They are all over me. I have about 4 now. A few weeks ago I posted in a thread about one who I thought was friendly, well he had friends show up and they are not friendly. They are actually starting to hurt when they drain energy from me and I'm starting to feel lasting effects on my body. I know why...I'M VIBRATING LIKE CRAZY, THIS IS JUST NUTS!!!! I'm having an exponential increase in severity and duration. A week ago it was 2 hrs a day, about 4 days ago it jumped to 10 hrs, now its all the time even while I sleep and the intersity is also exponentially increased along with multiple body areas. I was on another forum on their chat and during the conversation I met a person who said she was a Starseed. She has impressive psychic abilitites. We spent 3 hrs while she described things in my house or about me and was over 80%. And some things she got right, well, you have to be for real to even bother suggesting them. That night my head felt like it was gona explode. It calmed down after that but now I am WAY jacked up and what was one nice parasite kitten that didn't bother me has turned into a gang that mugs me when I'm asleep and even awake at my computer typing this message. I have tried every kind of sheild I can think of, nothing. I called for the Divine White Light of Love and Protection, felt it arrive, no affect. Called the Angels repeatedly, no affect, Chi-Psi Ball, no affect and especially when I can't even see them. I even repeatedly recanted a Rebuke to get rid of the Devil but I don't want to write it down here in case that was the cause but it got worse before I said it. However, something did leave angrily and after that the parasites were especially nasty. I'm really in a bind, anyone got any suggestions? I won't be the first to go through this, Billions will. Our reality is chock full of these things that can get to us. There has got to be some kind of Divine Plan to deal with them or help people deal with them.

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  • Goto then on the pages somewhere it talks about the 72 names of God, each woven by a seperate angel, it is a magickal group of words of power. Each understood only by the subconscious and produces immidiate energetickal effects, if you do energy working at all you will feel it, you should meditate on this one quickly, because you probably have much fear in you atm which attracts them, Kaf Hey Tav, Meditate on that for 5 minutes, you'll have terrible nightmares on that night but wake up cleansed and positive, what the demons want is to get you to release your repressed fear, and because you choose to live under light God will replenish you every night, due to love of creations, they know this and want you to replenish THEM every night when you convert his love to fear.One of them is about bringing down the" lightforce of God to do battle for us" and "absolute faith in the lightforce of God" faith is neccessary, when i started first experiencing astral attacks my weak was faith, and as was my assistance, now I know God is omnipotent. i has some altercations with the weirdos as i call them. Waking me up in my astral projections at night to feed, one even sent me telepathic sounds of lightning in pre-OBE as to frighten me, all before i'd even known I was being attacked, but know this, all they want is your emotion(energy) but they don't want you positive emotion, which is why I reccomed Kaf Hey Tav, which will leave you with only positives, as well as bringing  down the lightforve to do battle and absolute faith. Good luck friend, those 72 words are EFFECTIVE. Not to be taken lightly either. Be well. btw they are WeAkEr than YOU! All they can do, the demeaner they have the form they take,the aura that you feel, the sounds they send you are all to give you the feeling of fear so you can create a reality in which they have power so they can take advantage of you, think of it as a little tick in a robot or something, except the robot is fragile and full of fear, but simply looks like a termintator.Now, they've fed off you before which is why they like you, and when they find an energy source they get attatched, it's not every day do these beings find a human battery, and they go into a feeding FRENZY when they do. . their friends like "Hey guys! Guys! there's some scared little pussy over hahahaha let's fuck with em!"<--  Dont be that guy, I am merely 16 and they chose to attack me, i'm still recovering from their attacks mentallyWatch movies like (me in the past)Green Lantern and stuff, they have philosophical teachings, if youve ever seen anime that you like such as Bleach, Naruto, DBZ rewatch them. Whenever to opponets to a kamekameha or something it's all about who has the strongest emotions. simply conecentrate on what you want to feel and expand upon it even when you feel their demonic prescence just concentrate on love. as they increase their fear increase your love, it's about putting will and concentration into the emotion you want to feel, and when desired human will power increses exponentially.

    • Thank You so much for your reply, plz keep reading the rest, I would like to hear your opinion of where I am at not and what advice you can give me.

      • TYPO above: where I am at NOW and what advice you can give me.

