Another Coverup by the Cabal


Pass this on tho those who need to know... Also note the picture of Mr. Homes the supposed person...Look at the nose.. ...



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  • Connecting the dots...

    - James Holmes' dad,

    a senior lead scientist at FICO, was planning on giving a testimony hearing regarding... our latest "darling",  LIBOR travesty..

    Let's wake up!

  • he may also be on meds which explains the dull eyes

  • Fair enough Thalamus,

    I don't think arguing is constructive either! : )

    It's all speculation at the moment & more photos do need to be examined to say for sure,

    I'm just not ruling it out yet.

    Thanks for your input, it's always good to share different perspectives : )




    • yeh doesnt look like the same guy ;)

  • Why do you think the imposter photos are a distraction Thalamus?

    We should focus on the truth but we need to consider all the information first,

    however strange & unlikely it may appear.

    I don't wish to judge & condemn anyone & I'm certainly not going to point my finger unless I know exactly who I'm accusing! : )

    It's not that hard to believe that James was replaced with a look-alike by those who didn't want him to go to court, since the people behind it probably intended for him to die in the shooting. 

    He wouldn't be the first to be swapped either,

    it's obvious that Paul McCartney died in the 60's & was replaced by look-alike Billy Shears

    (the current 'Paul McCartney' who doesn't look the same even after surgery)

    & it seems very likely that Saddam Hussein wasn't executed, it was just one of his many doubles who had plastic surgery.

    How many others aren't who we think they are?

    It would be wise to keep an open mind : )









    • The real ruler of Iraq was someone else, and older gent,  the fall guy used three men (doubles if you will) in the beginning for security purposes…. Anyway everyone’s opinion is wonderful to see, thank you all for sharing.. But at the end of the day it is what you believe and that’s the truth in each of our reality’s…. It is my understanding all realities will collapse by December 21 with the exception of two realities will remain in existence. One of Accession. One of fear. It is our choice what we want to experience…. Have a fantastic evening all

  • You  bet :) Thanks

  • he's smiling in the first pic so his nostrils expanded-the entire thing would be a huge endevour-his parents' house, interviews with them and neighbors lately, the phych doc would have to be an 'agent' too-it looks like in the second pic he's 6 years older and skinnier-I would say a probable severe influence at the astral levels by demonic entities -or the devil made him do it

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