Cross in the skies

When we were on our way home with my family on our car, we saw a Cross in the sky, and it lasted there for an hour. My mother took a photo of it. Is it some sort of a sign or something? O.o There weren't even any planes that passed by.

Picture 399.jpg

Picture 400.jpg

Picture 401.jpg

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  • Hi Ann,Yea I can see that... I've noticed that clouds nowadays are becoming more strange and
  • Theres a ufo in the first pic. Top left. The cloud is nice,but what the hell is that light?
    • Hi laurie, yea it really is weird...
    • Hi Cpt. Plushy, thank you for letting me know that there's a UFO O_O it's only now that I noticed it on the!
      • Omg, If you also notice on the first pic, there's an eye on the clouds...
        • Hi, I think the horizontal part is a Sylph and the vertical part is the 'leftover' of a chemtrail.
          I have seen many, many 'faces' and 'eyes' that look scull-like in the clouds when chemtrails are being sprayed.. which I think has to do partially with the effect on whatever is sprayed on the clouds...they always look freaked out to me..they just are not 'normal' clouds any more...I call those legion and try to send them light... not always easy...:)...
          • Hi Marion, yea. It really looks like some kind of invisible creature or something...But, there really is a UFO on the first pic..I love it. I hope I can see UFO's on my naked eye someday..LOL...The question is, if they sprayed chem trails, what's the purpose of it? Anyway Thanks for sharing your views...Take care now
  • yeah it looks like a sign of chemtrails
    • Hi esseya, thank you for sharing your views but there were no planes around when this pic was taken.
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