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Developing Intuition -- A Message From Fongeetale (Fuhn-ghee-tah-lay)

I am Fongeetale of the Council for the Assistance to Earth.

All actions are inspired. Every action is. All action is inspired, but what are you allowing to inspire your actions? If your intuition is inspiring your action what will follow will be joyful and stress-free forward movement. But if your action is based on worry, having to rush and force something to move quickly, getting it done without relaxing and breathing in the stillness of your reality, you will feel stressed by the action you are taking.

Everyone must learn to become tuned into their own emotions. If you are not hearing your emotions, if you are not tuning into them and listening to them and to their dialogue with you, you are shutting yourself of from your motivations, the reason why you are doing that thing. You must know where your motivation lies if you are going to stay in the flow of the Cosmic Divine.

Be in tune with your intuition and with your emotions. Are you taking the action you are about to take out of a relaxed and calm state, or a fearful one? Did you get a gut feeling, an intuitive urge to do that thing or are you doing it because it is your duty or because in some way, for some reason you feel that you should or that it’s necessary to do?

Ask yourself these questions. Always ask yourself these types of questions. Know yourself; know your motivations to do everything that you do. Why are you in the habits you are in? Why do you react negatively to certain things, certain situations or certain people? Know the reason. Sit with yourself in meditation and ask yourself the root of all of your own issues.

You can give yourself the answer to many things if you will sit with yourself and take time to listen to yourself. Take time for listening to yourself and take time to ask yourself questions. Ask your inner self questions and wait for a response.

Once you know the root of a certain recurring emotional or mental issue you are facing go into meditation again and ask yourself how to remove it, or simply act on whatever comes to you throughout your day, and act on whatever your intuition shows you.

Tune into your intuition and learn how it speaks to you to remove all self doubt from you mind when it does. Then you can act on your intuitively inspired actions without hesitation. Don’t hesitate or allow the moment to pass. When your intuition gives you the inspiration to take an action, act on that feeling and follow your gut. Don’t doubt yourself and sit back and hesitate.

People go to therapists and doctors wishing to remove issues they have, but they give their power away because they don’t ever go to themselves. You can give yourselves answers that can’t be gotten anywhere else. Sometimes your intuition will tell you to go to another person for their help and they will give you answers. That is true. But always go where your own intuition leads you and always hear yourself first. Listen to your own resonation and don’t let others persuade you to do something that you don’t feel is good for you. Don’t doubt what you are feeling because someone else tests you with another option. That is their opinion and you know what’s best for you.

You may be someone’s answer. Someone may be asking a question of their own intuition and you might be sent along their path to answer it for them. Signs are given in answer to questions and people are put along our path to give us solutions. That is how the universe works and how your intuition and guidance system works. Look for the ways in which your own guidance system works for you and how it answers your questions and once it is aware that you are becoming familiar with it and how it works, it will speak to you more and more and you will continue to open up.

Your intuition will open like a gateway and freely pour more information out to you. You must allow your intuition and act on what it shows you to do and continue to follow your own guidance and then you will be given more; then your intuition will see that it is allowed to fully operate with you.

Many people want to develop their intuition, but their self doubt keeps them from acting on what they feel to act upon, and if your intuition continually speaks to you and shows you what to do through your feelings, knowings or what you hear or see and you keep hesitating and you continuously fail to act on it because of self doubt or another negative emotion, your intuition will speak to you less because it will listen to you. And when you are receiving messages from it that you choose not to listen to, you are telling it in a powerful way to discontinue operating.

You must invite it to operate. Let it know that you want to become familiar with it. Go into meditation and begin to tune into your own voice and when it gives you messages, act upon them. Then you are opening up the door way to the divine and to your guidance system and to your own intuition.


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