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Dear Friends

There are so many discussions on ACC about disclosure and the shift: when? before or after? this year, next year or maybe next decade? ... reading many comments makes me to write this one here. 

I would like to add my short opinion about those assumptions and feelings. I am not channeling or anything like this, so just take this as my own opinion.

1. The disclosure:

We all have plans in our lives, we plan to do something on a particular day and time, but when we are wise, we also are flexible in our case something changes, we take the plan B or just improvise. Sometimes we even plan something very carefully, then we realize that it is not time yet or we learn something and decide to postpone it or change it or .... This is probably not only human but a cosmic feature. Everything is a flow, in change, we cannot stick to fixed dates.

I am sure the disclosure is being planned for the near future, but there is very much space for creativity also in that point. 

2.The shift:

I am sure that Mother Earths future is not "decided" to happen on one particular day (if, then by whom???). There are just cosmic rules that we know that 1 time lap is ending and another will begin, but we cannot stick to any date. Even the Mayan ET-s could not know the exact date. They just helped us a lot by giving us a time frame. The real happening of the shift ...when and how(!) depends on so many things. First of all on our development: development of our hearts. Maybe it is even not one day or few days, maybe it is even not in our linear chronology?...

Yes, there will be a shift, but we should stop guessing, estimating and getting overly excited with reading the manuscripts and channelings.

Be light, be love, JUST BE!...and then there is nothing to worry about.

Earths future is open, it depends on us, how and when Mother Earth is gonna react and when our cosmic helpers are gonna react.

Peace and love!


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I doubt if anybody could put it better in words and spirit like Ben-Arion has done in this Message and i hope it spreads Worldwide

i agree, that is also one of my favorite messages


I like your energy and openness and the comment on the Mayans being Et's. The Mayans were only record keepers, the info was handed to them from the Aztecs and the pre-Aztec's and before them others but the ones that the Ets gave the most important info and the ones who built the temples were called Akakar from s. America. As for the date, it is correct for its the time of the Galactic alignment of planets and or the Galactic plan which I wrote about in my Alternative news. We only have 10mo's & 3wks to get ready in. Because there is going to be a dimensional shift as well. So lots of thing happening, Adonai  PS for more info you can read my e-book that is up for Donations;2012 new earth    thanks,Peace to all

thanks... what i mean by Mayan ET-s probably needs a remark: i mean the ancestors of Mayans (not mentioned in school or history books)...Thanks also for recommending your book, maybe you could just give a short overview, what is your theory based on...maybe they really were the pre-Aztecs actually...thats possible.

PS. we have many benevolent beings around us giving us advice...but we should not forget, that even if they are thousands or even millions of years ahead in their development we should not treat them as gods...when we seek wisdom from them, we should still prove it with our own hearts...we are powerful beings too :)

Well said Laura "-)

If we all start following THE 10 COMMANDMENTS OF MOTHER EARTH then we can return to all living in love and light, peace and harmony and MOTHER EARTH WILL BE PLEASED and give us much more then we abundance

Our Cosmic helpers will be very pleased as well and assist us in Creating heaven on Earth gladly for you cannot create Heaven on Earth if you do not follow THE 10 COMMANDMENTS OF MOTHER EARTH

All humans should recite this 10 Commandments of Mother Earth daily and live by them then the big change will happen on this Planet and that's what we all want

You do not need to follow channeled messages, you do not need to read thick holy scriptures and you do not need Guru's for all you need to do is just follow THE 10 COMMANDMENTS OF MOTHER EARTH.

thank you, this was incredibly beautiful...should be shown in the next Davos annual meeting too, as a welcome video :) ...or for any nuclear energy supporter etc etc. 

We have to remember that what we do to Mother Earth we do to ourselves.

If we harm mother Earth then we harm ourselves



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