The Grand Master Universe, with explanation and drawing by Rev.Joshua Skirvin

Eve; I just thought you might like to view this by [ rev. Joshua Skirvin ] as I can see you all are very much into this movement. This is the very best I have found and it was sent to my site last yr,[2014] but I forgot about it. Enjoy, copy and send. Adonai -A Universe Tour

This drawing of the Grand Master Universe which I made from the directions and descriptions given in the Urantia Book paper edition #15 for the seven Super universes in 2009. Which originally described was a wheel with seven spokes from the central hub. After I completed it, I took the last circle away, and presto, we have a flower. But in this drawing I have both. Maybe that’s why the Hindus and yogis used the lotus flower to represent God-head, also for the heart chakra and crown. I will see flowers differently from now on. I will try to keep it simple as I explain how I interpret the information, as to how it all, the Grand Master Universe, was set up. I believe this is also the wheel within a wheel Ezekiel talks about in the bible.

First let’s start from the very center hub of the wheel or flower. It is called Havana, and I think that was translated to mean Heaven for us Westerners. It is also called the first isle or center of the Grand Master Universe where the first original God had his abode or home. We can call God father of all Creation, first Creator or Supreme Creator the alpha and omega. He is eternal, always was and always will be. He is infinite. He in turn at some point in time created the first son that is called the eternal son and at that instant the Infinite Spirit, the mother or creator of all spirits was born. This emotional relationship became the first trinity between the father and sons connecting the first two Gods. That connection is called the infinite spirit coming from the universal father.

Now going out from the central hub we have the center of the rim itself which, in the drawing, looks like the center of the flower where the seeds are. This center is called Paradise or second isle of the eternal son. This fist original creator son created the Super universe of Paradise which is then separated into seven universes. From each universe there is a Super universe stemming out from it. The eternal son created many millions of Deity Gods, but only seven created super universes and these are called Masters. Our Super universe is called Orvonton. There are seven universes to make one Super universe.

All Super universes are created by an order of Master Michaels. Our Master Michael created and resigns in the seventh universe called Nebadon. That’s why he’s called Michael of Nebadon. As can be seen in the drawing our universe, called Nebadon, is the last of the seven completed universes and headquarters. The only Super universe that is completed that we know of is Orvonton.

The Urantia Book doesn’t say why only a Master Michael can create a universe, since there are over 700,000 of the order of Michaels. Some of them are advisers to the Master Michael, others have their own agendas. Their future plans are also not revealed to us and they are still growing in numbers. What is known is that these 700,000 Michaels are now also becoming masters. Some are creating new universes which are incomplete at the present moment.

None of the Michael Creator Gods can leave their chosen universe (headquarters) until their universes are completed and the central gravitational forces of the central universe are working fully and each must someday earn their sovereignty of their creations as our Master Lord Michael (of Nebadon) has done through his seven bestowals, the last being our world as Joshua Ben Joseph (Jesus). Thus becoming a Master Michael.

The Urantia Book says the plan of the universe originally provided for the following units: seven Super universes, 70 major sectors, 7,000 minor sectors, 700,000 local universes, 70,000,000 constellations, 7,000,000,000 local systems, 7,000,000,000,000 inhabitable planets.

Each of the seven Super universes is constellated approximately as follows: One system embraces approximately 1,000 worlds; one constellation (100 systems) = 1,000,000 worlds; one universe (100 constellations) = 10,000,000; one minor sector (100 universes) = 1,000,000,000 worlds; one major sector (100 minor sectors) = 100,000,000,000 worlds; one Super universe (10 major sectors) = 1,000,000,000,000.

Quite heavy, but anyway, we can see that 700,000 local universes equal the 700,000 order of Michaels who will then someday become Master Michaels. But I am unsure at this moment if that means they will someday be involved in these already created universes or that there will be some 700,000 new universes in super universes expanding out from what is already created into the great void! Maybe they will concentrate first on what is already created. It is said that all such estimates are approximations at best for new systems are constantly evolving while other organizations are temporarily passing out of material existence. I didn’t want to put this information into the book because I thought it was too much. People can’t even understand that our Creator Master Michael is the grandson of the original God which means “basically” for us there are three Gods. This is called the original trinity. And there is a Trinity of Trinity’s.

Christians only believe in one or two. They believe Jesus was the son of the first original God and that he sits on the right hand side of his throne as a God. In one way they were close. Jesus was talking about himself or one aspect of himself since he was “two” God and man in one,a dual origin being. Jesus, being a highest form of material evolutionary being created by our father Michael (what we could be some day) and Michael being a Paradise son of the orders of Master Michael one half of Jesus.

