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Crime In London Worse Then Ever Been With New Mayor Sadiq Khan Turning London Lawless While Keeping Himself Safe

This New Mayor must be removed ASAP as he is incompetent and untrustworthy.

London is not safe anymore yet this new mayor has police protection meaning as long as he is alright he don’t give a damn about others.

Also who is approving Muslim themed posters on busses and tubes which were not seen before.

The Mayors top priority is to keep peace in the city and treating all equal not spreading islamphobia.

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Some questions :

Why is this Mayor getting paid and treated like royalty when really he is doing a very bad job. 

He is incompetent and untrustworthy 

He should resign or be thrown out of office before things get worse ...Londoners need to wake up and remove this Mayor ASAP 

There are some questions that need good answers :

How did he become the Mayor Of London?

Why does he get VIP treatment and high pay and perks when he is doing a very bad job?

Why is he spending more time in other activities that are not as important as keeping peace in London?

If he can’t handle the job he should resign before he does more damage. He is totally incompetent and untrustworthy and should be removed from office ASAP.

Why is he getting Police Protection while the lives of others in London are at risk. His policy is as long as I am alright Jack sod the rest.

The Queen should be informed that he is doing a very bad job so should be removed ASAP. 

Travelling on the buses, tubes and trains in London is not safe anymore as innocent lives are at high risk.

Conclusion is to remove him from office ASAP before London becomes totally lawless

You can ask the same question to how Donald Trump got to be president of America,he's a money hungry cold hearted twit.and 'dirty blood red moral stain' 'on the country this woman said,and shes right totally!!..without creating a political debate as I dont know much on her but it appears this woman has more sense in her head than the US president Trump..

you pick anyone out of a crowd and I bet that person has more sense and inteligence than that orange imbecile at the white house or KK...............

Yes your probably 100% accurate on that one..makes one think is the whole country's mental state going down hill fast being effected by that Orange imbecile too..



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