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Dont know if Bob Dean is disinfo or not but he says GFL is for real!!!!

At on or just after the 30 min mark he says GFL is for real wow!!!!

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An incredible & inspiring message from Bob Dean... Thank you Freebz for posting this. Peace & Light!!

If he says the Galactic Federation of Light are for real ...then he is awake for he knows the Truth


I believe what Bob Dean is saying.
Ahhhh, WoW!

He is totally right on, everything he is saying, is very true I believe....

This life is SCHOOL, and yes, there is an amazing and bright future ahead, but there will be some intense times between now and then.....

We do judge ourselves, it's really tripping me out how much he said, that I have also been saying for years...

It definitely a deep cosmic affirnation of what I believe, deep within my soul, we are headed for amazing times :)

Thanks SO much for posting this Freebz :)

although his path is different, he understands and looks at his life like a program part of all that is

love and light

I believe it when he says Shakespear came from "up there." I think Federico Garcia Lorca was one of the GFL too, because I read his "The House of Bernarda Alba."



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