Crystalline Truth

Crystalline Truth is a continuous flow of ever-increasing energy held in the crystalline grids of pure Divine Love manifestation available now for All who wish to partake in the Divine love awakening on Earth. The crystalline truth flow of energy provided here is sustained by the White Brotherhood, the Ascended Masters, All the Saints, All the Angels and Archangels of pure love and God’s infinite light. Crystalline truth linking is individually administered by your own personal Guides and Angels of pure love and God’s light. It is a gift of light and love, partake in it freely and give it freely to All.

Know you have been led to read these words by the unfathomable love of your Guarding Angel and the call of your Soul for you to awaken to greater love.

Archangel Michael stands besides you. Allow his wings of love to wrap around you now. Allow the strength of blue to anchor thought you deep into the earth.  In love, in light, in peace and strength accept the gifs of bellowed Archangel Michael.

 Take a deep breath in gratitude and feel how you are loved.  

Here is a gift of Christ, open your heart and mind, be still and be at peace. The golden light surrounds you now, you live, you breath the golden truth. Peace, peace, be peace.

Know now with all your mind, with every molecule of your body and all that you are, that you are truly, unconditionally loved. We the company of Heaven love you. We watch you and cry tears of joy as mothers do from overflowing love towards their infants. Our hearts sing to your heart. We love you, we love you, we love you and that is all we can ever do or feel for you. It is in our love that we assist you when you call on us. It is in our love for you we watch you and guide you in your sleep. You great heart of gold, feel our love now and be healed.

Much light is here for All of humanity to partake in freely. Accept freely these gifts of love and give freely to All those around you in love. We are all one. We are peace. We are love. We are All that we are and we choose to be love in light, in service and in everlasting life.

Peace and love to All who wish to love. Peace and love to All those who wish to serve God. Peace and love to All those who wish to stand in the light.

Help is here for All those who wish to heal and be the light for the world and see the light in the world and support the light in All of humanity.

You are the light. You are the love. You are All that you are and so you are love.

Open your heart to love and you will feel God. Open your eyes to Love and you will see God. Be love and you will bring God into every aspect of your life.

The Truth is you, the truth has always been in you, awaken now to Truth.

I AM awake to the truth. I see the truth in All. I live the truth.  I am the Truth.

The clear blue and diamond light is always here to help you now. Take in this gift of Mother Mary’s light and fill with gratitude and joy. She loves us, she loves you, she loves, she loves, she loves. The clear blue is anchored deep into your heart, allow this light to guide you.

I AM LOVE. I AM Love. I am love. LOVE I AM, and so I am Love.

I AM Archangel Daniel.  I entreat and bless all who come to this crystalline truth to receive it gladly and in unconditional love.

I offer in Love for you to TAKE IN THE ENERGY NOW

Allow the energy to swirl and fill your center, your solar plexus and be glad.

I am glad, I AM GLAD, I am Glad and so I AM and so I am glad.   

You are now able to heal.

I choose to be healed, I choose to be Healed, I CHOOSE to be completely healed NOW.

You are now able to choose to be cleansed.

I choose to be clear, I choose to be clear, I choose to be clear now. I am healed of the lower ego leading my mind, cleared of all my pain. I am free.

You are free, free and able to move on.

I accept Heaven’s help, I invite and welcome God’s love into my life, I am surrounded by divine love of God now and always.

I am the light of God, I shine for all in love and service. So be it, so be it, so be it now.

You are now able to experience you freedom from all earthly restrictions. You are free of belief systems that hold the human back from knowing and experiencing the true divine nature that always resides in you.

This ‘Divine Nature’ is your soul.

Now the energy paves between your soul, mind, body and spirit. The flow of crystalline light from the Soul to the mind, from the mind to the body penetrates your being and you can now choose to accept the invitation to be anointed as a crystalline carrier, by simply intending for it to be so.

The path is cleared the energy now flows freely from your soul to your mind and into your body. To utilize this energy listen to promptings, urges and knowing feelings that come from your body. The body knows and now remembers. Remember the order: Soul (spirit), mind and then body. Your soul commands you mind and your mind command your body. Remember that your Soul is already perfect and therefore it has divine right to command your mind. Remember that and keep this heeding close. I bless you, keep you and uplift you, through source, through all ascended beings, the ascended masters that overlook and keep the earth whole, clean and pure. I AM ARCHANGEL DANIEL SO BE IT, so be it, so be it in LOVE and highest divine light and in line with the Will of God. THANK YOU

Peace and love fills my heart, my soul sings and I am healed. I see the divine light in me. I feel the loves that flows though me. I feel the good that I am from simply been just as I am for I am all that I am. 

I AM ARCHANGEL NATHANEL. Know me by Name for I AM here to assist all you in ascension, in the road to beauty, the knowledge of eternal truth and the connection to the Divine Source. In love, in light and in accordance with the Will of Go

Nathanel, Nathanel, Nathanel.

I remember my light, I remember my energy signature, I remember my crystalline core and I all filled with the light of my divine purpose.

Dive in and flow through crystalline waters, then fly the crystal sky to awaken the crystalline heart.

I now call upon the Crystalline Truth energy and the Angel and Archangels who administer energy in 100% pure love and light intention, in accordance with divine order and my absolute highest good, to attune and align me and balance me perfectly now.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you God. Thank you that I am.  

Crystalline Truth Attunement Manual.pdf

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