Ok, doesn't it occur to anyone else that a lot of this seems to be nonsense? Let's think about what it would actually mean to ascend to a 5d Earth.


A dimension is most easily understood as a piece of information needed to determine or locate an event in space-time. Conventionally, there is thought to be four of these. As an example, if there were a party in New York City that you wanted to attend, you would need to know the street, the cross street, the floor of the building, and the time of the party. This illustrates the four dimensions needed to locate an event: up and down, left and right, forward and backward, and time. The reference frame can be shifted and you'd still need four pieces of info, you'd just arbitrarily be shifting left and right to forward and backward and so on.


So what are these "extra" dimensions? Are they spatial? Are they unique like time? I can imagine a convenient 4th dimension being the "thought" or "spirit" dimension. Wherein your location in that dimension determines the way in which thoughts manifest into physical reality. As you travel to infinity in that dimension in one direction there becomes no difference between thought and reality whereas at the other end of the spectrum there exists no connection at all between thought and reality. Interestingly, this would introduce an asymmetry into the fourth dimension similar to the time dimension.


You may have seen on the interwebs explanations of a fourth spatial dimension. I am not talking about that, and I doubt anyone else in the spiritual community is either. I seriously doubt anyone would want to inhabit a 4-D space. It is extremely unintuitive and complex.


Well then... What about the 5th? I personally think it is a load of bollocks invented to make the "ascension" process sound cooler.


On UFOS: I think there is pretty striking evidence to suggest they do exist. But why do we believe the aliens are at all related to a New Age? IS there any solid evidence to suggest this? Or is it just hopeful thinking?


Finally, I think we can all admit that the channeling of higher intelligences is complete nonsense. It is borderline schizophrenia most likely.


Feel free to attack my ideas. That's how progress is made.



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  • Hi Daniel,


    I think you're right in that a lot of the information presented here does in fact appear to be nonsense. Though there is some profound truth hidden in the gaps. A firm 'faith' in ascension, especially on a specific date or a mass scale borders on religious cultism which I would like no part of. However humans around the globe do seem to be waking up to the knowledge that the reality they have been presented with (consumer culture, domination hierarchy, bureaucratic religious control, corruption in global politics and organizations etc.) is not only false but also not in the best interests of serving humanity and its evolution.

    As for science, there is no reason that an alternate dimension should be bound by the same universal laws as our present plane of existence. Science has enabled you to observe and rationalize that which you can perceive. We can already see that the mind is not bound by the physical laws that our bodies are, people who experience profound spiritual experiences (or who trip on a sufficient amount of dmt) describe the complete reality shattering nature of these experiences in which the alien nature of their new reality is its utter alienness.

    When thing's like UFO's come into the picture, well there is evidence out there to suggest that they have had some influence on human history in the past. When you look enough into the ancient Sumerian culture, the Egyptian culture or even Australian Aboriginal culture you see depictions of alien like beings and crafts, so UFO's are nothing new. Who can really say whether or not this means they'll have any role in our near future, no hard evidence has shown that they will.

    I ramble a bit, but on a personal level I have recently noticed fairly frequent experiences of synchronicity, the doing away with of old and worn out belief systems and paradigms and a resulting personal empowerment. This has enabled me to slowly rectify pains and burdens from the past and work towards healing myself and personal growth. There is much knowledge out there to be gained and much truth to be discovered. What's important is what all this means to me, and not what it means to the next person, if we are in fact eternal spiritual beings then this is a personal quest.

    Maybe people can channel their higher selves/spiritual beings/guidance, to say that this is a result of schizophrenic tendencies is just what our current cultural climate would want you to believe, but there is a whole other world out there which current science can’t begin to completely explain or understand. We live in an interesting time where so much information and realizations are dawning upon us, let’s hope we can work together to make humanity steer a path in the right direction. For this we’ll need scientific minds as well as abstract minds and everything else in between. The notion that these ‘light workers’ or whatever they want to call themselves of spreading love is a noble one so long as its sincere, but trying to form a solid belief system around it is a bit counterintuitive to the ever changing environment we find ourselves in.

    We'll just have to sit back and observe the changes and developments around us as they occur, whilst working on ourselves and trying to integrate these new experiences. Plus i'm fairly certain that I have been here before, that I have typed these words and that I'll type them again.



  • I believe we are currently wrong in many fields. Try to explain corral castle in Florida. Or if Humanity knows
    so much, why do we just do the opposite.?
  • As Seth said back in the 80's - what ever you believe will happen - will happen for you.  If you choose not to believe anything is real outside of your 5 senses then it won't be.  This is a free will Universe and we are co-creators with God - but I know you won't understand  that.  Believe what you will, I know they're going to many that believe the same thing you do.  Please just try not to knock anyone else's dreams.

    Love and Light to you.

    • Well, it's a good thing that is not true. What if someone believed, the Latin Americans for instance, would all die. Would that happen?
      • I think I might have seen one floating around . . . state hospital types . . . some of them get really funny when they blame random problems on random groups of people, and some end up in a place in their head where it all came true . . . how many people have you met who thought they were the second coming of Christ? Oh--Eugenics . . . remember what happened when people believed in that? My favorite though was the racist, second coming, death incarnate, Aslan, Powder, "musical genius" meth-head who controlled the clouds and an entire HUGE grave yard of spirits . . . he also looked like an uglier 6'5" Michael Keaton. We amused each other: I got to see an incredible show, and he got a the captive audience he so sorely needed during a vigorous tweak.

           I find a lot of the stuff I believe happening for me, especially lately.

    • I am not attacking your ideas serendippity.
  • Dimension in math and science relates to space. Here is a wiki on it:en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dimension


    • Yeah, as I said, A dimension is a piece of information you need to determine a position, in space.
  • Ha!  I won't attack your ideas Daniel... but I can definitely relate!  Hopefully soon the U.F.O. thing and everything else will be revealed to everyone... I do believe there are people who have information concerning this and other beneficial technologies to the planet that people are keeping secret because if they were to release the info and technology... it would decimate the need for money and the profit motivator that the big shot moneybag people use to manipulate and control everyone else... which gives these people an empowering feeling.  Who knows... could be wrong... but the evidence says otherwise.  And as far as the schizophrenia thing... I think every person on the planet has at least a touch of that!!! Have a great day!!!
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