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I feel this is a topic that needs to be mentioned and discussed. 

Dragons and the typical 'Lizard People Draconians' that we know are two different things. Just because one being may say they are a Dracos does not mean they are a dragon and that dragons are evil or particularly bad. It devastates me that Dragons are not acknowledged as the beings that they are. While they all come from the same place and are indeed both reptilian, that does not automatically make them the exact same thing.

Draconians are humanoid beings, they sometimes have wings and typically are coloured from any shade of green, brown, black, yellow, white, red and I have even see one dark purple one. These beings are rather animalistic in their nature, which means they form hierarchies of control and will typically fight to dominate another being. When you feel you are being stalked by a draconian, they are probably attempting to dominate you so please fight back against this right away if you can - and I do not mean burn some incense, that merely pushes them away, I mean you must start the energy battle fireworks and everything and scare them away. (Note: this may cause a swarm of them to attack you later, just warning you so you are prepared.)

The very bottom of the food chain are the most submissive however the most crazed and most likely to pick on those smaller than them. It works it way up until they form arrogant but they have more control. When it reaches the top of the food chain, you have very powerful beings who are more calm than the lower ones, more in control and a little more spiritual focused as their need for domination is satisfied. 

Dragons are so different from Draconians that the draconians almost consider dragons to be their gods. They will obey a dragon if they meet one and only the truly foolish will challenge one to a dominance battle. The dragons are extremely spiritual beings but insanely easy to upset. You have more chance of one trying to bite your head off that having a calm conversation. The trick here is to hold your ground but have respect as these beings are all very, very old, wise and inherently powerful.

The larger a dragon, the more powerful and old they are. The older ones are probably also a little calmer but not always the case.

Medium-large dragons are the ones with the snippier attitude. They are also typically younger and not as willing to talk to you. 

Small dragons will act tough but you could probably take them. They can range in height from anywhere from you knees to small tree. These are the ones you would want to make friends with and have as a 'pet' because they are more likely to listen to a 'lowly human'. 

Note: The elder the dragon, the more likely they are to listen to you but also the more danger there is if you piss them off. These are very wise beings, but if you feel them getting upset with you, apologize and change the subject slightly. 

Godly powerful spirits may chose to keep a dragon as a guardian of themselves or something precious. I have twin dragons guarding something precious of mine, it was a shock when I walked into my place and found two massive dragons guarding it. They work in utter sync and have so much power.

Note: keeping guardians and/or familiars is not suggested for those with minimal control over their own energy. The reason for this is because familiars often require the energy of their host to do their job properly. My cat is my physical familiar, we have a bond that is not commonly achieved between human and animal in this day and age. I have various 'elementals' -one of which is a baby dragon- that act as guardians and familiars also. 

Note: Dragons are typically in other higher frequencies. When left to be, you will find them strolling around paradises of their choice meditating somewhere high. Though once, I did see one fly up from the back of a mountain and go down again - he was letting me know he was here by coming into the frequency so I could see him. 

I feel like I will stop here. I am curious as to what you guys have to say. 

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They live across the dimensions, you will find some everywhere however there are not as many on earth since the dinosaurs died

CAITLYN: Here's a video of a "dragon" that does not appear to be CGI.


And here's a "baby" dragon being handled in Mexico:


I pray with the dragons all the time and they help me fight the dark energy, and the one I see is purple .....
I had to fight the Draco & Draconians......lucky I had Heaven help me on that one and know what to do....and have even found one who was talking to us, he told about their underground tunnels and how they could change so we don't see them.....said they really don't eat humans any more....and would get mad about asking...after that I decided to focus on heaven....

No Dragon can really be a pet. They are like cats in that respect, but since they are very wise. It is wise to form friendships with them if possible. The old adage that we become the company we keep should be kept in mind. Like all friendships, treasure the friendship if you are so lucky to get it, else it be lost.

Yes that was why i have put ' marks around the word pet. Want you can achieve is a deep respect and they may end up following you around. One of my dragons that I had is very young but as I am his host familiar, he is able to use my energy in order to combat more powerful spirits if necessary. 

I've heard wonderful,magical,healing things about dragon pearls. Do you own one? I would love to be so blessed to obtain one.i see them sold on the net but not sure about the authenticity. Do you know much about these and other pearls from other animals? Lucky you to have a baby dragon friend!

If the pearls are sold on the net you can be quite certain they aren't authentic as such pearls would go for millions of dollars a piece. Selling "dragon pearls" online would be equal to selling live unicorns in a pet-store = something we will never see happening in this reality.  :)

Hi Caitlyn Claire! I have a dragon story for you. I woke up at around 3:00am and as I was opening my eyes, I look up towards the ceiling and find 2 dragon type beings looking down at me as though through some kind of viewing screen or portal type opening. I focused in and noticed they had jewelry around their foreheads and some type of clothing. They had a very peaceful loving expression as though they were checking in on a loved one. This was the energy I received. Of course I was immediately startled as you can imagine being half asleep. These beings recognized that I was startled and also may have been surprised. At that point, they disappeared. I have no idea who they were but suspect that I've known them in some other lifetime...or as a team member. Not certain. They did have beautiful faces but I only got a glimpse. Eclaire

Hi Claire, interesting discussion and thanks for the information,
i have had information regarding the entities known as dragons catch my eye in the past couple years but its always been very brief and difficult to find specific info. 
Based on what I understand, were they entities that in fact, did inhabit the physical densities in a greater population eons ago, whilst today, at this particular 'now',they still have some presence in the non physical densities of Earth? Also to your knowledge are there any left today that may still exist in the physical densities?  

Hi Aidin! Catching a glimpse of these beings was a gift, however, I can say that I was a little surprised initially because it really was completely unexpected and not what I would typically feel a connection to. I will say that these beings were beautiful both physically and energetically. For just a moment, I was in the presence of a powerful and loving peaceful energy. I can liken the experience to being "Skyped" by dragon like beings from another planet. I don't know which planet. I suppose they could have been from a starship as well but honestly, I'm not sure. They were humanoid and were dressed in robes. They had gem stones around their foreheads with a tear drop shaped stone at the area of the 3rd eye. I saw them from the shoulders up only. They seemed larger then your average human being but again, hard to accurately measure. Recently I considered that they were part of a healing team that I request the assistance of on a daily basis in my waking state. What was your experience? Eclaire

Hi Eclaire,Thats really interesting, ive personally never had the privilege of having such experiences myself although they do seam very familiar in an 'unknowing' sort of way. I have a strong feeling i may have experienced an encounter of the sorts however forgotten upon waking and dropping down into lower frequencies. My teachers and friends have had some interesting travel experiences with Higher dimensional beings across different realities. The stories and experiences sound truely incredible


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