it may be frequency changes around us, almost like tuning the radio to the station you want, this is my personal belief by the way.


        I think a lot more things are going to happen to some of us.


        Love and blessings. x

        • This is certainly a theory I had guessed at before - I'm glad to hear someone else say it. It is very much as though my ears are being tuned in to something!


          Peace and love x

  • Lol thank you. I'm sorry to hear about your troubles with RN school, that must have been very difficult for you.


    I too believe that we are here to experience limitations, and learn to either accept or overcome them. I love lots of sports, especially football, but since a young age I've had asthma, which prevents me from taking part and enjoying them fully. I have to watch from the sidelines, or suffer an attack, which used to frustrate me a great deal.


    Have you read Michael Newton's books "Journey of Souls" and "Destiny of Souls"? I believe in this lifetime that my energetic spirit has been placed in a physical body that has had this limitation put on it. Being unable to take part in sports I love has meant seeking comfort and release from within, rather than externally via physical activity. I think it's a sort of lesson in thought and discipline, as well as overcoming disappointment.


    Peace and love x

  • I have heard of people in car accidents that have certain chakras or energy centers awakened, activated before they are really ready for it.  When you aren't ready...it might be scary or overwhelming...such strong energy.  I have a very different experience with the "light"...I saw the "light" sort of like you would imagine heaven looks and feels without any form...just light and the amazing feeling of love and joy and peace that comes with it.  I was meditating when it happened and I didn't hear anything.  I hope you find the balance in it all...what happens when you meditate on it?  I love you brother!
    • I've never really been good at meditating, although I have just bought a book that I think will help. I'll let you know :) x
      • Meditating is easy...just still yourself and listen to your feelings/thoughts...after you sort through your feelings/thoughts...being honest with yourself...you are then free to recieve the gifts of the universe, if you ask you shall recieve...or something like this.  I love to lay under the stars at night and relax and enjoy the sky...and our star family.  Meditation is a way of being...being present.  You probably meditate already and just don't realize that is what you've been doing...any thing to relax your being...watching nature...a sunset...some birds flying...surfing...creating art...a passionate hobby.  When we relax...we can center within and balance..connect with ourselves...with the cosmos.  <3  I love you Achilles!
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