Elohim, Builders of Form

Sophia, Mother of Wisdom speaks to us


"Children of Earth, I AM Grateful to be among you this day, for yes, I Sophia have waited many hundreds of thousands of years for this opportunity. It has not been an acceptable time for me to come prior to now, for there have not been enough in the land with upraised chalice willing to receive the Wisdom of the ages. I AM known as the Divine Mother of Wisdom, a title given to me by the expression of Illumination’s Flame that burns brightly upon My Heart. In the beginning, when I and My Beloved Twin Flame, Krishna, began Our course of Service, We had a more than ordinary momentum of Illumination’s Flame. There was the Pure Desire for the Purity of God and there was the immense burning for the Resurrection of all that had gone before to come into the new. As we developed through the evolutions of our planetary system the opportunity for the lifestreams to learn and garner more of Illumination’s Flame, we realized that is was not just the understanding of the Law, that it was not just the application of the Law, that it was becoming the Law. We looked for every avenue, we tried many races of people with different opportunities, and through the course of trial and error it was determined that Wisdom was the key, the wise use and dominion of all. That means, Beloved Hearts, that there must be a mastery of all of the God Qualities availed to you.

"Among those lifestreams in Our planetary system of worlds who have availed upon Wisdom’s Flame, We have seen a greater acceleration of the Light within their world. We have seen the opportunity expand and flourish in the land faster and greater than any other course of the expansion of knowledge. For the education of the mind was not sufficient, we soon learned that it took more than knowing mere fact; it took more than knowing Cosmic Law. Any knowledge when not put to wise use is wasted; I say any knowledge when not put to wise use is wasted. It is of no avail to you at any time. For that knowledge, if not used wisely, will be misdirected and misguide you on your path. This is what we discovered.

"So, on Our planets We have set up courses from the very early age to instruct all in what is the wise use of every erg of energy. This may seem to be a small task. You may think, I can do this, “I can evaluate everything I do and I can apply what I know.” But what if in all of your incarnations you have yet to come into contact with the opportunity of one use or another of a Ray, and that particular Quality of the Ray is brand new. How will you learn? Where will this instruction be received? Many go many lifetimes wandering the highways and byways, first climbing one tree and then another, swimming one ocean and then another. As We developed the Wisdom Schools, we discovered that the Resurrection Flame that We were so enamored with, so on Fire with to instill within our planets, was automatically beginning to rise - and We became the Guardians of that Resurrection Flame. If you can imagine, Dear Hearts, the surprise that We discovered when it wasn’t the application of Resurrection, but Wisdom that brought Resurrection with it.

"As you have heard, there are many evolutions of life on many planets and many systems of worlds. My Beloved and I took special note that the planet Earth was in need. Our very dear Sanat Kumara and His Consort Venus approached Us and said, “You have been successful, how shall we continue?” Because of our caring, not just for Our system of worlds, but for all systems of worlds, we elected to enter into a wonderful communion with the Earth plane and for those adepts who would reach for their own God Presence. The light from my beloved Krishna was so garnered by those high adepts, those initiates on the path, that they adopted His Flame of the Christic Light. They became the Christ in Action, the Krishnas, the Christic Ones for their emulation of My Beloved. That Resurrection Flame, that comes up in the Earth and brings the renewed Life and Hope for a land, can only be garnered through the wise use of the Light that comes from the Source. The Great Central Sun is our Source, Beloved Hearts. Your very own God Presence is fed by the Source of the Great Central Sun. Life without Wisdom, and life without the Source, is no life at all. . . . . "

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