Elite talks! Please listen...

We are facing a huge change now!


Elite speaks thru Lindsey Wiliams: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tHMtHvODtoQ


Alex Collier says the very same thing, but give us the tools to change this:



Kiesha Crowther also says the same thing, and we have all help from our space-friend but have to take own responibility in this: http://vimeo.com/9928120  


We Are the Change, but NOT the change the "elite" planned it, We Are the elite cause We Are One


To know is to prepare, and this time based on cooporation! One for All, and All for One


With Love

You Are Me

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  • Hi! I don´t agree with You cause we have the own responibility to know and to do somethiing about it! The elite is the result of Not taking the responibility over our own lifes.
    He´s not spreading fears, he just tell us the next step the elite is taking now, and when we know we can be the change we want, not the elits plans for us.
    Collier, Fulford, Wilcock, Crowther tell us the very same thing....

    I allways keep the light, and I want to enlight the dark too...I want to know, and then I can take better actions...
    Earlier this week I forgive and love this elite inside my self, truly...I Love people, but I don´t allways love what they are doing the the people.. I want to meet this huge change and do what i can do to be prepared....we have own responibility in everything!
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