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David Icke - Melbourne 2009

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Thank you so good
Thanx BEN, i have watched, DAVID ICKE, many,many, times.! HE was right,from the begining, telling, who we really are.? and thanx ben for this short clip on david-icke...CHEERS
Thank you beautiful, hope people spread this, so more people can wake up......
Thanks made my day !!!
Thank you Ben!
I will go and help the swiss groundcrew for the David-Icke Day in Zurich, Switzerland on 14th of November.
I posted all the informations on the "Events" sector:
I hope to see some of you on 14th of November in Zurich ;-)


i like icke :) i thing hes dead on....and in the here and now..not hung up on 2012 ...hes a warrior who realizes the urgency of mankind to take back the planet and to bring back the garden and true paradise in this world of abundance.....
Thank you, dear Ben. I have watched many videos with David Ike. Beautiful videos....
Love , Light & Blessings
very interesting makes you think
No that we know .....what do we do about it??????? what must we do???I recon many of us knew about this loooonnnng ago already. BUT what do we do???
tell people...copy that vid on dvd and pass em around...
coz most have no clue...
first step is to inform people
then mass gandhi style non-compliance...
ex...if enough of us knew income tax was illegal..we could all start by not paying them...(we need numbers to be effective)
Very good thank you
I hate to say this but David Icke scares me, the whole repitilian thing is scary, but then again I haven't read his books, probably because I am too scared, lol



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