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Destroy And Abandon Making Any Nuclear Weapons..Total Waste Of Time And Money... Extraterrestrial Will Make Them Useless

Extraterrestrials have been turning our nuclear weapons on and off to demonstrate how "useless" they are against them, claims an activist seeking to end the “government ET truth embargo”

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Extraterrestrials have already warned that there are people on this planet playing with fire and we will not allow any nuclear wars as this may effect like on other planets and inner earth beings SO ITS A TOTAL WASTE OF MONEY AND TIME.


All over the world millions are spent  on nuclear arms and it's totally unnecessary AND A TOTAL WASTE OF TIME 

Its really well due to remove those in the government who are funding and encouraging nuclear arms and in turn put people in charge who want no more wars but peace.

Remember the Extraterrestrials have warned that if we want to take over your planet we can in an instant but they are also subject to universal law that says help beings living on the planet to evolve other words they are here to help, assist and support you as long as you change your ways and evolve and no more harming your planet ...awaken, evolve...change for the better..and when we feel you are ready we will make you part of the galactic society in which you will be able to travel to other planets 




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