Energy Parasites - Continued

This thread is a continuation from another thread:

So morning came, my reprieve for my real world situation I’m dealing with so time for bed. Well they came back, they were bothering me off and on all night but nothing too bothersome. It’s when I lay down in bed that they really go to work. I ran through my usual routine but nothing worked so I meditated and prayed again. First to the Angels and they showed up. I could feel the thumps on my bed like the parasites were taking hits but they just would not budge. These are not your typical garden variety energy parasites. So I then Prayed to Jesus for help and he arrived in spectacular fashion with the lights I can see while meditating with my eyes closed. Some thumps and bumps and lights (third eye) and after about 2 min I saw something incredible (all with third eye, eyes closed), I saw a round window in a metal wall that distinctly looked like I was inside one of our Star family’s ships. In the window I saw the tops of trees and blue sky. I took it as a sign that I was to go outside for something incredible. So I climbed out of bed, threw on my slippers and found the spot in my yard that looked like the horizon I saw through the window. I stood for a few min in that spot but was very tired being past my bedtime so I grabbed a chair and sat. The spot was in the path of the sun and at that time in the morning the sun is mostly blocked by the trees but gets through in a few spots. So I sat there and Sun gazed. During this Sun gazing, first real time doing it by the way, I saw clockwise, vertical, and horizontal light. They lasted a min or two each, some repeated. I also could just start making out objects. I could see leaves, tree trunks, and branches. Everything was in shades of red, orange, and yellow. I gazed around back and forth, up and down testing my new sight out when I didn’t see light patterns.

Then I saw them, two beings of light, red, orange yellow, standing about 20 feet away from me. When I noticed them they began to walk parallel to me then I lost sight of them. I don’t know if they were other beings or my visitors. I kept Sun gazing till I thought I did it as long as the Light wanted me to and went into the house. I got the distinct impression that I was supposed to work on getting my Third Eye open because that is the only way I can truly defend my self against these attacks.

I went to my room to go to bed and as I was about to lay down I heard two loud screeches. I waited a min and heard the two screeches again. I went downstairs to see if it was someone in the house and it was not. So I went back up stairs, grabbed my slippers and headed outside and went to the approximate area where I heard the screeches. The Sun was beaming through the tree branches and I began to Sun gaze again, eyes closed. I was not really getting anything like last time so I asked the Angels for guidance (I will comment further on this later). I was guided to a spot where there was only one opening to the sky, the rest was blocked with trees. Well gang…I saw my first UFO. It was WAY up there and darted across the sky diagonally for about a half second then disappeared. I needed a few passes, and asked for them, to confirm I was not seeing things. In my thoughts, Prayers, and meditations over the course of my enlightenment I had picked out two areas for personal contact. One grew in favor over the other for simplicity and being realistic. My thoughts this morning, talking to Angels, was if they needed me to go anywhere beyond my home then this place would be it. So I said to them OK I’m on my way. I darted upstairs and got dressed. Not an easy task when one thinks what to wear for their first contact with our Star Family but I headed right to my best stuff and out the door I went.


A few blocks from my house is a river and on one side of the road is a park where children play and on the other side is a long nature walk/bike ride and across the road is a small bridge. I began walking down the path looking for SIGNS. First I heard a crow, then I saw 3 of them. I followed them and they flew down the path then off of it. I went into the dense underbrush that led nowhere. One then flew back down the path near the bridge so I followed it. The nature walk skirted the river and under the bridge on both sides with an entrance path that I took to get there. So I went under the bridge thinking this is where they want me. By the way it was an absolutely BEAUTIFUL day today, 80 and partly cloudy with a nice breeze. I stood under the bridge and closed my eyes and began to meditate to discern if I was in the right location. I’m not sure if it was but I was vibrating extra strong. I stayed there about 15 min and an old black man joined me. He was very nice, told me he was 70 and he didn’t look it. We talked about the problems of the world, his problems, retired and concerned. I told him the general gist of what I knew about each topic we covered. I also told him not to worry because there are good people, good beings, and Divine help helping us and our freedom is very close. We talked for about 20 min and then we parted ways. I was not sure I had accomplished what I set out to accomplish so I continued down the walkway. There were a lot of other people on the walkway. There was a Citizens United group, a nature preservation group from the local company that owns a lot of land along the river in which the company is preserving it, and a bird watching group. I talked with all 3 groups. Each group as you can see has significance to people like us. I will talk about this later.

