I ask because for me no number is better than other.

777 is for the divine

666 some people associate it with the antichrist, or with an unbalance mind, when in fact 666 is the number of divine enlightenment, it's up to our vibration when we hear the number the ammount and quality of energy that we pull from to cosmos to illuminate ourselves in wisdom.

444 some people say it's also kind of an error or wrong road, BUT I think it means "earth" because the earth has 4 elements in the occidental collective and 5 when we put the ether also. BUT occidental here is more the environment, So "the earth is an error"? hardly, As I have explained before, in the higher motives and ideals, the earth is very noble. So 4 means to ground things or something like that, it may mean whatever you want if you find the right reasons.

I just changed the definitions for the 444 in some people... would that make me "the antichrist" buffff hahaha of course not... there should be like a "christ" in here... and I haven't seen any, nor I care.

Remember, before you get scared, I'm for the freedom =) If you are smart you will notice it.

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  • Number's positivity or negativity to my opinion depends on global manifestation of Earth people's intellectual mind. I do not see any numbers which can cause any harm to civilization either in past or present so I don't think there is a reason to fear on what which why and when number is no good whatsoever.

  • The notion of 666 makes sense only in the modern number system (Arabic). But there is one problem ...
    Use it only began in the mid-16th century, the Arabs learned about it only in the 19th century by Europeans.
    So the head of the "Apocalypse" in the Bible was not written earlier than the second half of the 16th century, as well as other tracts containing Arabic numerals.
    For curious Christians ....
    IC ... XC on the cross does not mean Jesus Christ, and the number of 9990, 6660 upside down.
    Here we should pay attention to the fact that this is only true for the Arab record numbers! In the Roman system, which is right that the mirror, there is no difference!

  • I think they are all positive numbers and a way to confirm that you are being "activated" on different levels :)

  • :). . I try the wardrobe. .I go on journeys <3 do I come back ? yea. .if I hear the call :)
    no Im not cloned :) yes I still am loving being ;D. . believe it or not :p. .

    you know. .its alot like. .those astrology images their ;) the wardrobe I wear. . we all do ? aspects of the universe. .as like clothing. .ahh. . now theirs a blog idea I should write ;D

    theirs a rhythm to come. .I just went to some other hangouts for a while. .until we can surf this thing in the most awesome directions and methods. . those images. . hold all ;). .it is the "future", the now to come. . not just in internal means. . but global infrastructure. . and beyond :). . even. . community spaces. .  ;)


    also tools. .are basically mediums. .or you could even say. .technologys. .and these you could also relate to the different dimensions. .as like tools. .in your pallet ;D. .

    dimensions as mediums of same whole exsistance/universe configured in different ways. .like on earth we have books, film, music and so on ..and each of these mediums is not so much "better" than any other. .rather they are different. .with different experiences. .creating/letting different realitys come about, exsist. .etc :) ;D

    hehe ;D

    tickle the universe. . and it will splurge ;) :p

  • yes their just different aspects. . like tools. . all tools are neutral. . and each have their respective uses. . just like planetary aspects to astrology. . (as a good example). . actually. . is a great way to perceive almost anything for that matter. . yes? what do you think ?

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