Creating The 5D Reality

Transition to 5D is both visible and gradual, although many don't notice. Some people, I can only describe as being stuck in limbo, because their waiting for a 4D world. I mean what, are you living in a place without time?

I think we had better review the basics:

1D - A sting, a line. It has positive and negative ends and/or is one circle.

2D - Like a computer screen, but that is only a projection of the hard drive. 2D Holograms may project

a kind of spinning 3D, or just inhabit 3D bodies.

3D - Inhabit time.

4D - Create things within time, and within themselves.

5D - A bottomless pit of Information can be encoded in anything, even atoms.

6D - Inner mind and imagination of sentient beings

7D - God created man and rested on the 7th day...

Within everything, even Atoms, can be quantum encoded information. In other words, all of nature can become like a computer. We know the ancients had great technology, but I don't think even they had the miniturization and nanotech like we do today.

The 5D world will be full of smart items, it is not a world of duality, because with ultimate technology comes ultimate power. Therefore the battle between good and evil WILL BE OVER, and we will either have A GOOD UTOPIA, if we wake up, or a NUCLEAR WASTELAND, where 95% of the humanity have been wiped out. That is the intention of Agenda 21, and that is the intention of the Georgia Guidestones.

I don't say this to be mean, but I've no use for optimism, or the fluffy delusions of absolution that people cling to, instead of seeking the truth. To seek the truth is to be pessimistic, preparing for every contingency. if you approach life like a soldier, even the battlefields will be civil. All is one, all is two, every positive must be balanced with an equal negative, and it must be diverted properly.

Nature exists in a free state until observation. Due to the nature of how time exists in space, and that the past, present, and future already exist, and might be measured through interaction with alien worlds, who at the right angle, might be able to see our future. That is too complicated to explain, unless you watch one of the newer good documentaries on Time.

Consider that the Torah, old testament of the bible, was found in the great pyramid, and it can be found in the Torah the names of anyone whose ever lived. If the Torah is a remnant of high Egyptian Civilization, then it makes sense as to why it will play out. The Bible is the story of our departure from the golden age, and our return to it.

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