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  Sometimes spirit comes  to us in the strangest ways.   As some know, I been dealing with health issues.   I been open too things,  still having hard time healing. At times    overwhelming  and despair.   I say at times the universe , respond in the most amazing  ways.   I know that some place in us there is  Source of Light.    It changes  everything.   It just getting to it thats the problem.  Being a Taurus patience is not are nature.   Trying to remain calm in the storm that  mostly the problem.    So  been working on trying to stay at peace to control the emotions..  At times it all goes out the window.  This evening I say on my couch trying too calm down so pain level dodnt increase.  As I say I placed  hand on my chest an kept telling myself be happy.   As I was doing this  out of nowhere, came this huge cricket . Running across my living room to me.  It ran to my foot and stayed there for the longest time.      I know that It was a message  from  spirit.     Cause it was so out of the ordinary.    So after bit I caught it and released it outside.  Then i looked up the spiritual  meaning for them.  Which was happiness and good fortune.  I'm not sure, but I think when were ready ,the universe responds.  The remarkable thing for me is , how the invisible  Source  just shows up out of seemingly  nowhere.  At times when we think we are alone, there something over looking us.

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