8110708481?profile=originalHello my lovely and beautiful friends. I'd like to share with you a hidden secret about precisely what E=MC2 is truly all about. We are all two hearts, my Brothers and Sisters. We all have our Physical Hearts and so do we also have a SOUL Heart. Our SOUL Heart is Infinite and so is our LOVE; infinitely and unconditional there WITHIN us to gift to one another THROUGHOUT our Creation.

I know I talk so much about how our bodies are made up as Seven Rays of the RAINBOW. We have 1st our Highest Light and then the our Infinitely Loving SOUL that had birthed from that LIGHT. These 1st two Rays make up our Awareness. I'll mention a lot of things here that I've spoken about in the past few years to make this all as clear as possible, but please open your HEART(s) to what has been hidden from you for so long about this formula; E=MC2. This is a "Spiritual" discussion that bridges the gap between science and "GOD" my friends.

The remaining Rays are our Thinking Self(The Conscious Mind), the Causal Self(The Sub-Conscious Mind) and the very "ENERGETIC" Expression of our Heart(s) and that is our Astral Body. And yet of course, the last two Rays of our FULL SPECTRUM RAINBOW BEING are our Ethereal or Emotional Body and our Physical Body.

I have been doing a great deal of research into my/our Angelic DNA, our History, our time lines and in such case ALL THAT WE ARE, all that we have been and the Infinite Golden Expression of our future as we embrace on another in a Living Meditation of manifesting our Future within our BEING in the Living Moment as a FULL SPECTRUM RAINBOW.

So what is a "Living Meditation"? It is the Incarnate Expression of our Awareness consisting of those Lower 5 Rays of our RAINBOW BEING which are our two Mental Bodies, the "ENERGY" body, the Emotional body and the Physical Body.

And oh yes I had mentioned in the past, a "Living Prayer" as I work closely with Archangel Michael and he's mentioned this as well. The Living Prayer focuses on what we all come from; the LIGHT that is GOD/SPIRIT/ALL THAT IS which birthed each our SOUL HEARTS of Infinite and Unconditional Love. It is our LIGHT, our ABSOLUTE TRUTH, our Divine Intentions -our FAITH my lovely and beautiful friends that gifts us each and every one of us the discernment we need to understand our HEART and SOUL. These two Rays; the LIGHT.. the LOVE.. our AWARENESS.. This is our Living Prayer.

E=MC2 So what is "ENERGY"? Is it not our ENERGY BODY? So many call that the "Astral Body" as so that is precisely what we do when we lay ourselves down to rest, we "go astral" do we not?

People have mentioned to me before, "Is our ENERGY/ASTRAL Body a "Light Body?" Yes, it is it, but our true Light is based in our Madulla Oblongata and that light comes from the LIGHT of GOD/SPIRIT/ALL THAT IS. The Madulla is located just between LIGHT of KNOWING and the FEELING of LOVE.

It is our WISDOM of Experience that is the bridge between LIGHT and LOVE; whether we are Walking the Path of KNOWING, or we are KNOWING the path of Walking, it is that path we walk that is our WISDOM. And the color of WISDOM is Sapphire Blue.

Its not so hard to understand that the Astral Body is the ENERGY body, but what was Einstein saying back then; E=MC2? One is my SOUL Heart, I am the Physical Heart, we are Two Hearts and my Astral Body is an ENERGETIC Expression of my Infinite Heart and SOUL. And that Astral Expression is my "ENERGY" which equals the MASS of both my AA SOUL HEART as well as my Physical Heart which is in constant motion at the Speed of Light. If E is ENERGY, M is MASS and C is the SPEED of LIGHT, then whether the ENERGY Body is at rest or in constant motion, it is still relative to the totality of BOTH HEART(s); the INFINITE SOUL HEART and the PHYSICAL HEART

Did you know we are TWO HEARTS my Brothers and Sisters?! So next time you lay down to rest, consider how you are moving at the speed of light. You are occupying your Spiritual HEART and SOUL when you are sleeping. The ASTRAL/ENERGY Body is the expression of your INFINITE HEART and SOUL. Do you follow what I am saying here? The Astral Body is an energetic expression of the not just UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, but INFINITE LOVE!!! That is what we do when we sleep.. That is what we do when we pass on/die. Dear brothers and sisters, that is what we do when we Ascend.

Please do not be in fear everyone. Embracing "LIGHT" is one thing, but to truly embrace the Infinite and Unconditional LOVE that exists within the Spiritual Heart of all of us is to LOVE the very things that we do not understand, unconditionally in absolute acceptance without judgment. A God-Fearing Man is a Self-Fearing Man. We are ALL GOD Experiencing GOD, as GOD, so embrace that which WE ALL ARE SPIRIT and/or ALL THAT IS, all pervasive, ever expansive, left and right, up and down, back and forth and diagonal, because WE ARE ALL THAT I AM AND I AM ALL THAT WE ARE. I love you all so very much.

♥ Jacob


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  • http://www.azteccalendar.com/god/Quetzalcoatl.html
    Interesting link?...☺
    Many metaphors.. One realization..
  • Awesome bro, thanks for sharing yours.. Beautiful message..
  • Any deep thinkers??? ;) <3 

  • "It is the Energy in Motion that gives us the experiences we seek in order to learn our lessons, but if we do not seek within each our own hearts to learn the true Feelings of the Soul behind those (E)motions, then we only continue riding that wave of Energy in Motion until we "Catch the Drift" of those signals and/or warnings."

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