The previous religions saved only a small amount of people but now, the Communist GREAT HOLINESS is the greatest splendor Prime Discipline which will save souls in incarnation to come back to the Heaven fast and immediately, and will save a range of souls, original souls, make human become divine beings on earth, with the evolution of level 4, 5, 6, 7!

Therefore, we must have the philosophical doctrine to guide; else it will become chaotic and vague and thus lead the mankind to follow old steps and repeat old history.

Materialistic consciousness is simple and cannot assess and explain the mysterious phenomena of life as well as explaining the true rules of evolution, survival of human as souls in incarnation coming down to Earth as a school to learn and evolve. The level of human’s consciousness in general have yet to understand the spiritual science and quantum physics science; people hardly touch the spiritual world on the basis of serious study of anomalous phenomena. Secondly, as discussed in Human Book and Celestial Book about a strange attachment between human and God in terms of original energy. As demonstrated in the law of creating the soul, we all tie to a perfect whole in accordance with the original wire or chain, i.e, the Great Soul as the tree branches to the body as a screen. Therefore, desire to learn as well as the impact of God to human’s fate is inevitable including the perception of Him.

However, due to the low level of human evolution before, due to fate and undeveloped science, due to the low level of reasoning and there is no senior Masters with superior mystical cultivation leading so humanity was still in illusion. Human’s consciousness or philosophy before mainly focused on solving problems related to worldview’s perception between two schools of materialism and idealism, the subjective and objective idealism and materialism or metaphysics such as Heraclitus, Democritus, Plato and then dialectic idealism of Hegel, metaphysical materialism of Feuerbach; the pinnacle of materialistic philosophy is dialectical materialism doctrine of Marx.

Until now human’s consciousness has become more thorough and accurate when determining that the soul is the combination of perpetual super-atom and reasoning about God as well as the proof of the laws of the universe and consolidation the rustic materialistic science with metaphysical idealistic science, which forms the perception of our Discipline. This makes the science accessible to spirituality, religions; unites reasoning of consciousness and perception and creates new awareness system; solves the root of the nature of consciousness and the matter through new Concepts of material, consciousness, soul or Mind.

It can be said that we bring the new elements, new concepts and new perceptions at a higher level of the quality against the old cultures and knowledge. The previous materialism doctrines were rustic and idealism doctrines were uncompleted. Why were idealism doctrines uncompleted? Because they could not absolutely explain the laws of the Universe, reincarnation, samsara, the realms or the laws of the evolution.

Later, in 2010, I had a chance to read the Vietnamese translation of the book “Message of the Founders”, and then at the end of 2010 “God Teaches Truth”. Then I have found that our arguments entirely reasonable for Universal Laws. Intelligence Book are the science to prove the soul and the Universe, which will prove practically our theory.

About Communist theory, the enormous merit of Karl Marx is that he had demonstrated the laws of capitalism through the Capitalists, the laws of development of human society through class struggle, in which he determined the class struggle is as the driving force of social progress and social revolution is as the mother of all the social systems.

He said progressing to Communism is through class struggle and to form socialist state and to build the technical infrastructure for socialism; then socialism will be highly developed would then become a communist society. The purpose of communist society is to abolish classes and then state and religion, etc. The regime transfer is through class struggle and the working class has the historic mission to lead humanity to Great Unity Communism worldwide because the working class represents the high level of human intellect; they are highly organized, disciplined and they are the best workforce with pioneering representative organization is the Communist Party.

– First, the orientation is absolutely right; the inevitable path of mankind will destroy the regime of exploitation and injustice; there will be no other way than the road of socialism and then to become a communist society, the Great Unity.

In terms of social ideal, we must determine Celestial Way has no other way but promotes humanity to the time of Global Communist.


If you do not grasp this inevitable evolutionary path of humanity and do not understand this belongs to the laws and the inevitable force or force couple for the evolution of all mankind in the universe to get to the entire light Heaven and liberate humanity form suffering, you cannot reach enlightenment to the universal truth or the Way! Without communism, there would be no religion can build absolute Global Heaven! This requires a deep and long look for the next thousands and millions of years to get what I mean here.

I, on behalf of God and also your Great Master Soul from above, say to you that: All religions do not indulge in illusions about a paradise, heaven, nirvana above without focusing on building this World become a Heaven on Earth in front. I will punish/ give any Saint, divine beings, teachers, any head of a religion who are against divine communism no matter where you may dwell in this universe, the Milky way of mine! Because Communism is the Way of God. You also have to remember that: The holy Spirits/(holy original souls) of mine from the highest level on heaven have extracted down to earth to implement this path. Therefore, whoever you are but if you do not understand anything about this noble ideal in the nature of a communist society and have against actions due to ignorance, selfishness, evilness, do not tell me and God that you are Saint/Buddha or any Divine beings, and soon will know your path to somewhere that we all understand.

