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Deep meditation heard someone whisper something? does anyone know what this was?

pineal gland activation meditation and i heard someone whisper in my ear and saw a dark shadow? can anyone shed some light on this? i was quite afraid at the time since i didn't understand or know what it was as i looked at it, it dispersed. 

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yes when you see this, as it had happened to me it is you when you expereinced the life as being a dark being this is your mirror of whom you must face, you must send it the love and healing to this aspect of you and being discerning and not afraid of this will then you start to reunite with all your higher aspects, this shadow is the dark mirror refelection of whom you use to be, embrace this experience as fighting it will make it's darkness stronger, running away from it will only come back next time when you are least expecting it. You must heal the split of your light and your shadow side. When you do this then you have mastered both light and dark aspects of yourself.

There is no other way in order to become part of the great white brotherhood or sister hood of higher consciousness.

I find your post interesting Jason. To a degree I do think they are a reflection of yourself as your life essence has been integrated and you must separate out by continually identifying the link. But I found it to be more of an integrated composite being. Some of the essence belongs to you and much belongs to others. The universe seems to be obsessed with integration.

When I started working with the penal gland I found that there were inter-dimensional beings monitoring that process that I did not know about and the penal gland was a gateway for them. My goal was to have perception of location and along with that self realization through motion and awareness of my own energy field as separate from that of the body. They became a real nuisance in the process as I had to take time from what I wanted to do to deal with them. They attached energy cords to the penal to confuse my sense of perception and awareness. Some people might call them guides but for me they were nuisances. I eventually took full control of the penal gland against their objections and broke contact with them. Most people seem to like spirit guides so they do not have the same problem but I did not want them influencing my judgement or my perceptions.

HI Bruce, I suspect if these inter-dimensional beings were acting against your free will choices, these were not your Spirit guides.  In any case, nice work!

If you are asking me what your intuition is telling  you  my answer matters not, if you ask your self what I think about your intuition , you'll have all the answers.

search within.....................................

What was said in this whisper in your ear?

Dark beings are still around and many times trying to do stuff while in meditation or deep sleep...I have been dealing and fighting them for years now...still around but now with a less power...

I use the Violet Flame to deal with dark entities...they also used to whisper in my ears...never understood what but the sensation of having a dark being besides you is pretty evident: fear, cold, emptyness kind of feeling...

My advise is to keep your meditations, if the dark being is still showing, means you need to fight it back...use the Violet Flame...that is something is part of your plan and tasks not avoid it...finish with it!

They were once human being, they cannot cross over and asking your help...

 Messages from God...

Beloved ones, say "Yes" to this relationship with Me, that you might have this sweet communion with the whole of life. Allow your heart to be fed, to be gathered up and cherished, that you might find just how easily the hologram speaks of the hearts directions, each moment holding the gift that I bring to you directly, that I might show you how the heart sees Love in what is before you.

I whisper in the deep stillness of your nights. I am here. Let Me love you. I rejoice with you in the majesty of your days, that everything your attention rest upon can reveal to your heart the depths of beauty and the messages of Grace. Your heart is the circle that touches the whole perfectly.


From The Messages from God
2013-08-08 | Circle of Light


Trust in your inner power...Do not feed into fear...Thoughts are very powerful, what you think you attract...Concentrate in the light and only follow your is the door to heaven...With much love always...Ask for protección to Arcángel Michael...He is the AA of Love, Power, Faith, Truth...



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