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OMG!!!  Did any body feel that…this morning or for some last night….Talk about feeling the energy of change….It was so amazing…I was laying there than all of a sudden I felt a shift in my whole being…like I stepped into,,,,,I don’t know …like my words are limited to even desecirbe…It was so noticeable and so blissful…I woke up and said…What the hell was that…With a big ass smile on my soul….a voice started started talking and said….


“We are here…We have entered your plain…The love or the Great Source is here”…I said What!!! and it feels like that when you all come to town…He said…”we want to make sure you all knew”…I said is this just on a personal level or a global…He said “On a global…those who have lifted there vibration enough to merge with us and understand or commincation…felt it first…and those who are still a little fuzzy will feel it a little later…”


O’ Sh@* about shifting into the New Age….and people I am not exaggerating…..It felt soooo… nothing I ever felt before…


So I ask did anybody feel it…

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The Full Moon is rocking my world right now.  Had some amazingly lucid dreams last night, I was definitely in the "Astral" engaged in energies that are not totally clear, but becoming more clear now.  I woke up and felt these Energies were still "interacting" with me as a laid in bed.  Energies are raising, we are Becoming, and it is amazing!! :-)

I welcome it, and want to help in anyway I can!

Have a great day Unklight!! The veils are very thin right now, and the moon is helping with that I think~ :-)


Ive been having alot of dreams where im Playing Games or something like that, I was in some kind of skate park last night, I was in some kind of First Person Shooter game the night before (it was like laser tag).

So its been pretty playful for me in the dreamtime.



I was reading this and just realized, after Rana Singh said that God's Eye was on earth completely now...

...That is the reason I dont have MY GIFT just yet.

Because this is the year where everything is fixed on the divine plan. So everything happens at a specific time.


I could say "oh jeez, uggh!" to that but at the same time its beautiful because it just means I will Get everything im manifesting at a certain time and ill be fine in the meantime.

There's no rushing it, but there's no Need to rush it I guess.



I also had a dream several days ago where my Higher Self said that the Timeline was Fixed (decided on) for me getting it.

So that probably means that at least several days ago THIS thing you guys are talking about was firmly decided on and was at that point certain.

Hmmmmmm very interesting .  I too have had dreams the padt few nights of playing games but they were more based on educational  rather than for fun.

I have been feeling connections & pleasant realisations within the dream zone this week! Peace

what an amazing video. thanks for posting. love Xidorn

it give you the sense that no matter what the spirit of self being and freedom of expresion never dies within. Beautiful

There was a brief moment when I felt happy like I was a kid again. I am anxiously waiting when I will feel it stronger.

Yes! The sun was shining here in Devon, UK, this morning and the sky looked very clear and bright ... more so than that, the energies were very clear and shiny too!!  Gave me a wonderful feeling and stronger connection to Source.  This morning I even noticed that two crystal palmstones which I keep in my kids bedroom to help them relax and receive healing (a rose quartz and an aventurine) have begun to have a different energy and clarity to them.  My son, who is 12, could also see and feel it.  I feel that the crystal kingdom are ready to ascend too and become pure brilliant light.  Anyone else noticed that? Thanks for your post Unklightworker. : ) Blessings, Mary Serena x

well i been going through an avalanche of changes, (good ones!) and a couple nights ago i literally felt my bed shake. nothing else did, the dog was happy, and it was just me and my bed that shook for a moment then everything was still again, was cool, not scary at all. strange and wonderful things have been occurring right and left, so thank you for bringing this up xoxox

p.s ..lately i have been feeling slight "shakings" but not as physically obvious as the bed shake...i wonder why, if im feeling my own energies shifting and whatnot, or i'm sensitive to all the global earthquakes, lol or both...hmmm =)

oh that sounds wonderful..unfortunately i missed it :( i was dealing with some issues in my head and only thing i can approve is that i felt extremes when i was thinking on one and the same thing ...i was able to feel peace and love and then, one minute later sorrow and even hatred about the same thing...I was not able to meditate to improve my state, i was sooo tired. I dont know what that was .....

I think i am still "a little fuzzy" and hope this wonderful sensation is gonna get me soon :) 


yes, i think i am an empath, it has got even stronger after awakening but on the other hand i know better now how to handle these impulses from outside...

and i agree with the comments made about the solar flare that these energies coming in right now are for most people pretty hard to handle, especially for those not conscious. 

...btw, who are your advisers?

Ive learned somehow to be able to identify beings based on their energy signature.

I also test for # Amount of Light that they have.

If they don't at least match My Own Frequency then I tune them out completely. Because I know I reside at a high wavelength it would take someone with at least as high a frequency as mine to be an Angel or Ascended Master.

(and even on a bad day I still know which energies are where, I just know mine isn't where it should be)


Whenever I seem to get messages from spirits or those who passed on, or im reading somebody else's energy or path, usually whats happening is my Claircognizance is just grabbing information from the Akashic about those beings.

Im not actually reading their energy or receiving communication from them at all (sorta like going behind their back to get the real story).

This is something I do naturally, it helps keep me from being deceived. After all if what they would say or be giving off is the same as what my higher mind finds in the Akashic... then whats the difference... but if they Would Not match then I have avoided the deception.


In other words I get my water straight from the watering h*** every time, I don't take my water in glasses from others.




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