        • I've read it all, I take particular interest in this topic due to my fairly recent astral attacks. Best advice for you from me
          Take cold showers, drink water, learn how to construct and manipulate your emotions, like look at any random object and feel love for it. Sit down and feel love, etc.. and really the 72 names of God when meditated upon, create powerful change. It's literal white magicka. And it's really as simple as asking for a psychic shield around your room allowing you to be the only entity in it and asking God to leave a psychic aura of love emenating from the shield.  Don't visualize when asking God for a shield, your power is nothing compared to Gods. He hears your every thought, think it. However from what i've read when you give entities free will to do something removing that free will is fairly difficult, you say they contacted you? Coming off as friendly at first? They probably know of these laws. I'll share my experiences with you as to give some insight.Also I just wanna share :D lol

          I started off on this sorta thing when I began subconscious reprogramming, I learned from their meditation and visualization, then eventually maybe thru law of attraction and/or this was a spiritual journey in the first place I attaracted info on astral projection, and i was heavy on dream interpretation(btw if you use the 72 names of God, have the website ready, it has just about every dream symbol you'll remember. the symbols you remember seeing or focusing on at all in the dream are needed to be remembered.) anyways once I read a single thing about negatives I began to fall into fear vibes, fear of being attacked, I began to perceive everything thru fear, I saw AP'ing and this whole topic as Satan worship, and the music I listen to (Slipknot) looked like the source of this AP'ing/Satan worship interest thru some sort of subliminal advertising(and they are kinda a weird band lol he clearly has sold his soul) I started to always think I was under astral attack(which attracted it) I looked up that Churches equate it to devil worship and I was born a christian so that had an effect, but the sole thing that kept me going was a mushroom trip that led me to a song called "Keep Feeling Fascination" and a angel or something telpathically sending me a memory i didnt want to think of, i was led to a meditation and due to my ego drop i was able to be tolf tht iwas lonely as well as abunch of other songs that seemed to be talking directly to me. But anyways, the ways I were attacked: I dominantly have been woken up at night in my AP attacks but once i fell asleep listening to theta wave isochronic tones, and this was all before I knew what was happening  fwoke me up while i was florating towards my ceiling and i was excited because I just hought my i was
          astral projecting LOL I laugh so hard now I felt STRONG fear, and looking back i know now what it was but I thought it was my fear because i was APing for the first time, I sinmply said the words you must let go of your fear.... and everything faded to white(guessing I was saved somehow) because I woke up right after everything faded to white. Another time, I was woken up in a fairly high vibe astral plane and this fear entity sent me sounds of lightning , another entity ent me the sound youd hear in a scary movie of a door creaking open, as if i were in a halloween scary house or something like that, the entitiies managed to get the slightest pang of fear from  me after the lightning, (i had no idea wht was happening, i sinmply know now what it feels like to be drained looking back) also looking back if i had to give advice to the oen tht sent me the creaking door, id tell him it was lame, LOL. That wasnt scary at all. Another time, I wokeup in pre-obe and felt super strong fear, and this entity tried to scare me by sending very loud stomping sounds like a dinosaur running and then it kicked my door open it was a disgusting cloud of red and black and it roared at me very loudly, i havent got a clue how i didnt feel fear but right after that a pristine enrgtickal being on a horse rode foward and a sword came in his hand from the air, he caught it and twirled it around skillfully and the entity disappeared. I dont fully understand why i get help sometimes without asking, perhaps my mothers prayer...? I never knew what  was going on up at that point.Another time an entity approached me while i was on the computer and high(the two combined put holes in your aura explaining its interest) it started to talk to me telepathically, telling me all sorts of things it knew id believe, it mustve been watching me, learning about me, telling me "Tony, the illuminati control everything, you ar ein grave dangerrr" and stuff like that, after itd told me i was in grave danger i was like WTF I somehow got the feeling it was trying to scare me or something and immidiately called on God and Christ(I had just learned of omniprescence so my faith was weak) it began telling me to shut up in a VERY upset manner lol, it started jumping at me I could see dark strides in the air as it tried to scare me before Christ came, but i ignored itand its voice began to distort and it went away.there are other stories but im sure i've bored you enough, i just wanted you to know what to expect..... cuz i sure as hell didnt LOL. I didnt even  know wht was going on , i just know i attracted them thru my fear of being attacked, i never knew how they attacked you and stuff or what they wanted, i didnt know about emotion or concentration or stuff like that.

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  •  Paladin 

    I Would have these parasites (I would see black blobs from the size of a baseball to a basketball) come after me or make a sound falling out of the tree, always meditating in my backyard and always around 2 to 6 in the morning. Once had to take off my shirt because it was causing me physical pain just like yours. My trick was always to ball up a big white light inside my body and beam it at the parasite, this dosint work you can try taking alot of showers or cleansing yourself spiritually. I really hopes this helps they can be very annoying beings. 