Jesus is now sitting on the right hand of Master Michael’s throne as a completed evolutionary being. But this did not happen until or after the resurrection and meeting with Michael’s father, (the Eternal Son) as a dual origin creator. The Urantia book explains it by saying that he now shares his throne with Jesus the master son, who administers to material evolutionary beings such as earthlings through the office of the Christ.

So now as we can see the amount of Creator Gods could be 700,000 each, creating seven trillion inhabitable worlds. That’s a lot of Gods and a whole lot of inhabitable worlds for us to try to consider and understand. Even with our growing concepts it will require some stretching of the mind to grasp it. But for our salvation it’s only necessary to understand our Super universe as it is now, our family of Gods and the complex duality of who Jesus was and is. If one can grasp that, then they can possibly understand that Jesus the man is back now and the other half of Jesus, the God, will still return someday as his true self, not necessarily as the Jesus we knew but in his glory as Lord Michael or Christ Michael in his spiritual form. But this probably won’t happen until the age of light and life or in an emergency dispensation (such as ours) when it looks as though his creation may not survive.

I know it’s a lot to grasp or understand, but we still have some time to figure it all out if we wish to. That will require studying The Urantia Book. What I give here is only a basic outline of what there is to know. One has to have an open mind to all of this because what we have been taught in the past is only first grade material compared to this stuff and there will be more to come. We have a lot of homework to do if we want to really understand by 2012 (2016?), at the end of an age. And I didn’t give any details of all the different types of God deities in Paradise or Havana. That’s too much at one time to try and comprehend. Suffice to say there is more to understand of our Master Michael’s creation, our family.

Now let me explain about the Avonals who are brothers of the creator son's. There are over one billion of them created by the Eternal Son in Paradise. 110,000 of them are in service in our universe of Nebadon. They are much more important than we would think, ranking second to the Creator Sons. They are sort of like our school teachers and principals combined. They are called magisterial sons. They are master teachers, leading us back to the “three” God heads I spoke of before. And at the end of an age they are there with others to grade us and see if we passed and can go on to the next level or if we failed and must take the whole course over again until we get it right. I think it’s a bit of a quirk that they play both teachers and judge. And remember this is not the final judgment day. We get one more chance to fuse with the God within us (thought adjuster) in the seven levels of the morontia life of the mansonia worlds.

And now for some more mind boggling fun! The Grand Master Universe rotates in a counter clockwise direction as shown in the drawing and at the same time it breathes in and out. We are now just beginning the breathing in cycle. Maybe that’s why linear time seems to be getting shorter or time is passing by quicker. Also in the drawing of the wheel or flower our Super universe of Orvonton shows only seven universes, but according to the information there is going to be 100,000 universes in each Super universe some day .

So these seven which I blew up in size would line the border of Paradise and the other 993,000 would look like dots filling up the Super universe as shown in the surrounding universes, each having 100,000 in them. Now I don’t know the exact distances but I would presume it’s in the billions or trillions of light years. That also means that these newly and now forming universes can expand and that means that they will go out further into the great void of uninhabitable space someday.

So the picture we now have here could expand, still in its present form, with its present borders into infinity, never ending in eternity. But that’s too much for us to grasp with our finite minds, and too large of a picture for us to draw so we’ll just stay where we are. This is more than enough to contemplate. We must also remember there are one billion inhabited planets in the first isle or central universe called the Havona (Paradise Systems). The billion worlds of theHavona are arranged in seven concentric circuits immediately surrounding the three circuits of paradise satellites. There is upward of 35,000,000 worlds in the inner most Havona circuit. And over 245,000,000 in the outer most with disproportionate numbers intervening. Each circuit differs but is perfectly balanced and exquisitely organized and each is pervaded by a specialized representation of the infinite spirit, one of the seven spirits of the circuits.

The Havona circuit is the one and only settled perfect and stabilized organization of worlds. This is a wholly created perfect universe, from which come our adjusters and the eternal son plus many other kinds of deities who interact with Paradise and the seven Super universes and again many different types of deities or Gods come from paradise, Havona systems, too many to mention here. We should be concerned only with the ones directly related to us or interacting with us. First would be our Creator Master Michael of the order of Michael, then the order of Avonals, then the order of Dayonals, and then the Mother of Spirit, then Melchizdek father, recent of days and ancient of days and the list goes on. And remember, those deity families are in each universe.

