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At this vital time of transition to a fifth dimensional frequency negativity is being released on a global level. We are going through a state of initiation so we can begin to self-heal dormant weaknesses that have restricted our sense of self-empowerment.

This last few weeks before the December 21, 2012 timeline is about being 100%  in alignment with our Divine Self to become fully  living in the  Source – in the Grace of Self Empowerment. Whatever is not in alignment in the field, has to be fully purged, and healed or removed from the matrix in totality.

The True Self that is within our heart and Soul and is considered the Divine Feminine that is communicating now this message of Wholeness -embracing the darkness, the collective shadow/egoic nature of mankind merging with the light aspects of the Divine Soul that we are all a part of.

This last few months of 2012 has been about this final merger,  pulling in all aspects of this within ourselves.  Everyone is being asked to step into this ‘owning up’ so to speak of all ‘parts’ of our separate self so we can come back into the wholeness, the Oneness of our True State.

I have seen in these past 6 months so many people going through this inner purging.  So many so called ‘spiritual people’ that are raging with darkness inside, it all coming to the surface to be cleansed and merged into the Truth of who we really are.

So many  good souls out there  that are run by money and greed. That have allowed the ‘desire’ to have outweighed the desire to give up the illusion.   Many people I thought of as Soul Sisters, turning into ‘mean spirited’ beings of material desire.  Why is this happening in these end times I ask?

Since I returned to the USA after my renunciate period in Canada, I am been surprised and literally shocked at what is going on around me right now.

When I spend time in the innerworld and get the messages from the Divine Self, I know we are at the major  turning of the tides.  The time has arrived.  This is the time we have all be anticipated for so long  now.   How can we all purge this darkness through embracing our shadow side?  Is there something we all can do to let go of the material greed and desire that is currently devouring humanity in a dream of illusion of separation?

I have been given the inner Gift of  ‘White Fire’, this I share today with anyone who is open to receive.

White Fire Power gives us the energetic resources, on all levels, to begin to heal ourselves so we can deal with difficult times and situations by counteracting all kinds of negativity. It helps us counteract and master fear, personal limitation and negativity and through this process, learn to hold our light on a day-to-day level. ‘Holding our light’ means we are anchoring and sustaining the light thereby creating an electromagnetic field or shield to protect us at all times.

What I have seen and been privy to in the past months has taught me a big lesson indeed!

To be in my heart through connection to Divine Self at every possible moment in time.   To stand true to my Self, and Self Worth.

Self-worth is the last hurdle to overcome before coming into a state of oneness by mastering all limitations within the self. Suppressed or painful memories of times of abuse and persecution stored within our DNA have caused us to become disempowered to such an extent that we have lost some of our instinctive and intuitive abilities and weakened the energetic resources within our etheric body.

The key is to own the Power of the Light, the White Fire within. We have all we need within our own Self to burn through the darkness of our lower self and burn out the ‘reptilian mind’.  Call upon the White Fire to Awakening the Higher Mind.

Awakening can be a painful process because we must confront the illusions we have been hiding behind. Most of these illusions are put upon us by society, which in itself is highly narcissistic. They are the illusions that tell us we are more valuable if we have more money, a bigger house, a nicer car, an impressive job, a great body, a beautiful face, beautiful clothing, status, achievement and so on. We learn to put our value in everything that can be perceived from the outside and very little value in the achievements of the spirit. But true awakening is a spiritual process. It has absolutely nothing to do with those external measures. They are simply trappings of society. They bring momentary pleasure that is more based on “how others will see me” than on “how I feel.”

This past 6 weeks has shown me a HUGE lesson in this type of materiality.  Now it is time to face up to the ego on all accounts as we face this last big hurdle.

If you are someone who is experiencing egoic attack, allow yourself to come from your heart center, project or send loving white fire back to the person who is “attacking” you.

Becoming angry yourself does not serve you, it does not stop the attack instead it feeds the negative energy being “sent” to you through thought energy.

It is not possible to be angry or to allow someone else to continue to “attack” you mentally or emotionally when you are in a state of love, coming from love.

If you project love into your energy body you will feel it, no matter what others around you may intend. But also, if their mind is convinced they are effected by that love, it will become contagious and they will project love within their space as well. The key is to project this love every time you feel ‘attacked’ or are faced with a difficult situation. The love you create will be backed up by your mind’s focus on loving experiences. Everything you see and encounter will give you more opportunities to create and experience love and your mind will develop a habit of producing these experiences every day.

