Eating animals.

For some are vegetarian, some eat meat after asking for it and some just eat meat lol.

Anyway, we all know that meat isn't the best for the body, although iron is the main reason we should eat it, if at all.

People say, cats and dogs run away or get hit by a car to move on in life. to a higher consciousness or they learnt there lesson or did there mission.

Also most people agree on we chose this life, we knew what choices and decision were to be made, not to say i agree.

If animals in a breeding program were being born and or hatched for the purpose of human consumption, i think we help them develop themselfs to a higher consciousness. For humans have been meat eaters and hunters for thousands of years.

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  • vitamin b12 isnt in vegies

    • Quite correct and is required by the brain and nervous system, which explains why vegans dont understand the need to eat a bit of everything.

      Since they are living with B12 deficiencies they are not able to function properly. 

      Vitamin B12 is found in foods that come from animals, including fish and shellfish, meat (especially liver), poultry, eggs, milk, and milk products.[1] Eggs are often mentioned as a good B12 source, but they also contain a factor that blocks absorption.[citation needed] However, the binding capacity of heat treated egg yolks and egg whites is markedly diminished after heat treatment.[60] Certain insects such as termites contain B12 produced by their gut bacteria, in a way analogous to ruminant animals.[61] An NIH Fact Sheet lists a variety of food sources of vitamin B12.[1]

      While lacto-ovo vegetarians usually get enough B12 through consuming dairy products, vegans will lack B12 unless they consume B12-containing dietary supplements or B12-fortified foods. Examples of fortified foods include fortified breakfast cereals, fortified soy products, fortified energy bars, and fortified nutritional yeast. According to the UK Vegan Society, the present consensus is that any B12 present in plant foods is likely to be unavailable to humans because B12 analogues can compete with B12 and inhibit metabolism.[62][63]

      • I seen some liver when i bought meat the other day and i had an urge to get it, like i really needed to.

        Thanks for this, i still dont know what to do, while im thinking like this my body isnt getting any healthier

  • i think its  a personal thing; i avoid meat these days .... unfortunately we live in a culture where meat is everywhere, so its easy to get tempted...

  • is the meat only and best source of Iron ? Not ~!~

    I am vegan and none of these issues above are of any question for me.

    • sorry i dint mean should, i meant the main reason people eat it is iron and society. i am vegan to lol. what do u mean

      • "............allthough iron is the main reason we should eat it (meat ...." responce was to what you wrote )

        • oh dw, we on different wavelengths here.

This reply was deleted.

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