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Not sure if there is another thread on here regarding this or not? I wanted to bring up some experiences I've had and the information I have received about evacuations by the Light Ships.


I have been dreaming of being evacuated for many years by the Light ships. I have been reading conflicting reports as to whether this is going to take place or not. All I know is that my dreams have been very real regarding this. In fact, I once freaked out after seeing the movie "Knowing" as some of what had happened in my dreams was what happened in that movie.


I have been told that I will be picked up and my children will be picked up separately from me and that we would be reunited at a later date. I'm pretty sure my children will be going underground to Aghartha and that I will be watching the destruction of our planet from the Lightship. Later I will come back to join my children. Anyone else have these dreams?


I also remember talking to an angel once in one of my dreams. I asked the angel "why me", I'm not worthy" because she had told me I was here to help out.  Has anyone else had this experience as well?

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Each indidual soul will be guided and receive communication to their choices upon that which serves their highest good and what they will chose through free will.  Those of strong starseed linage, may be evacuated by their linage and soul group. This is something each individual must discern and decide for themselves.  There will be many paths and many options in the upcoming events. Many will choose to stay upon the planet, those who are guided will be directed/guided and protected, others will leave in light ship evacuations and others will choose to leave physical expression. Every heart and soul must seek their path within. Align oneself to your christed self, I Am presence and surrender to your highest good and greatest potential through the highest vibration of living love - serving the highest good of all.  Many are now, renegoitating their soul contracts, star & divine missions .... the field of probabilities have expanded and new potential have been manifested. Seek your guidance within and do not limit your potentials to dreams or energies of the past, all has shifted into new potentials. Live in Love, Fearlessly Serving the Highest Good of All :-)

The starseeds are playing an important part, but many are revising their original missions and contracts based on new information and the new possibilities. In regards to survival, it shall depend upon one's soul choicing in regards in that which serve their highest good/experience and that which would be service to others. Many starseeds are tired and have a sincere desire to return to the stars. They will be giving opportunity to renegoitate .... in alignment to their soul and the divine will.  This is why it is so extremely important to follow your inner guidance. Your contracts and missions may have shifted, those around you may have shifted. It is a time of discernment and not a time to follow the crowd. Seek your answers within, align with your highest potential and allow your heart and soul to guide you into your new alignment and possibilities. Much Love & Many Blessings


wow, amazing response, and great advice Mysticalflame :)

.......and I,ll be watching the planets destruction >>>>>>>>>>not my kind of scenario for this beauty~full creation as is this GAIA.deceptive dream ! such event is possible if we all get our s*** together and dream up blissful world for all inhabitants upon Mother Earth.

I would adjust my dream state and mind possibilities to counter deception.

Just for clarification, I have not seen the planet going through any destruction in my dreams. I am only assuming this would be why I was being evacuated because those are the scenarios depicted in the Sheldan Niddle updates and on other sites. All I ever dream is that the ships are coming to pick me up and I have never seen what they (aliens) even look like. I have had several dreams regarding this over many years. I have even had dreams where I've been taken against my will but those dreams are of an entirely different energy/feelings. Most of the dreams I have had regarding evacuation have been of me going with them willingly. I have received clarification from many writings that have confirmed this scenario. All of which I have read after I had the dreams, not before so the "ideas" were not planted in my subconscious from an outside source but these dreams were coming from my own consciousness. Ken Carey has written books about the Starseeds returning home, the Galactic Federation of Light has spoken of this, the PAO, many sites. My first dreams of this nature started when I was very young as early as age 10. I did not start questioning my spirituality until 2001, that is when I started receiving confirmation of my dreams. I am now 48 years old so these dreams have been happening for a very long time. Since I started on my spiritual path in 2001, I have asked for protection, I no longer have had any dreams of being taken against my will.

the planet will not be destroyed.  The people of the planet have chosen love, not destruction, and will ascend with gaia.  There was never a chance that Gaia would not ascend, only those who were not awake enough to ascend with her.


So if you are dreaming of being "saved", make sure your saviors are conveying love and not manipulation, first of all.


Fear is manipulation.  If a message is playing off of your fears, beware!  This kind of message can be hidden in music as well as in words.  Beware words that are IN ALL CAPS, as they emote aggression and can shut down one's belief in one's self.


All in all, we are all following the lives our souls chose to live.  How we live them is up to us.  Do you really want to live in an age where you have to see your planet destroyed while you are whisked away?  The planet is moving to the 5th dimension, so those who have visions of it disappearing may believe this is a vision of the planet being destroyed, but in reality it is moving beyond this dimension, and is not visible in the 3rd - so it "disappears."


Relax everyone, this is a time for love, not destruction!

Hey Zanndo, Yeh Im with ya on this one, I just want the planet and all inhabitants on it to live harmoniously! Mother Earth not going to self destruct, I wont let that happen on my behalf of what I can do.



