Existential nihilist stuckness

Hello all. I'm feeling kind of stuck right now due to thoughts i've been having about the source and its possible behaviour. If it's true that god loves all; good, bad, postive negative ect then i feel put off about putting in good effort to help improve the world if i consider that the source is playing both sides of the board, and on the other hand contravining all my efforts. I'd appreciate any thoughts you might have on this issue. Thanks.

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  • Hi IO,

    We are all time to time feel stuck, a few things that helps me - I don’t bring God into physical equation, and human evolution, even thou He is our final destination, we have free will and choice, mostly what’s happening in the world is humans doings and we are allowing it to happen to all of us. God has nothing to do with that, He is natural order, and His presence makes it all more - tolerable. There is only one side of Him and one reality - however US - have plenty to play with.

    Stepping back and changing my perception helps as well, sometimes “old’ mentality, habits is in the way to understand better or maybe to see a better way. Finding personal center is very important as well, it could be anything, what makes you stronger, so good efforts are a must, even if you don't feel it.

     Don't know if this was helpful.

    • Thanks for sharing your insight Ara. The question is admittedly open and quite general so i had hoped it might generate some discussion. Being a bit more specific, firstly i was curious if anyone else had considered this kind of question in their own personal journey. Secondly i wanted to get clear on the idea of source providing in equal measure for the so-called dark as much as the light and how i would personally find that disagreable as it would effectively working against my hopefully constructive efforts in life. How if at all would you find your efforts being contravened agreeable yourself?

      My personal view is that the universe is conscious and that all energetic reality is a medium upon which the intention of the prime creator consciousness is manifest. I include the physical realm within this definition. I'm not sure about free will personally as to me that would inlcude the ability to controvert natural law amongst other things. Presently im at a place where a reality of probablistic determinance makes most sense to me, the vast complexities of the system we are part of, plus our relative lack of individual and collective knowledge about it, allows for the illusion of free will much like our lack of knowledge enables the concept of emergance in science and philosophy as our knowledge progresses and reveals or hints at these as yet known relationships in natural systems.


      • I would say that experience is everything. God Source provides all levels for us: beginners, intermediate, advanced etc., mostly we learn from our mistakes or as you’ve said: against your constructive efforts in life. There is beginners luck, after that; there is a real ongoing test.

        I know that true free will and choice comes with responsibility, both in this context co-exist in balance with nature and universe. Knowledge is powerful tool – learning safety first is important, as a creative force and distractive force in one and the same, but knowing the difference comes with the willingness to make a choice. At first glance so-call dark energies might be that – ‘dark’, but at the second glance those energies look more like ‘parasitic viruses’, at the third glance there is an understanding that those ‘dark energies’ as any virus or parasite exist of the living - need life, warmth, light or absent of light, liquid or solid – a ear to hear, mind to manipulate … etc. So having free will and choice help us to develop a stronger immune system, like T-cells (dormant when there is no danger) but very effective when it is.

        To your question: How if at all would you find your efforts being contravened agreeable yourself? - ironically not very agreeable .. ;)) however 'resistance is futile' and finding new ways and solution when changes are coming is challenging but rewarding, as i see the world the way i see myself. The more i know myself the more i know the world.

        • I just wanted to say thanks to you for taking the time to share you insight. I think its fair to say that there is a lot to unpack when it comes to figuring life out. On the surface it makes no sense that the prime creator would actively resist parts of itself in a contravening way but as a human i know that i can sometimes be fickle and have a stuff i need to process from my unconscious. Maybe there is a paralell with source, nature loves a pattern.

  • Go figure since asking this i chanced upon a video about the holographic universe which had an interesting explination that sheds 'some' light on my quandry. It's contained in a definition of dualities. "Dualities, when two seemlingly different theories are proven to represent the same underline physical reality." Playing both sides? There is only the all as far as i know.

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