Be empowered, for you are powerful. Send that love out and see what happens today.

The Power  of the White Fire opens the heart, chakras and pranic centers to absorb chi energy and transmit it to all cells, living tissue and organs in the body in order to revitalise and heal the body and its consciousness.

White Fire Power revitalises and transmutes diseased cells, creating a natural cellular rejuvenation process, which not only begins an anti-ageing process, but also transmutes and clears cancer cells from the body.

This energy revitalises your power center to enable you to counteract negative, electromagnetic and cosmic energies resulting from the Earth changes. It also protects against psychic attack from the Super Ego in the planetary mind field.

Light Power not only clears your power centers but also creates a purification and perfection process of this ego energy field and intent.

When you master within yourself and release wounding within the ego, you can connect more to Divine Will and therefore become empowered more naturally. You can also shift into a more Divine level of consciousness where you receive ‘ Light power’, the insight to deal with power issues and the knowledge of how to use power in a constructive and positive way.

Divine Will helps you to develop your spiritual gifts and abilities and enables you to ‘hold your light’ in any situation.

White Fire Sacred Power energetically heals or spiritually and emotionally supports sensitive, intuitive or psychic people who are being generally depleted by leaking energy to others.

White Fire  is something that you create using the power of your imagination – your thoughts  and inner knowing.

It helps to close your eyes to ‘see’ this White Fire energy surrounding whatever it is that needs healing energy. It might be a specific part of your body, or someone else’s body, or it might be an entire person.

The  White Fire healing  is a flame of energy – white light on the inside, surrounded by a  shimmering layer of blue light, The white-fire core purifies; the blue light is the flame of God’s will, realigning the body with its divine blueprint.

Holding this Sacred White Fire  in our mind while we meditate or give healing mantras or prayers is very effective. Your thoughts have more power than you probably realize, and when we think of ourselves or a person as ‘injured’ or ‘ill’, we unfortunately just perpetuate that state of being, rather than taking control and changing the status quo with our consistent thoughts and affirmations.

The healing thoughtform works by restoring  wholeness in our soul, then in our mind, and eventually in our  Whole body.  Our body always manifests what is going on in the ‘higher’ parts of you.

It might help to look at it like this:  White Fire is the fire of the Holy Spirit which transmutes (changes) negative energy into positive energy. If you believe that everything is energy, as most people involved in new age spirituality do, then it makes sense that  negative energy, egoic projections and dis-ease of any type is a manifestation of lower mind and the illusion.

So if this negative energy is scrubbed clean and transmuted by the power of the White Fire, it follows that the ill state of being has to disappear too.

Here again the Sacred White Fire can be of tremendous assistance in rooting out any difficult or painful experiences from childhood that are adversely affecting us now. The great purifying energy  and the healing power of the blue-white fire can do wonders to release any adverse patterns in the subconscious mind.   It takes patience and determination to turn things around, but you will be amazed at how effective an ally the Sacred White Fire is in this part of your life.

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  • Thank you Jewel,

    Very  deep thought provoking, spiritual food to live by, you may like this video, as it picks up your thoughts and takes it another step deeper, inline with opening a door way to everyone’s higher self.

    Its more of a realization of what is already present -- mostly over looked.  Very deep. 

  • Thank you for this excellent post.8114523691?profile=original

  • 8116001475?profile=originalThank you Lightspeed for your sharing and about the 'thoughtforms' - beautiful image of the white/blue and green light around the physical heart~  Love this - much appreciation. 

    The 'potshots' - well, this is all a part of the experience of the 'upgrade and releasing'  that so many of us so called 'spiritual lightworkers'  are going through and what I had been seeing/experiencing  in the outer reality this past few months. I do apologize  for any part of my blog that seems unfriendly- it is due to the pain of what is being purged right now- it is not an easy process for  so many.  The cleansing is also about facing all aspects of materiality.  So much coming to be revealed- 

    What I am seeing now in the innerworld is an incredible birthing/becoming/awakening of Divine Soul.  I AM experiencing this 'upgrade' and letting go simultaneously.  It is such a remarkable time right now. 

    I am holding the Thoughtform 'LOVE in the ONENESS'  in the White Light of Divine Mother!  Whatever it took to get here, is all a blessing when all is said and done.

This reply was deleted.

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