Numerology, Synchronicity & Signs – There are many books and blogs dedicated to these topics and I use them all the time to determine what I am being told. Having conversations with Angels is one where you will only hear their answer, IMHO, in standard (numerology) or agreed/understood ways. One way we communicate is with flashes of light. One is yes, two is no. Or if I need directions then I close my eyes and they show me a small pinpoint flash of light to where I need to go or do. Flash on left side, go left, right side, go right, center is go straight or stay. Each question you ask of them plz make sure you don’t leave room for ambiguities and uncertainties. If your question needs to be answered using the same method but with different meanings, like go straight or stay, then make sure when you talk to them you state that and stick to it. By the way all you need to do to have an Angel listen to you is to simply say “Angel” either out loud or in your mind. It’s that easy. The same goes with numbers. Because of the situation I am in standard 3 digit numerical numbers in a row simply is not practical. I need more guidance then that method can provide. The solution is simple, they don’t have to be in a row and that is what we came up with. For instance 11:41 = 111 and so on but we still have to have a min of  3 numbers identical or in sequence. The only exception to that is say 10:10, that also works but I have to be specific of what that means, in other words it usually is yes or no. 10:10 would be a yes, 10:32 would be a no.

I picked out a nice spot on one of the walkway bridges and just enjoyed Nature, Sun gazed (no Third Eye upgrade), and looked for any signs. I caught a few moments of true Peace and believe me I NEEDED it. I also desperately needed to be in the Sun (I don’t get anywhere near enough). However they do eventually find me (I will talk about that later but not in this post). So after about 20 min I asked the Angels if I had accomplished my goal and pulled out my cell phone to check the clock…nope. So I continued down the walkway till I got to another good spot and sat on the ground soaking up some rays. No Third Eye upgrade, no Signs. I sat there another 20 min or so, talked to passerby’s, and asked the Angels if I had completed my task, nope. Then I looked straight ahead to the left from me and not 10 feet from me I saw it. It was a small tree, little more then a bush, in the shape of a Cross staring me in the face. I immediately recalled the Rebuke I got from a post on the first thread that I was now using “Evil spirit, I bind you in the Name of Jesus Christ, and command you to go to the foot of the cross”. I recanted the Rebuke aloud and asked the Angels if that was what I needed to do and checked my phone, no. It then slapped me in the face with absolute certainty. I looked at the foot of the cross and I saw green, life, love, light. I made sure I knew what exactly the question I wanted to ask because this one was going to Jesus himself. I asked paraphrasing “Is the evil spirits Rebuke I was using wrong because no matter how bad, no matter how far they have fallen, there are no evil spirits”. Again it was one for yes and two for no. Before I finished that statement I heard a loud crack (one) from a tree a few yards away. I really wanted to be sure about this and asked Jesus for another Sign to confirm, and again before I could even finish asking for a confirmation he answered, a bird went chirping like crazy in the trees. If there is anything to discernment, intuition, heartfelt knowing it told me the answer was at stated, there are no evil spirits. I pulled out my cell phone and got 11:18. Also plz believe me that I was not clock watching, my cell phone only came out of my pocked when I asked a question. I will comment on the meaning of 111 for me shortly.

