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Copenhagen Is Planting Fruit Trees In The Streets For Everyone To Enjoy...YES ENJOY

Copenhagen Is Planting Fruit Trees In The Streets For Everyone To Enjoy

Copenhagen Is Planting Fruit Trees In The Streets For Everyone To Enjoy

How would you feel if you can pick a healthy snack from a tree on your way to work or while waiting for the bus? Copenhagen's residences might do that very soon because the city is planning to plant fruit trees for their community. It was decided in a recent vote that a variety of fruit trees and bushes, including apple trees and blackberry bushes, will be planted in public areas such as parks, playgrounds, and churchyards.

Frederiksborg Palace Castle Park Of

This project aims to reconnect people with their local vegetation and flora. Like in many communities, the younger generations have lost the connection with nature and the food it can provide. The council hopes that by planting fruit trees and other vegetation, people will reconnect with natural flavors and will re-introduce these in their daily diets.

Nail Blackberry

Since the Middle Age, foraging is a local tradition in Denmark, and it now sees a rise in people foraging. It has many ecological and gastronomic benefits, and by law, Danish people are allowed to harvest food from the public lands as they wish. They are also allowed to take crops from privately owned properties, as long they are staying on footpaths. It comes with no surprise that the council's decision to plant trees for the community is an old Danish tradition.

Fruit Tree

Another benefit of planting local trees is the education of children and teaching them about the food they can find in nature. Plus, children might be more interested in picking their healthy fruits than tucking into chocolate or other sweets. Hopefully, this will also increase the communal feeling, and the biodiversity in Danish cities will thrive.

Natural Foods Apple Orchard

To introduce visitors in Denmark to its nature an app called Vild Mad was developed. Vild Mad is Danish and stands for "wild food." The app educates people about foraging and can be used as a guide when foraging in the local forests and beaches. Users can also find tasty recipes on the app, using all the wild ingredients they found foraging.

But the app is also beneficial for the Danish people teaching them all about the vegetation in their backyard. It helps them to discover all the fantastic food Copenhagen has to offer for free

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But what about human greed as some may take too much everyday and leave little or none for others ..some may take and sell in stores.

They should have wardens that allow one small basket per person.

Cities especially need more trees and fruits add connectivity....I'm fortunate to own a garden with apple and pear trees, in Suffolk, East Anglia. An English county with more trees, per unit area, than most....

Great to see President Trump at Davos. His upbeat speech, including the planting of millions of trees...What a contrast he was to the snarling, sneering Greta Thunberg, the Swede with wokeness fantasmagoric fanaticism, her guide.....;-]

In churchyards is a good idea ..they could give a basket of fruit to all those who come to church or make fruit salad with cream and give to all who come to church as blessed fruit 

Then have them go find a poor family and give the truit to them at least a part of it. 

I used to tell people that wanted to give me love offerings when I ministered to go give

it to someone poor.  If all would do that we'd have no hungry people in America. 

They should plant a trillion fruit trees.  Then the animals, too, could have what falls to the ground.  Our deer come up and eat our fallen pears.



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