Colors beyond the known

     Has anyone here seen a color, either in their mind's eye in meditation, in sleep/dream state, or elsewhere that is not a hue/shade of any of the known primary colors of this 3rd dimensional Earth?  I have on many occasions attempted to visualize an "unknown color", but never with success.  I have heard/read that there are other colors out there but perhaps not to be seen/glimpsed from my limited dimensional awareness?  Your thoughts and experiences on this matter are welcome.

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  • I see the exact same thing. Every time I close my eyes to sleep and sometimes even during the day.

  • The colors I see when I begin seeing visions are very different from the colors I see with my eyes.

    They are far more deep, vibrant and extremely vivid.

    I have never seen anything like them while waking.

    - Mike

  • The brain have limitations , its a biological cumputer .
    If a create a video game , i would need a base of colors but the game can't go further
    or beyond the actual pallet of colors . Only the Soul will rise above .

  •     Thanks - this last one is the most dazzling of all (in my opinion).  Have you seen other primary colors yourself, Feather Winger (or shades/hes of them), other than the 3 (red, blue and yellow) we have?  Either in dream state or in meditation or astral projection or?

  •      I have not asked for any descriptions of new colors as I recognize the futiity of such.  I have asked for people's input and experiences on this topic.  John L. below has addressed the spirit of what am referring to.  The photos that you, Feather Winger, post below also, are dazzling/exquisite, and I thank you for them, but am not sure what they have to do with the topic mentioned originally.   

  •       Feather Winger:  Pearlescent, metallic, fuscia, lime green (my favorite)?  What do these have to do with unknown colors?  Again, I am referring to colors beyond our spectrum, not delicate shades, hues, pastels, etc. of known colors.  But thanks, anyway.  At least you're sincere in your attempts to answer, unlike certain trolls (above) that appear to have nothing else to do but to glom onto a posting and flaunt their peculiar idiosyncrasies. 

  • This is the Buddhist flag from the time of Buddha - 2,000+ years ago. The last color was a combination of colors to represent the holy color that can not be seen by 3rd dimensional eyes. Look it up!

      I met some "Mediterranean Pleadians" twice in very vivid dreams who wore head bands/crowns of this color and i cannot determine what the color is because it was changing at every glance. From transparent to black to multicolor! There are so much that we to have see when we get there and it will be beautiful!

      There was this artist who went into near death experience and he saw over 20 primary colors! We in 3d only have three primary colors which if you have a printer you know are magenta, cyan and yellow - imagine seeing over 20 primary colors - the universe is endless and so is what we can see in our purity! We happily strive on!

    Good luck and if you see any new colors - you get to name them!!!  hehehe

    love, John

    •     Thanks, John.  Yes, this is what am referring to.  Have heard (forget where) of there being literally hundreds of other colors, but perhaps, as you suggest, only a couple of dozen primary colors.  Yellow, blue and red are the 3 primary colors we enjoy at present.   

      • That is so interesting about the color in the Buddhist flag and a combination of colors to represent the holy color....Very cool...
  •      Question to Feather Winger:  Perhaps, but where are they?  Certainly not in the photo you post.  I am not referring to gradations/hues/shades of known colors, but unknown (to most Earthians on this planet) totally different colors completely!

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