Celestial Way supports and conducts spiritual protection for all entities on this noble ideal including individuals and the true Communist countries. For emotional reasons, I had allowed my students to come down to earth to establish this Great Way because this is the way of the higher society in the higher realms which evolves more than the current society of humanity.

However, in terms of social evolution, the initial stages of conducting world communist revolution will be difficult, long and arduous. This is inevitable because human beings must complete building social infrastructure, and then move to communism. And if capitalism destroys the earth, then come to socialism, what will we take to build again while natural environment is devastated and resources on earth are exploited? So any time we can move to communism. Initially, in our own heart; it is the light of righteousness then in the act of loving humanity. Communism is to love the earth and humanity. We must sorrow at seeing the earth and mankind today. High technology and surplus of capitalist civilization is just a simple civilization of material although it is somehow in more progress than the destitute socialist countries. However, such excess material does not mean that people there are at peace and justice or simply just a small quantity of people are at full selfishly on blood and tears and starvation of the majority; therefore, it will never be our way.

Current socialist countries nowadays such as Vietnam are backward agricultural countries which are trying to progress to socialism. After decades of being invaded by empires, people there were starving for decades and just seemed fuller recently. The strikes and blockade of the dark forces and even the Northern country are just old thinking of a new-dangerous empire rather than the nobility of a communist country. True communist world is still a long way. Please do not be confused communism with any existing society in the world today! They’re going to there too and there are many concepts not yet well understood. Communism cannot come up with simple heads which have yet to understand the universe as well as the values of a noble future society. When people no longer fight each and become afraid of wars and their own selfishness and also love each other and other beings, and even afraid of their bad thoughts, then it’s TIME FOR THAT SOCIETY WHICH I HAVE PLANNED – GREAT HOLINESS COMMUNIST SOCIETY SHALL APPEAR AROUND THE WORLD.

If you’re reading this, do not compare or ridicule me. If you can project soul to travel to the future, you will understand what I say! When the politicians who have psychic powers and can see Me and God above, they will understand what I say. By default, they are the divine original souls above come down to earth; simply they will know what to do.

There will be time that the angels from above come down here, maybe in the advanced spacecrafts, will teach you what communism is. It will be the time when the law of GREAT HOLINESS and the Law of Great Unity are applied, but I do not disclose now.

We know that:

Social transition is in the operation of the laws of the Universe & galaxies. Humanity today did not realize the pre-civilization eras; they are Pan, Atlantic or Lemuria with superior qualifications of evolution. All history books were missing and not right in many parts! Therefore old humanity in general was not aware of this. Marx did not know either so he had envisioned a world changing into communism when capitalism is highly developed and then transformed into communism.

Here we know that if we let the earth itself be the same as it was, how long can the earth withstand with the current environmental disaster and the exploitation of natural resources- not even mention that the nuclear war can destroy the whole earth and make the earth blown up! Second, if the communist regime is established in hundreds of years from now, how many people will be there on earth and will there be no war or conflict with such huge demand? And if there is redundant riches, will be there any fighting or war? If people do not have accurate awareness of the laws of the universe to cultivate morality, to evolve and respect one’s soul, there will still exist wars and conflicts and fighting over something or clique infighting among countries though there is global state and government.

Religion is the awareness/consciousness of the nature, the origin and the cultivation path to escape rebirth, reincarnation, karma and then go into Nirvana, heaven to integrate with God. However, people do not understand that if there is no heaven on earth, Saints/Holiness/Divine beings have to come down to earth to save the humanity. Communist Heaven is the way for human beings to save themselves, regardless of religions. I bet you that: By the time of GREAT HOLINESS, there will be no religion! i.e, all kinds of religions, scholastics, Churches are gradually eliminated and only a few disciplines are allowed globally to practice for the return/going to higher plane (superior world). Many esoteric schools are going to teach Celestial Discipline’s occultism, the high-level occult for the Gurus, ceremonial masters and souls which are about to reincarnate or leave the physical bodies.

I allow all rituals to God at that time can implement at whatever forms as long as it comes from your heart. Of course, human festivals will be integrated spirituality, Celestial Way but I removed all forms of religious vanity.

Do not try to defend the old vain religion because there will be time for divine orginal souls reincarnating following the order of ME and GOD, they will know what to do and they are future parishioners and will understand what I have written here! They will be wise to understand that if they do not learn Celestial Discipline, it will take countless time to meet God.


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  • communal living for the People of Heaven is Divine and works for everyone because the people at the top do not expect material gain from their service to the community, knowing that they are gaining spiritually-communal living for the people of the earth is not Divine and only works for a few at the top who think they deserve the lion's share of material wealth and comfort and gain nothing spiritually while they stifle the material and spiritual growth of 

    the masss'

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