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Hi to all, Just a quick question has anybody these last couple of weeks been very dizzy , and your heads spinning even while your sitting down or even laying down, and when I try to walk it feels all wrong and I have to really think about how to walk, it almost feels like one side on my body is walking on a flat ground and my other side of the body is walking on a titled slope, it feels so strange and a little bit scary.

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There has been an uptick in solar activity and seismic you may be expressing... me too, though I get loads of lower chakra as well as the weird head stuff.  This website explains better than I can... . Schumann was at 13.00 hz a few days ago which bears consideration. Are you lucid dreaming?

The geomagnetic stress of earthquake build up and the weather’s influence on kundalini can be explained by changes in the Schumann resonance and ionosphere affecting the cells. Between the earth’s surface and ionosphere, a resonating cavity is formed. Broadband electromagnetic impulses, like those from lightning flashes, fill this cavity, and create globally the so-called Schumann resonances at frequencies 5 - 50 Hz. The base Schumann Resonance is 7.8Hz quasi standing electromagnetic waves mainly traveling from West to East. There is a +/- 0.5 Hertz daily variation which is a function of the height of the ionosphere, which changes with solar activity. Obviously huge high or low pressure systems would also alter the height of the ionosphere, pushing or pulling on it as if it were the membrane of a balloon. 

Through their own DC field all living organisms are plugged into the electromagnetic field of the earth, which varies in response to the sun and moon. Because someone with active kundalini has a heightened field and superfluid condition, magnetic storms on the sun and the sunspot cycle will affect them more so than the average organism. The earth’s normal field resonating at Alpha 10 Hz normalizes our own field and biorhythms, and we remain in sync with the planet through her field changes effecting a change in our own. 

Changes in the earth’s field affect the pineal glands production of melatonin and serotonin, as well as changing acetylcholine levels in the brainstem. In this respect not only do our normal biorhythms respond this way, but so too do our psychic and spiritual capacities respond to changes in earth’s field. Thus we are keyed into a cosmic timing devise for the emergence of consciousness that is governed largely by the movements of the earth, sun and moon. Researchers will find that kundalini (and indeed normal physiology) follows the rhythm of the sun’s magnetic field/solar wind field sector boundary. One effect of this is the alteration of intestinal bacteria and pathogen count, and immune cell spectrum and number. The two day turbulence during the move from one sector boundary to another will also affect biology, consciousness and behavior. 

It is interesting that toward November-December, after kundalini has passed through its annual cycle: heart--spleen--pelvis--digestive system, then there is some obvious kundi activity in the right-brain hemisphere. Thus the geomagnetic-gravity and light spectrum influence of winter solstice must alter the configuration of the NMDA receptors to promote right-brain firing at this time. Thus in winter organisms are generally more right-brain dominant than in summer.

Thank you for taking time to help me, I feel much better about it now and instead of worrying and fighting against it , ill just go with it.x

I am not lucid dreaming  ,but every dream is all about my past in this life every employer, and person ive ever known and every house I have ever lived in, also in the twilight hours( ie awake just before sleep) I keep seeing all different sphrere round balls of light and almost balls of feathers, they float right towards my face then disappear.

Oh that is so cool!  I have those too, sometimes I can see it with my "mind eye" and sometimes as geometric light forms with my "regular" eyes... It's would take too long to explain it here, but basically it is like light packets of info that your body absorbs- upgrade stuff.  Sounds as if you are pretty far on your lightbody evolution, going through your past is a sort of re-write that you are going through... not sure if it applies here but I have heard a lot of talk about "time" lately that may be occurring within your consciousness... We cannot physically rewrite our history, but we can adjust our perceptions of it and heal wounds, deal with karma etc.  

Whenever we go through these "cleanses" we are making room for new things - my guess is that this spring and summer you will have some immense changes and growth happen :-)  Good luck :-) 

Hi Kelly many thanks for your reply,this is all new and weird to me I'm just a normal person, and I have nobody to ask these questions, I could hardly got to my local Doctor, as I'm sure she would question my mental health lol.So thank you all for taking time to answer and help me xx

Thank you for your reply, ill not worry about it just accept it.x

Do not fear and be aware that what is happening is supposed to be happening. It is not always pleasant but at least you know it is leading to something better. It is a horrible feeling sometimes and happens at any time. I often wonder if the sleepers are going through the same thing or just cruising through without doing any work. They like to let other people do all that needs to be done while they go around like wild animals. On the lowest level of conscious living on earth. Food, s** and money.

Thank you for your reply, the thing is when it happens I feel neither in this world or the next and my gut feeling tells me its ok, so ill just relax and go with it.x

Time goes by very fast and I mean fast. This has happened many times over the last few weeks. Maybe it is the special K, lol.

This kind of thing happens to me after deep meditation is it constant or at certain times

Here's an exercise that could very likely fix the dizziness... I know it works too. : )


PS... A good idea to keep as much distance as you can from any WiFi, Bluetooth, or cellphone data signals, and turn all these signals off when not using them. I'm pretty sure these wireless signals can influence/cause this kind of dizziness.

 Ill try this treatment, many thanks for taking time out to help me .xx



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