I do not see the destruction of Earth. It has been granted by divine decree to ascend. It shall go through transitions as it moves into it's new divine blueprint/template and evolves to her next level of evolution. The entire solar system shall move through the null and be transformed.  Those who can activate the living light encodements and serve through love will have the opportunity to ascend with her. It's when one aligns with their heart, connects to their divinity within themselves and aligns with the Eternal Living Sacred Source - they shall be led through discernment, through the illusions, deceptions and false gods. Do not disgard the power of the living light, living love and the divinity within the hearts of those awakening. We may see challenges, but we shall bare witness to miracles beyond our limited perceptions within this time/space reality. This is why the entire universe watches and waits ... because we have breeched new possibilities and higher potentials then even the spiritual heirarchies previously realized. Through living love and divine decree nothing is impossible!.

I am the channel! What I write comes from within.  It is my truth, not nessacarily anothers. It is through my divinity, that I was guided to write and respond with the given information. each must discern truth within themselves.

I recently left the commands of the Ashtar Command to work with the higher councils of eternal living light & legions of love. I still work with many star nations but not all.

Ashtar Command and the GFL are comprised of over 250,000 civilizations .... each in agreement with policy of the GFL but each also has their own priorities and personal agendas. This is why it is so important for one to follow their inner truth and understand your truth may not be the truth of another. Discern, Discern, Discern! Some of the members of the GFL like humanity, others serve our highest good, while others learn from us and there are those who only tolerate us and not nessacarily serving humanities highest good ...and all between. Some of the civilizations are only higher 3rd and 4th dimemsional .... which means they still carry the traits of duality.


I have surrendered to the divine will, serving only the highest good of ALL through the highest vibration of Eternal Living Love & Eternal Living Light ( there are different shades of light). It is when I made this committment that I stood before the Karmic Board and was released from previous obligations and my Ashtar assignments delegated to others. This was when I was given an opportunity to serve those upon the higher councils and work only with those serving th highest good of all through living love.


What may by my truth, may or may not be the truth of another. Each must seek their answers within their own heart, within the essence of their divinity.  Discern all information outside of yourself ... this shall be vital in the coming times.  Connect to Your Divinity first and foremost ....  discern even the energies of Ashtar, GFL and star linages.  For those who claim to be Sirians, there are 3 suns and many planets - which planet, which life form and what vibrational dimensional energies does one come fourth from  .... even Sirius has 3rd dimensional civilizations and higher, the same holds true for the Plaideans and Arcturians ... this is true for all other sectors within this single universe ....


There are many paths, many realities/paralles, many opportunities of experience .... this is why it is so important to expand your consciousness, align to your truth and merge with your divinty so you may open your choices and opportunities to the limitless experiences and higher potentials that exist beyond our limited perceptions currently ... even through this summer there shall be profound shifts and expansions in consciousness ... paradigm shifts as humanity can and has broken through to new and higher potentials then then Ashtar Command & GFL had originalyl accessed. This is why there is so much confusion, for your souls are re-evaluating your opportunities and potentials. Simply align yourself with Your highest good and your greatest potential - allowing your soul & your divinity to guide you. Then trust that which comes through your divinity.

Much Love & In Loving Service ...




Well Said, Love and Light Always!!  I have had some weird dreams also, but I cannot let them rule my thoughts.  Ever since I was a small child I've wanted Heaven on Earth, and I have always believed I was to be here.  Much Love to All!
yes, I also have had the visitors tell me of being evacuated for many years now.  I too have children who are full grown and one grandchild who I am assured will be safe and all reunited.  All 3 of us have had visitor briefings for many years at night.  (Not abductions)  It is my belief that nothing is written in stone due to the awakening of so many who can literally change the destruction into much more mild events that would not completely destroy the planet.  The process of uniting all the lightworkers to have the same intention of a less catastrophic passing is how we could avoid the dark cabals propaganda.  My advice is to practice more meditation and be open to receiving more information on the process.  Choose to be positive about the future and picture peace and prosperity for all to be a co-creator with Prime Creator and always, Always be aware that you are completely worthy and loved.

I think it's a good thing that your dreams speak to you and you may be right about the earths destruction. According to the Zetas we cannot change some of the events taking place on earth like a pole shift and planet X visiting us. These are sorta like wishing the sun to go out or making Mars disappear, they are a part of a cycle not to be changed and are necessary for us to complete our schooling here on earth. Kinda like a default scenario, what would be the point if we all lived in bliss, we would not be able to understand the dark side or know the difference. So death and destruction is a given, however if our cosmic family feels an individual has earned the lesson needed to avoid experiencing the pain and suffering then perhaps some will be lifted to safety until it's over then be returned to help the suffering and rebuild our new world.

You cant learn to drive a car unless you get in the seat. 



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