Did you feel that last night???

Last night I was headed to the store and looked up to the sky, noticed the clouds looked different. then a moment later my Gram mentioned it too, "those clouds look strange!" a while later, I started sensing something was different, something was changing, or I was tuning into unseen changes already occurring. I mentioned this before in other replies to posts, I felt a rush of adrenaline/energies, and also vibrations. I thought at first it was the car gently rocking as my Gram was fumbling for her purse and sort of moving around in the passenger seat. But these vibrations felt more significant to a point that  I almost hit the "fight or flight" button and ran screaming "earthquake!" Really unusual all around, feeling a sense that something amazingly big was gonna happen. Later I saw a couple other people felt some similar things, so I wanted to ask everyone if they experienced anything unusual last night, or at any point. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this! Love n Light to all <333333

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    • wow thank you for sharing this Mysticalflame, this really resonates with me and there's such a diversity of feelings and "senses" about what's going on And during the 12th, that im sure it was more than one thing i was experiencing. i felt more sensitive (and still do) to the Unseen. i bookmarked that page, and also wonder why my Gram didn't really feel much as i did, except she visually noticed the unusual clouds. she's such a sensitive being who can sense my thoughts,feelings and intentions before i openly express them. (makes it real hard to get away with mischiefs, lmao) anyway, ty for broadening my understanding and teaching me something new!  =D

      Love and Light to you <3

  • aha! ty rygar, i JUST watched this last night lmao...we are on the same wave length yeah?! =D <3
  • we're all having similar experiences as well as our own unique individual experiences, and yes I know excactly what you mean about that falling dream feeling. Now there's a great way to describe it =D
  • Yes I definitely felt it. I too thought there was an earthquake somewhere in the world. I noticed the neighbours dogs barking strangely in the same way they do prior to earthquakes.....it felt like something big was or is about to happen. Really strange energy isnt it?  
    • strange and amazing, yes! I'm glad I'm not the only one feeling this, makes me feel even more connected with everyone =D <3
  • Yes i have felt it. last night and other nights, Check out my post strange weather, ive seen strange glow in the middle of the night and lightning without thunder. Something is going on...
    • I been there blabbing away on your post, lol...And I've been sensing somethin' in the clouds overhead, like they're not just normal rainclouds....and lately, I've been giving a shoutout to the universe when I go outside, maybe we're also sensing our GFL helpers on a conscious level =D
  • Hi Krissy.. I noticed a strong feeling last night within myself.. almost like a current of electricity.. its in the air .. I sure feel different lately.. more electrical.. like waves through me.. y'know our DNA is changing and we are all becomming more electrified anyway.. I get these impulses through me.. I can feel myself rewiring.. we are all being plugged in :))
    • yeah I forgot about our DNA changing, which explains why I keep feeling this tingling in my right hand all the time, more and more these days. And it's more than my carpal tunnel syndrome....If Im just being plugged in then that explains my frazzled hair at times, lol - May the Force be with you :p
  • I need to add that I really didn't feel scared, except for that one moment when I wondered if the vibrations were due to an impending earthquake, lol, kinda funny the way I reacted in such Human mode. But for the most part, I didn't feel fear, just a heightened sense of wonder and surprise..."what's going on???" I'm not trying to spread fear, just wondering what I was experiencing =)
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