H i thought I would share with you some enlightenment or as I would put it in a nutshell...THE PENNY DROPPED...

I am a medium and any way I was booked in to do a reading yesterday...As we sat down the lady asked me do I need anything to hold etc...Oh NO came my reply I dont use anything...Anyway 2hours later the reading comes to an end...About an hour later me and my husband decide to go to the pictures...a special friend of mine a week back asked me had I seen HEREAFTER? I said no whats it about its about what you do and want to know what you think about it...Any way me and my husband had an evening to ourselves which dont happen very often and decided to check the film out...personally only having just finished doing a reading I most probably would not have chosen it but my friend asking me about it nagged at off we go and get in the car....well it took a month of sundays to get there cos of road works...when we finally get there we have 15 minuites in which to get the tickets...I dont like being late for anything and rush everywhere in shops etc... always have done run around... walk not me lol... well my husband goes to get the tickets while I get the nuts and tea...well another hold up for me the check out I had chosen eneded up being the slowest and then to get up the escalator was as slow as you like...I joked to my husband the amount of obsticals we have had I dont think I am meant to see this film... well we finaly sit down to watch the film and I dont want to spoil the story for those who have not seen it....well is where The PENNY dropped at the end of the film... Talk about get your answers from places you dont expect and didnt even know you asked the question.... well the man in the film was a medium and didnt want the gift or do readings any more he just wanted a normal life...he did end up doing a couple of readings and connected by HOLDING HANDS.... first to tune in... then in everyday life he avoided shaking hands with people he met as this is how he connects and tunes in...This is when the penny dropped I turned to my husband and said what is the difference to how he connects or tunes in to how I do it....his reply you DONT hold hands............EXACTLY....I just am in the moment of silence and calm I connect and tune in....which is why all my life I have rushed around the shops...rushed around in a hurry in public places....rushed around and been in my own world and dont notice people around me like most people do.... which is why the main time people gey my full attention is in work general times every day sense I am always kids may talk to me and I am listening half mast and answer correctly but I dont connect too committedly so I dont tune in or connect while in the few seconds of silence as I wait to hear what they are to say....I know all is well and know they are sorting out what they need to no alarm bells go half there half not has been my way of not intruding in peoples lifes and so I dont pick up anything so we all live a normal cliche as they say life so we all walk the walk and face what we need....but the gift is there in times of real guidance and not as a toy etc....Now I realise what I have instinctively done all these years I can relax and know and trust I have experience under my belt and self no more rushing around for me...I can relax now and know if I recieve I have a choice of to deliver the mail or it necessary ...usually general conversation assists this....and it unfolds as is...


So I thought I would share this with you and wondered how others have adapted their gifts to avoid connection in there every day life cos what they have done since a child but like me realise now in my 40s I dont need to do this any more because its not new...I have worn the coat for a long time and should know it enough now to know the instructions I trust me and my gift as a package and know the heart will always be my sat nav and guide...


Much love to you and all (X) ps amazing how a normal day shows is magic....

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  • do u belong to a spirit church used to go to one in camden when london based.

    the one  were i am now isnt much good.  i have had bad spirits around since new neighbours next door

    its the 3rdnew yr now and i tryed the church but they wouldnt help.  i dont think they now about ascension

    the churches.



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We are a Draco Group here today to introduce ourselves to humanity. We come in peace, we work and have alliance with Galactic Federation of Light. We fight against the same enemy…

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