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I did a little update on the "Header design" here on Ashtar Command.
What do you think? =)

P.S. In 2015 or late 2014 you will se BIG layout/functional changes on Ashtar Command Community, the site will be much faster and Adapted for mobile phones + tablets....Just wanted you all to know that.



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Its fine, I just don't like all the adverts.

If you're using Firefox as your internet browser then downlaod an addon called 'adblock plus' it will stop ALL adverts running in your browser windows.

It actually doesn't stop all of them. I'm getting really annoying "recommended for you"-popups that pop up regularly now and that are trying to interest me in a one month old disinfo-post calling it "breaking news"...  Tabloid garbage. ;)

It actually does cos I don't get any...not a single ad and not a single pop up, I also don't get any re-directs to other pages, if a site or page wants to re-direct me then Firefox alerts me to this and gives me an option to either allow it or cancel. Maybe you should update to the latest Firefox browser?!?!

Maybe you should try adding 'no script' and also 'google sharing' addons....I don't get a single ad on any website or page I open!!!

I like the new header.  The little boy holding the World in his hand is a really nice touch.

Thank you Ben for your work, dedication!

What a great and significant creation you created - AC and I am grateful to be part of it.

I like the boy holding the planet in his hand.... we are the world, we are the children....brothers and sisters...

i like it looks cool

It looks very nice Ben, Thank you.  (:

Dear Ben , as soon as i saw the new header, wanted to comment on it but such option wasn't available. i like this new header design, but where is that "small golden winged logo" on the right side, i loved it so much, and it's really missing beside the phrase "The Awakening Movement" on the right.  and about the main logo on the left, the wings are very circular, they could be a little more opened and sharper, and they could be more golden or at least could have golden aura.(they're now more brown and without any glowing aura). 

regarding the ships, they could have white or silver glow or haze around them (particularly down side), and they should have that sense of "exotic vagueness" or "etheric aura" if you like, they look very earthly and mechanical now. after all they're Federation ships, not nazi germany ships.

the earth, light, stars in the background are just fine, the boy in the middle (which may be yourself) talks for itself and is fine. DNA Helix is so awesome.



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