I recently came across articles reflecting a deep dissatisfaction toward any type of divine intervention coming thru what we call channelers.  They lied to us….I get it, but does it mean that we should throw the baby with the bath water?    


When I first heard about ‘The shift’, I already had seen this in the future of the human race.  I knew I was not from here, and that this whole charade around me was going to end at some point, I was here before, I was sure of it.  I was a long way from home and pennyless, hitchhiking day and night because I was utterly convinced it was coming ‘soon’.  This was august 1977.


Since then they lied to me too, planting in front of me lines of ‘soons’ on my path.  Their job was never to only tell me the truth, but also to help me keep going, so if you want to rant against them for lying to you, go ahead, give it your best shot.  As for I, I am glad they lied to me.  Would I have made the same things if they told me then I would have to wait at least 35 years?  It is a marathon, their best way to cheer us up was to say we were 'almost there'.   


I believe we all came here in this school because they were not going to make it easy on us.  They did everything they could to short fuse us because it was their job, we asked for it.  But their job was not only to test our resolves, but at the same time, deliver the truth just in front of us, without ‘giving it away’, we have to figure it out by ourselves, without ‘confirmations’.


From what I read, some of you think that because our teachers used deception in the past, that surely the date of December 21 for ascension is a hoax.  Is there absolutely no exception to this?  Let’s explore this view.


So according to many, the 22nd will be business as usual.  From that point on, we must assume that ‘someone’, probably many, decided to organise this giant hoax around the date of 12/21/2012 11:11 a.m. GMT.  From that point on, every ‘ascended master’ who ever associated his name to this date will be proven a liar.  Who is behind this?  What is their motive?


Oh I get it, the ‘dark cabal’ wishes to discourage us, to break our hopes on our way back to God while he stands doing nothing.  OK, let’s say this is it.  For the sake of our school’s challenging techniques, we accept to have our faith in God being smashed up by false promises.  Promises that were made by countless spiritual masters over centuries about the end of suffering and injustice.  About ending children being smashed to pieces for being the wrong color, about ending greed and rules of psychopaths that have plundered and raped our beloved mother and all her children beyond recognition.  So on the 22nd, if those are still around, I believe some of us will start to wonder if God is not one of those psychopath. 


Now how do you make a come back from this?  What do you write on the 22nd about a future ascension on the base that you are sorry that the last one didn’t work out?  What date do you give then and how many people would believe you?  What would be the purpose of creating such a situation?  And does God really wishes to be known as the biggest deception of all time?  I think those wanting to sell this theory are lacking good arguments about the motives and don’t consider the qualities of the beings living in dimensions above us.  Besides, if they really wanted to ‘toy’ with the spiritual community, the last thing to do would be to give a date.  It did the trick for centuries, why stop now?  Would God do such a fatale mistake, being perfect and all?


Probably most beings in charge above us have gone thru duality and have proven their unconditional Love and devotion to service to others.  Now you mean to tell me that hey have let a bunch of assholes steel their identity to play a huge hoax on us?  Are you really sure they wrote this in the divine plan?  What would be their purpose?


I see people saying it will be a gradual process that would start around the 21rst and would spread across decades.  I see a discrepancy in this theory.  I believe that ‘linear time’ does not exist in the 5th dimension and beyond, and I think this concept is scientifically and spiritually sound.  Linear time has a ‘beginning’, and then must have an ‘end’.  This is the ‘end of times’ legends and holy books talked about.  The 3D duality experience is a school that was never meant to go on indefinitely.  The question is; where do you draw the line?  And ‘Who’ draws it?


Is it enough to watch children sign death threats on bombs destined to shred children on the other side of the wall?  Is it enough to watch humanity regress to the state Neanderthals hooked on murder and sex thru high definition and surround sounds?  What have the Gods in store for us?  How far will they let it go?  A couple of more years of chemtrails and food poisoning will do us good. 