I moved on but it was such a beautiful day and I don’t get out very much I found another nice spot and sat and soaked up some rays and enjoyed nature. A women from one of the groups, I think the bird watching group walked back my way and we struck up a conversation. Turns out she is a neighbor around the corner. We talked about a few things and she said it was such a Divine day. Well my ears perked up and we began talking about Divine things. She was extremely nice and her religion are the standard ones. I gave some generalities of why I was out here, talked about Jesus and the Angels coming to my rescue, walls shaking, etc. I told her I was led here by the collar jokingly and she seemed surprised and upset saying “Nothing like that has ever happened to me”. I felt sooo bad for her, think about it, billions of people not knowing the miracles of God and Jesus Christ because they got a few technicalities wrong which were purposefully put in or left out. Our big disagreement, but it was extremely polite, was on the different versions of the Bible. She stated not a word has ever been changed, mine position was the opposite and our conversation started to give negative feelings. She was the one who actually said lets just leave it there so our conversation doesn’t go the wrong way. Yeah, I was very impressed. And I would actually like to hear some opinions on whether “The Word of God” has been changed or are they all the same in every book. She had to go and get lunch and we said goodbye. I stayed a few minutes more and then went home. As I enter my room I got 11:41 on my bedroom clock. So mission completed, but there could actually be sooo many of them. Here is a listing and possible reasons for them:


1)      My Third Eye upgrade in the backyard – I think I was being told to do everything I can to get it open so I can defend myself against the Energy Parasites or whatever they are.

2)      Talking to the elderly retired black gentlemen under the bridge – treating everyone with Love and Understanding, also getting the word out about Divine Intervention and the change that is coming.

3)      Possibly getting further treatment by our Star Families. There is more to this story on why its needed by its not meant for this post.

4)      The 3 groups I ran into on the walkway. I have had A LOT of numerology synchronicities and a lot of true and modified 111. 111 means: Monitor your thoughts carefully, and be sure to only think about what you want, not what you don’t want. This sequence is a sign that there is a gate of opportunity opening up, and your thoughts are manifesting into form at record speeds. Whenever I get them I focus on what I want. I always have Ascension, World Peace, end of hunger, etc. But I have also included some personal ones. One of them is to get out and make new friends. What are the odds on one walkway in one random town on one random morning that I would run into 3 separate groups that I align with? Citizens United describes itself “as being dedicated to restoring the United States government to "citizens' control" and to "assert American values of limited government, freedom of enterprise, strong families, and national sovereignty and security." An environmental group dedicated to keeping the nature river preserved and cleaned. They were on one of their cleaning runs that day. And a bird watching group.

5)      On the walk home after I got the 11:18 where what I desired would have an opening to manifest itself, all I could think about was her. I don’t know who she is but I so desparetly want to meet her. I am still learning what all the synchronicities mean and I didn’t know what 111 meant on the walk home. There is a huge story behind this. Not about any other girl in particular. This is very personal but I feel I would not be doing one of the things I was meant to do by not telling it. I also got a synchronicity on this. Just before I graduated college I got a very cold lesson on the world I was about to enter. Political Correctness and Feminism caused considerable damage on almost all aspects of my life and especially on my heart and soul. So I become a Mens Rights Activist because something had to be done. I am one of those Marriage Strikers. In fact when it came to women I boycotted/avoided them every which way possible. Yes that includes every kind of intimate relationship. I have not touched a women in a romantic/sexual manner in approximately 8 years. I’ve never had great difficulty in finding a special someone and my other stats like education, income, and age were tilted in my favor. It was a matter of principle, pride, stubborness, and necessity/protection. The war between the sexes that has been raging since the 60’s was engineered, created as another form of control and exploitation. We are partners in life not adversaries, there is plenty of blame on both sides but we desperately need to fix this. So on the most incredible day of my life, when I was shown a sign of possibly getting what I really really desired, all I could think about is her, all I wanted was her.

6)      Talking to the very sweet women about religion – planting a seed, spreading the word.

7)      And the most important reason by far - Jesus correcting/telling me at the tree shaped like a cross that there are no evil spirits.