    • cold showersright?

  • I am sorry to hear about your troubles! If it makes you feel better, this happened to me on 6/13/2012, for the first time.

    Keep in mind, we LightWorkers/ Bearers are attacked more viciously because of the strong Light we carry with us. The good news is that, most of these awful attacks on us are in the past now, since summer Solistice. Tha cabal and the negative entities were stripped of their "magical" tools they used on us humans for eons. Light has won!:)

    My "experience" lasted for 8 hours. It first affected my all my electronics, especially Internet, computer and phone, similar to yours, and then moved on to a complete "psychic attack". I am not gonna lie, it was scary at times. I battled, came out victorious but, drained, like I had just returned from the battle field ugh..

    That night I had to use every "tool" and knowledge I had in me during this attack. Yes, call upon your guardian angels! and AA Michael, bc they will help you. 

    Before you do that, put on your headphones and listen to Solfeggio frequencies, they will help tremendously by making you relax immediately, but use head phones!

    You can download them here: some cost little money, but you can also download some for free.

    Further info what they are :

    You can also find Solfeggio frequencies on Youtube, and watch amazing graphics with sacred geometry.

    Study Merkaba, easily found on Youtube as well.

    Our wonderous Library of Knowledge, the Internet, is full of amazing truth, but also, just as much misinfo and worse, disinfo. When you don’t know, listen to your heart. Discern, and If you have ANY negative thoughts, disregard, skip, move on. That’s my rule of thumb and it works!

    It will be ok. Light has already won<3



    • I have a question, how do you or anyone know if you are a lightworker/Bearers? I honestly don't know if I am or am not.

      • Lightworker is everyone who brings Light with them. Light “manifests” in so many ways, and so easy to understand, if told clearly, as it can be confusing. First (try) never judging anyone, even for the most minuscule things. There no need to “judge”, no sympathy -only empathy and unconditional love.

        Everyone who is searching, is awakened, their the “ascension” begins. May take years for some, especially most people who are still completely in the dark, but don’t know! It is not easy, as we have been stuck in the illusion of 3d and 4d for thousands of years, until now. 

        We are living during astronomically extremely rare time!! The good news is, this is the time. We are supported by planetary and galactic alignments. We have the library of knowledge and virtual time exchange of info via Internet. We have all the help from the ETs helping and watching over us to steer everything clear.

        But to really answer the question so many have about what and who is a Lightworker/bearer. In my opinion it is everyone who bring the “good news”, positiveness with them. Someone who shares their knowledge with everyone interested, only to benefit/serve/enlighten others, not from an egoistical point-of-view ie to feel better or smarter than others, and  never to belittle anyone who just doesn’t know yet!

        As a Lightworker one can start from making someones day by helping someone in mundane task, or picking up garbage of the ground and disposing it properly, being kind to animals, educating other about global politics and finance as this is not covered in mm in full, yet. Healing with your hands, cooking organic food, raising awareness about Monsanto and the awful effects of GMOs, vaccines, fluoride in our water and toothpaste. 

        It can be ANY field, as long as you make it your goal to bring even a smile on someone’s face who is down.

        Lightworker’s job is to spread and share the Light (ie positive change and truth). We only have until December to help people get on board, and support the ones who are still in darkness.

        We LightBearers bring Light to humans, Gaia, animals, children, elderly etc

        Do you know that YOU ARE a Lightworker! Just for doing what you are doing now



         ps. ask me if I wasn't clear enough
        • I understood clearly and Thank You! I have gotten a few synchro's the past day on this and I'm being urged to follow it. Right now my understanding of my purpose is just to be a beacon of light. The actions part of my life has always been one of helping others, its the internal bliss part that is new to me, LOL. It's actually like I'm a kid and my mothers is kicking me out of the house telling me to go play, no lie, LOL. Honestly, this is as much about healing me at this point then helping others. But as the saying goes, physician heal theyself. I'm no good to anyone in the bliss department if I can't radiate it from within. The part I'm having difficulty with now is getting out to people to radiate with. I've been forced to be a shut in and just getting me out the door is a minor miracle. But now I'm taking daily walks at the river walk and meeting people plus getting some very needed rays, fresh air, and nature therapy. Thanks again, awsome info there, its really appreciated.

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