I think everyone wishes that on the 21rst at 11:11 am GMT, the plug will be pulled on this nightmare and that we will all wake up ‘somewhere else’.  I think that a lot of you are afraid about the powerful blow this could have on us if this would prove to be a hoax, so we don’t go there.  But really, what is so strange; ending a consciousness state in a split second?  We do it every time we awake from a dream, there is no transition state. 


I don’t believe in a progressive state because we go from a linear time reality to an infinite NOW no-time reality.  People say there will be a 23rd and so forth, but I think it is quite possible that beyond the 21rst, if we shift in the 5th, we will not count time as we do now. 


Up until now, we can really say that the human experience has been a great success in the divine plan and thru the 26,000 years of the re-incarnation cycle, most of us got great rides, but let’s be real, have you seriously looked at the world lately?  How worse could it be?  It’s not only the people, the structures are falling apart, literally, holes in the streets and old pipes busting all over the place.  Under our present technological state, we don’t need roads and telephone polls anymore, and we could do with a drastically shrunken health care system.  Art has sunken to unbelievable lows, and materialism has turned people into zombies.  I’m sorry; I don’t think I signed on for this.  For me, the fact that 2012 has been ‘uneventful’ so far (and that could be highly debated) don’t mean that it’s off for the 21rtst. 


I believe in the perfection of God.  I believe in this case, that the ‘end of time’ would come, not a nano-second too soon, and not a nano-second too late, otherwise it would not be perfection.  Would you imagine a conversion in the higher realms; Hey have you seen the last universe’s ascension?  Yeah, great one, too bad it was late again.  Somehow I don’t see it.  In the bible, which I also consider to be a challenging half truth half lies channelling, Jesus said that this moment would be considered a ‘business as usual’ day by most people.  People would party and get married, until the last moment. 


If you planned to put an end to our reality, wouldn’t this be a good way to go?  Wouldn’t it be logical to assume that God would choose a ‘humane’ way to bring it on.  Heck even Donald Rumsfeld used a humane way to bomb Fallujah with depleted uranium, why couldn’t God get a great idea too?  I think it is very possible and probable that up until the 21rst, nothing out of the ordinary would be reported and…..zap!  But I must admit it would make more sense if the movie would finish with the explanation of the mysteries, just like a good Scooby Doo movie; under this reptilian is hiding non other than the infamous Jonathan Rothschild!  Well done Scoob!  A generic would be nice too.


There is also another great possible ending; the alternate interactive ending, something some call the ID split.  What if when we cross the (twilight zone) galactic plane, a high beam comes in and sends you in any future your heart is longing for.  If you are a survivalist and you bought the Alex Jones NWO propaganda, along with guns rice and chips, you get just that; a battlefield à la Mad Max on catastrophic planet B.  If you wish for a slow and progressive ascension, you could end up on what some call ‘planet A/B’ with a somewhat ‘business as usual’ feeling.  But what if some would wish to ascend to a higher dimension out of time and matter, could the same results apply to them too for planet A?


Probably some will say that I am just a fairytailor here, but what proof do they have to claim that hoping is useless?  I simply look at the bulk of work that went into programming December 21 2012 in the human psyche, a first in human history, at an age where information travels at the speed of light.  And I wonder at the fact that a bunch of assholes succeeded at defeating the all mighty God in perpetrating the cruellest hoax of all time on his most loving children, those who among wolves and thieves, kept on hoping in their creator’s Love, and kept on serving others just like Cinderella served humbly her wicked step mother.  The time for our psychopathic step mother to step down has come about. 


In conclusion, I believe that at the precise timing, we will all lose conscience of this reality and will wake up somewhere else.  All things considered, I believe the quick change hypothesis has as many valuable points as any other hypothesis, and if the multiple endings scenario happens, I consider ascending in 5D the only possible outcome for me.  What do I have to lose? VS What do I have to gain?  For me it's a no brainer.   


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