Dream from this Morning

I find this dream to be memorable, because it is the first I've had outside of a dream environment I seem to have been "stuck" in for months. Feel free to have a crack at its meanings. I haven't looked this one up yet, or analyzed it. Just tried to remember as much detail as I can. Each paragraph is a break in the dream, where I can't remember how one part flowed into the next.




I was sitting alone on a beach with a baby that I've never had, facing away from the shore. It was a bright, sunny day. My baby was a sweet, soft blond girl dressed in white, almost a Christening outfit. She was tiny. I was very happy to be holding her. I could see a city in the distance.

I remember running through a vet's office, and the band room from my old high school. I vaguely remember seeing my old band teacher.

Gwen Stefani fell in love with me, and I think we escaped from that dream world I've been trapped in for months, through a back door. It looked kind of like a big film studio from the outside. We were the only ones outside, it seemed, and it was very nice weather. Gwen was kind of incapacitated-- either drunk or injured. I felt kind of like a man, but I was still a woman. We were having a great time, and I touched her butt and exposed her underwear as we walked. I apologised for that as we were making our way down a road that looked like the exit of an apartment complex I used to live in. I think we kissed a couple of times. Her lips were fat and red. She was wearing a red, sparkly dress.

I was driving a car. One of my pot-dealers and my dad were in the back seat. It was night. I dropped them off at my dealer's house, which, in the dream, was like a ranch-style at the top of a hill. I complained and implied that Dad only wanted to go there to flirt or be with my dealer's dad. He was annoyed that I even brought it up, but it was true. At some point I had gone inside the house, and on my way out, I saw my dealer and his dad watching TV in their dark living room. I was aware that I kind of liked my dealer, though this is not true in my waking life. He also liked me, in the dream. "Bye, guys, I love you!" I said on my way out the door. I heard only my dealer respond, "I love you too, Amelia!" Hearing him say this startled me, and caused me to pause. I opened the door again, and he was right there, wearing a sexy, studded black, slightly feminine denim jacket. He came outside and I told him that I thought he was very cute, but I am with my boyfriend. I told him that I hadn't kissed another guy in six years, but I kissed him, anyway. When I kissed him, I actually held and kissed a cold can of Old English. Even though I kissed a beer can, I still technically kissed my dealer, and I think I could tell that he liked it. It was a good kiss-- a sweet peck, no tongue, though I thought I wouldn't refuse if he started using tongue. The street we were on now resembled my grandma's street. I invited my dealer and his brother to accompany me to my grandma's. They took some kind of potion that switched their bodies, so my dealer became the older, blond, german-looking brother. I found that attractive and was having a good time keeping my naughty secret. On the way down, we noticed a bunch of cop cars speeding up the street and stopping at one of the neighbors' houses. The neighbors told me that their baby was very sick, but they didn't seem worried, though that was why they had called the cops. We went into my grandma's garage. All my cousins, my sister, and my boyfriend were in there, playing around. My boyfriend was under a big cardboard box. All I could see was his head sticking out of the bottom. He was having a good time, and I felt bad that I had cheated on him. I kept thinking that what I really wanted was to have sex with my dealer, but I would never do it. As I thought that, I realized that my boyfriend might actually like the idea.

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  • Hey Amelia,


    Good dream with lots of straight-forward symbols and good recall too.  Books with dream symbols can be hit or miss.  They sometimes can guide you to discover the meanings of your own symbols but sometimes they can make it a harder way to discover meanings.  Since dream symbols are your own inner self’s language to communicate with the outer self (or awake self), each symbol is totally unique to the individual.  (There are mass dream symbols but that’s another whole subject.) 


    If you want to cut to the chase, you may be better off initially pondering how you FEEL about the symbols.  This should lead you to make intellectual and intuitive associations with the symbols.  If you continue to ponder the dream, you may find that what you think it means now may be something different as time passes.  Overall, your dream seems to indicate a lot of rich emotional feelings – nice.

    • Yeah, I see so many contradictory information in dream dictionaries that I prefer not to use them for anything other than inspiration-- or to to help me remember a dream that I am having trouble putting together.


      I had another one this morning that had very much the same feel as this, though I haven't written it out yet. I am wondering what this new train of dream thought means, after so many weeks of "dreaming in the same space," as I put it.


      Thanks for your time and nice words. =) I am very glad to be remembering dreams well again!



  • :) .. Amelia.. its actually a pretty funny dream :) .. I have no idea what it means.. I guess thats up to you to discover.. but it made me smile nonetheless.. thanks for sharing your dream.. I've had a lot of trippy dreams in my life.. I once had a dream where I woke up and went to the bathroom, looked in the mirror and then i woke up in bed.. went to the bathroom, looked in the mirror... woke up in bed again... got out of bed.. went to the bathroom.. looked in the mirror.... woke up ... this went on for about 10 times until I realised I was having a recuring dream.. I became aware of myself in the dream and when I looked in the mirror.. I told myself I was in a dream...I actually said: My God.. I am dreaming ! ..  the funny thing was.. I was awake at that point :)
    • Thanks. =)
    • Thanks for sharing your funny dream too! I still have no idea what mine means, except for some vague assumptions. I'm about to go snooping through a dream dictionary, now that I have all the details written out.
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