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Do You Know who Ashtar Is?and The Ashtar Galactic Command?

This is not a test but after all these years the question here I will put out .Do you know who Ashtar is and Do you know what the Ashtar Galactic Command or Ashtar Command represent and where they come from and why they exist?

For many years I have noticed people connecting with various sites and groups about Ashtar but I have always wondered how many are doing this because its a cool thing to do?

Who thinks Ashtar is a role playing online game? Or just maybe get it and understand that the Ashtar Command or Ashtar Galactic Command are made up of real caring cosmically spiritual beings and or people on and off this planet.

Who care about the whole universe and not just themselves.

What is a lightworker and how does one call themselves this within the Ashtar Command.

Its not about hardly working or doing some light work around the house.

There is a foundation here,a community from the Stars living here on Earth.

What is this community and do you feel part of it ,just a tourist seeking to see where you fit in.

How do you perceive yourself as a person?

How do you see your connection to this Planet and others around you?

Can you come out of the closet and say to yourself and others I am a Light Being from the Stars and I am with the Ashtar Command or Ashtar Galactic Command?

Coming out of the Cosmic Closet is not always easy but its worth it.

Do you know what Planet or Star System you came from?

Maybe your as they say just waking up to this Cosmic reality of yourself.

Once you wake Up you cannot go backwards and fall asleep.

We all have a focus or a reason for being here now on Earth etc.

Are you able to say I am an Ashtar Commander with the Ashtar Command here to spiritually assist others?

You are in Command of your Spirit or your Spirit within is in command of you.

So the questions raised is again really how do you see yourself in the now moment?

Just a Human Being? Angelic,Indigo,Starseed,Walkin etc.

My hope is that by sharing your connection for the first time ,or not your first time.

This will open the Heart and expand your cosmic connection with Ashtar the Christ and the Command on a greater level.

You can visit CmdrAleon on the USA Ashtar Command site at and tune in Sunday morning's for his show The Cosmic Eye Ashtar Command Radio at starting at 11:30 AM EDT.

Blessings In The Light of The Most Radiant One Always

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Many of you realize you are really not from this world called Earth and many are just waking up to a more expanded view of the cosmos and themselves.

So with waking up comes to ability to see everything in the Universe clearly with your eyes open including the third eye.

so with over 12,000 beings here how many are 1.) Fully Awakened to the Ashtar Command 2.)Somewhat Awakened to the existence of the Ashtar Command or 3.) Have no clue who and what Ashtar or the Command is?

It will be interesting through responses to see what your cosmic view is of Ashtar if you should have one.

Blessings In The Light of The Most Radaint One Always!!!


In my humble opinion, a name is just a name and it is not just how you perceive Ashtar Command intellectually, you will be challenged in many aspects  ... it is important to know how you "feel" about Ashtar and the galactic family.  Trust your inner sense and heart connection, it will not lead you astray. 

What you have shared is very true following the heart always will take you to an understanding of ones connection to the Ashtar Command on a deep spiritual journey.

Blessings In The Light of The Most Radiant One Always,




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