I was jsut remembering the magic of october 14th when we all thought we would see spacecraft in the sky. Even though nothing happened their was still incredible amounts of magic in the air. I was having unexplanable dreams and connecting to higher forces like never before. We were all believeing and using the power of our imagination to create new possibilities. This was the first time i was actually expecting to see spacecraft. No matter how crazy the idea was i was actually expecting somehting to happen and thats magic in itself. Humans havent thought like this for a long time and it felt so good to actually expect the seemingly impossible rather then to reject the idea all together. I am sure that some beings picked up on our efforts because the power of consciousness and imagination is unstoppable and we were all using ours like crazy probably taking up up conscious airwaves around earth. Anyway thought i would say that and i miss those moments leading up to the 14th because they were so filled with magic.

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  • The latest observation of UFO phenomenon that I saw happenned about week ago. And anyway I have seen some kind of phenomenons during latest lived year. I am still waiting for alliance with The Galctic Federation.
  • namaste, ryan, i remember when i was a kid, one time i dreamt thousand of spaceship in the sky, i was afraid at that nigh but i was amazed by the beauty of spacecraft, i wonder what does it means, then it came they all of them who rode the spacecraft are my freinds. love & light
  • i felt it too because it's was my birthday than
  • Thank you dear! I very much remember that date and the magic I felt!! What an opportunity it was to awaken many souls and I was one of them!! Many Blessings
  • Hi Ryon Moxon
    Have you ever thougt of the possibility the space crafts were there just on a different frequency and therefore
    not vissible to the naked eye.
    I am sure you participated with much love and that it made a difference
    thank you for sharing
    Mariann Denmark
  • According to me, our eyes weren't adapted yet :-))
    • What a great teaching tool it has been to many......It showed many how they feel deep inside, their longing and their motives, it showed us our response to the 'Failure' of their showing, the 'embarrassment' we felt having told people about it.......many thought and felt they were taken for a fool.......
      However, many of us including myself have grown tremendously in our spiritual walks and understanding!
      It was and still is incredibly spiritually heightened time we are living in and as things are falling apart around us, the LIGHT is breaking through ever more stronger. That process has and had to start inside of each and everyone of us........now we KNOW this better than we thought we knew it then.....
      We must endeavor to remember who we truly are and dare to believe it and LIVE it. We don't need saving! We need to remember our origin and that the Creator's light resides within all of us..
      Much is happening in the 'unseen' world and we are close...
      The magic continues!! We are loved beyond our human comprehension with eternal faithfulness and devotion, with compassion, held in the Grace of God.

      In love we are All ONE!

  • Yes I remember it too.
    And I rememer too the feelings mine and people I know.
    Hey even the official media mentioned it a bit,ect...
    And than..... .
    Sorry to be again the only one wo stays at the real physical facts.

    On this day the GF topic lost at 80% of the people who look at it nearly all of it`s trustworthyship (sorry I talk only about reactions in other forums than this).
    If this day had one real effect, than that now the most people are real disapointed about all this channelstuff and so.

    Sure, you the hard core here, still belives it, but the majorety of the followers of this do now see this topic in the same category like all these tons of other prophecys that never came true.

    Especial because all channelings (outcounted the sheldan emssages, they never mentioned this date, seen?) said: It will come 100000% nothing can prevent it..... bla.
    And than: Oh we saw suddenly you ar enot ready sorry.
    (What a lame excuse).
  • Yes I Remember!!! The BUZZZZZZZ around the World was GREAT!!!
    I Couldn't wait to get up everyday to be involved with people online
    in all parts of this world!!! People and myself were very very (did I say)
    VERY excited !!! Could not wait for the next little bit of info. each & every
    second!!! The energy that was created was intoxicating & WONDERFUL!!!
    I KNOW I'm not from this world. My World is filled with Love, Peace,&
    Compassion!!! Space Family Help Us Create these Energys HERE!
  • Was anyone looking with night vision cameras? It is my felling that extraterrestrials are or can be actually interdimentional beings, and by interdimentional I mean they exist as conscious individuations ever larger on the electromagnetic spectrum. As humans we are electromagnetic, and we percieve that we are within the visible light portion because that is what our eyes see. In truth there is no difference in the actuality of the energy, only that it vibrates at different speeds. Currently most humans are aware of their "spirit" but they cannot comprehend what that means scientifically. Matter is dense and therefor energy must slow down to produce "matter," which is just vibrations at the frequency of the rainbow (visible light). The spirit is just the part of you which vibrates at differnt frequencies (like the aura), but it extends infinitely, to the whole of energy, the Godhead. We just need to awaken to the fact that we are conscious through everything and everywhere. The space between is where the secret lies, and the secret is there is no space between. All there is is you, vibrating at different frequencies. ALL love frequencies, infinitely greater AND infinitely lesser. For it is relativity and the ILLUSION of seperation that enables 3D.

    This is my truth. Does this ressonates with you?
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