To me that is mind-boggling to say the least. The first half of The Urantia Book, 1,127 pages, is devoted to explaining all of this and how it works, plus the history of our planet Urantia I have now been studying it off and on for over 36 years and I am just beginning to understand it. If I had a few more lifetimes I might be able to comprehend it somewhat, along with the I Ching book.

But the main thing is how does this information relate to our lives? Being able to know the full story for sure will strengthen us even if we don’t understand it all completely, especially if we mix in the new information that is now coming down to help us integrate the divine plan into our lives.

,this is teachings from the large format Urantia book,blessings eve.

Paradise, the Eternal Isle, is the one stationary and most immense creation in all the universes. Paradise is a real place as well as a spiritual residence. It is a material world in the shape of an elliptical disc. This Isle of God is the home of the Father and his eternal associates, the Eternal Son and the infinite Spirit. "God dwells, has dwelt, and everlastingly will dwell in this same central and eternal abode. We have always found him there and always will." ~ The Urantia Book, 11:1.2

Plus another pic of the Super-universes posted by Eve Soleana..


Well Eve;

I have found great joy in the concept that our Creator Father has personally come here to assist us in this Ascension process. And of course in my own communication with him. Many people may not believe this possible even a few years ago. I was lucky enough to have meet him back in 1988 in Australia, with the help of my spirit guides and angels. There was no form , it was just like those stories you hear of meeting him by people who had had a near death experience [NDE], and I was in my astral body. God ex-hued a tremendous amount of LOVE that I will never forget ! And that experience helped me to believe that ''GOD is LOVE'',so not only is he here but that it seems he has taken on some type of form again. How many I am not sure but he is God, I should say here,that he is our God Michael and the grand son of the original God and in so being he may take on as many forms as he likes. But in doing so it has brought much confusion to us his children who are still trying to understand his last dual origin form and double personality as Jesus the Christ. And I am still not sure if both of them are here at the same time but I think so. And to make it even more confusing Jesus has taken on several human forms as well. I have pondered over this complex mystery many years and I think they both have taken on many forms. And the question we have to ask ourselves is ''Why'' maybe to reach more people who have many different belief systems. And like you said, its all about there energies that they are giving out. And it is that energy signature that we have to watch for as there are also many Fakes, pretending to be Jesus and using his name and other ones.

I was a bit leery about the last name of {Aton} for Lord Michael because I could not find reference to it in the UB , except in the Keys of Enoch, I think. But that doesn't stop me from believing in him. His demeanor is the same in the messages I get from him and the messages he gives to all people through the many who are channeling him. A fairly new ACC member ,Julie Miller is channeling the Creator and she has also done several for me. She is the real thing and has a heart of gold. She also channels others but I am hoping she will do more of CM for us. Maybe that is where all of this is going. I didn't do the pic only for me but for him and the people.thats why I was also hoping you would put the pic ip on that blog called intro to the Big Cheese''our Creator Michael'' I saw you commented on that post as well earlier in the wk. As for the pic you put up, well yes you are right it could be like the drawing if you use your imagination a bit but its missing one thing, the trinity concept.

It would need a center ball throwing out the same energy. And that concept of the Trinity of Trinities is another subject we will leave to the next time, so that we don't go over the peoples head to much. I or we would like to see people join in on this discussions. By the way I only found this on my profile and not on new blogs, why is that, am I looking in the wrong place. Sorry I haven't read the phoenix papers so I can't reply on them. But I am sure there are other ''Truths'' out there. The UB [Urantia book] is in my opinion the best source of info or ''Truths sent down to us to help us Ascend''. I have studied at it for 40 yrs and still I get stuck in some parts of it. I look at it as a encyclopedia of the Grand Master Universe. But for my personal work on Ascension I use the book, ''A Course in Miracles'' [ACIM] channeled from Jesus''.


I would like to note here that what the pic I drew is the present state of Evolution. That's why it only shows what is created already, which is 7 super universes and a total of 49 universes. the UB only gives info that is related to us such as the 7 universes making our Super Universe, which are completed. We are not privy to the info of the 6 other super Universes and if they are completed yet, I think not but are in the process.the 700,000 Michaels also corresponds to the future 700,000 Universes to be created. What stage they are in is unknown and still more Michaels are being created but not the same number of Ancient of days, which normally match the number of Michaels Created which indicates that they may not be Creating and more Universes any time soon. So my pic only shows what has been created and not what will be created. Which would be a far greater pic that is possible to imagine or draw by there instructions. Most will be happy just to understand the above, indeed.

Lets do this again someday. Blessings, Rev.joshua Skirvin


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