As I am writing this the Hostile/Negative entities are really attacking me. More then normal. Their attacks are now causing sharp quick pains like being jabbed. They are also causing above mild pain in my joints and organs. Large Shadows are zooming through my room, all kinds of noises (bangs, thumps, cracks), hitting my desk chair while I’m sitting in it, along with their normal attacks. I had to Pray to Jesus, the Angels, The Galactic Consciousness, and the Source for help and we went at it again. The first time Jesus came to my aid in this matter it was not a gentle affair. Each time since then it seems they are doing less and less because I am supposed to be doing more or the hostile entities are becoming weaker, not sure. And I do, the trouble is I am really deprived of sleep and again today I started to fall asleep in the middle of it. But regardless of my under performing efforts the Light has always won. Meditating really puts you relaxed and when tired it is difficult to stay awake. I’ve now been up 26 hrs, yesterday was close to 40 with 7 hours sleep in between. No I did not get to meet any of our Star Families but I did see my first UFO. So much more to tell, little things, but important things. All I can muster now is to say THANK YOU FOR YOUR ADVICE AND SUPPORT, I LOVE YOU ALL!!!

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  • in the when jesus speaks his truth, the reason jesus died on the cross was because the higher you go into the understanding of the higher realms and the more responsibilites you acquire from the power of fist source embedded within your heart mind and soul, jesus realized that in order to show that you can become a self master is when you use your powers of responibilites for all the right reasons love light and compassion was what you always needed. Anyhow he needed to get a message across to the masses but he did not know how to get through to them so he decided he would kill a tree to prove his point. He knew that the tree is sacred and to kill it is to kill a part of the life of creator since he designed it to do what it was intended for to provide a service to mankind but jesus knew if the masses could not understand him in life then in the end his death will make signifcancts to the multitude if he used his body as an example to get gods truth out. He knew abpout the law of karma what one does to the whole then the whole ultimately in the end effects you, so he knew his death was coming and if you want to know more then read the christs way and he will show you why that there is no evil. It is the fear manifestation within the complexity of the mind. Your mind must run in auto and manifest them as being your enemy. In true essence it may not be in that way or form to begin with. You some how must have given empowerment to your deepest recesses of your fears at some point.

    • Well I don't believe in Karma (at least what I understand of it), you can interpret events and it appears to be Karma but I understand it as The Law of One and that is why Forgiveness is so necessary. I also don't believe I manifested my troubles, there are just some people/beings with different goals on this planet and I made them mad. If by my actions I helped create my situaition, then I would agree because without my actions there would simply be no need or purpose for the situaitin to exist in the first place. No need to swat a mosquito on your arm if there never was one there in the first place. However, with all I am learning about manifesting things, events, there may be some truth to it. It may simply be that the changes I have made in my life will increase the likelyhood of what I want to happen. You can't make real life friends (in the sense of going out for a beer or playing golf) if you never leave the house. Or it may be something really incredible I have yet to learn and truely accept so I will keep poking a stick at Karma and see what I get, LOL.

  • In my heart, i feel you should right a book about your experiences because the way you wrote it, people from all walks of life needs to know about it. This is real experience and real experiences requires those that who are doing it eradicating the problems and those whom realized the problems can be un manifested in such a way that you could possibly somehow teach others how to stay centered and recorrect their minds and help in their aid in comforting them back to first source. But the way you went about it is awe inspiring. You need to tell people and you need to keep notes of all other events too. Make short story writings and compile them into one big book. And anyways a tleast you can make a good deal of money from it as a payback from all the lost sleep you had going through it. You could be rich too.

    • Thanks Jason, I thought to basically use this forum to keep my records for now but I did print them out and already shared them with one relative, more to come. In all of this the one thing my heart truely desired is her, and I have another post coming about it. Yes I got Divine guidence on this too. Its awsome, all you have to do it ask and be willing to look within for the answers. It's knida like asking your teacher a question and have them stare at you till you explore it and get it right. When you do you get a nod and class contiunes, LOL.

  • Here is what happened after I finished posting this thread that I typed up this morning:

This reply was deleted.

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