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Cmdr Sheron On Gliese 581 And The Current State Of Our Earth

By Cmdr Yshatar


The new planet you see before you brothers and sisters it not recently discovered. Your earth leaders have known about Gliese 581 since the beginning.

However they have kept this news from your civilization until now because they know they can no longer conceal what will soon be revealed. As the new dawn approaches they the leaders of your world intend on making peace in their own way with the people of earth. This they believe can be done through the revelation of various hidden truths. This however will no longer fly with the people of earth. Humanity as a whole is past what is truth and what is false. The time has now come that humanity wants true change not bits and pieces of information.

Gliese 581 is a very inhabited planet with intelligent life and animals of many variations. Do not be surprised if they are the first beings you meet. As your closet neighbor gliese is the forerunner in "first contact". Even though we have always been here, all of us from various races. There are however protocols outlined by a select few that only allow the contact of the nearest star visitors however those who have constructed this "protocol" are no longer in power to determine how this contact will occur. it is now up to the people of earth how first contact will come about. Either way all is going according to plan. Earth is making great progress yet at the same time there is still much suffering upon your planet.

It is this very reason that I wish to address the power of intent. As starseeds there is an undying urge to do more, to assist, to end all suffering on earth. To make right all of the issues on earth. This star brothers and sisters is very understandable. But I ask that you remember the power of intent. The power of intent is so strong that by you simply signing a form, desiring change, wishing for peace on earth you are contributing to the intent of millions across the world to end suffering. Do not loose hope.

Suffering will end. For many this process is not happening quick enough. However it is the small steps being taken currently in your world that are making the biggest impact and change upon your earth. Fleeting moments that are barely noticeable are the ones making greatest stride towards peace. These small feats will soon all come together culminating in a massive global integration of light vibration. It is hard however for many to feel any excitement for these happenings since it appears nothing is moving forward for many. Rest assured much change is happening below the surface. Many many people are coming together creating change silently behind the scenes. Before you know it there will be great changes upon the earth.

Many are distracted from this process by news and television in general. The media glorifies the suffering and pain on earth with out ever touching upon the great strides being taken by millions of fellow brothers and sisters on earth not per day or per hour but every second. There is a very massive awakening occurring on earth. Many of the changes occurring are not publicized. Suffering on earth is over emphasized for the very purpose of promoting powerlessness. If they can promote poverty, hunger, disease globally it will appear as if it is something irreparable. However while there is much suffering on earth there is also great change happening. The lightworkers, starseeds, walk-ins and crystal/indigo children have assisted Gaia in the integration of love energy and light vibration on earth. These energies and vibrations are embedding themselves within the light bodies of our earth brothers and sisters on earth.

This then causes them to act, to create change and be examples which then causes others to be as well. Creating an ongoing eternal cycle of higher frequencies reverberating upon mother Earth removing fear from the equation. Your planet dear ones is not lost, is not doomed and is not falling in to a periode of eternal darkness. It is wise however to watch what you believe and what you focus on for it is you that will create the outcome of the coming end of this cycle.

It is up to you however to determine where this change will lead you. For you are the only leader of your own destiny. No one can tell you what is going to occur in the times ahead because itis only you who can create your own future ahead. You can chose to see the changes or ignore them. But there are changes. See with your heart not your mind. Let your head lead you in seeing the progress of the world. There is much love happening on earth, much action and there is a light shinning brightly upon your earth. We can not show you this however it is you who must pear through the veil. It has been lifted but it is up to you to actually SEE what has been revealed.

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Here's some foul language for you, Ravinder - Shut the **** ** !

Who are you to say who is a savage, what gives you the right to label somebody something, because of your own beliefs? From what I noticed about you, you seem like an obsessed fanatic who doesn't follow his own truth, but rather listens to outside sources, and accept what information emotionally suits you! You are no better then a scared sheep!

People who use foul language are demonic in nature MY ASS! Hell will open the doors for them!? 

You ego dualistic fool

I don't know if you are delusional or just obsessed, or maybe both, but I certanly would't call you a good person !  Instead of helping, you damn the people who need help. Instead of understanding you deny those with a different view than you and your imaginary friends. Instead of FACING THE FEAR AND THE EVIL INSIDE OF YOU, YOU DAMN IT AND RUN AWAY FROM IT !

 I never said foul language is good, but, you sir, suck ! 


Ben, I am sorry for my foul language, trying to make a point, guys like him get under my skin, and me allowing that isn't spiritually mature at all...

This message to Ravinder can be seen as a "personal attack". Please be humble in your expression Petar. Its ok to "express yourself", but this is on the "edge". Your Point of view Petar is to be respected, but Ravinders view should also be respected, im Diplomatic here. This "forum thread" may be closed if we cant respect each others views.
Ravinder, please See behind this, and know that both of Your views are equally important*  Can we agree on this =)


I JUST READ YOUR MESSAGE BEN ..all the LIGHTWORKERS who are here for Ascension are trying to bring more LOVE and LIGHT into Humans to prepare them for 5th Dimension New Earth and those who use foul language will not be allowed into 5th is it not better now to stop using foul language and think of your future besides what goodness do you have to show to the new souls born on this Planet




Waterboy is right, Ravinder.  As a sign of respect, because I know it is against your beliefs, I would not curse at you or in conversation with you.  However, many people are used to it culturally and it means nothing to them, so the harm is not there. 

Words are created through your throat chakra, they are very powerful.  But as I said on another thread, a curse word isn't as bad saying you HATE someone or something.  Hatred creates a powerful thoughtform and emphasizes duality. 

..there is no foul language...only foul minds....

Swhat resonates within you is your OWN path. If foul language isn't part of your frequency, and it repells you, that is your frequency. It is for each soul to chose his/her own path. Your soul and your higher self instinctiely knows what you path is. I like you, prefer civilized language. It shows wisdom, compassion, and undersatnding. To "not offend" ishows inherent qualities of respect. But i don't judge those on a different path, it is THEIR path, and no one elses. I likes parts of Ben Arions's reply. When he states, it is your belief. He is right, and no one is wrong. It is just that some souls are on different paths. And that my dear friend , is as it should be.

 Peace to you.


GLIESE 581 is located 20 LIGHT YEARS from Earth in the constellation Lybra.....


SO THAT MAKES GLIESE 581 ......120,000000000000 MILES AWAY FROM EARTH ........ONLY         







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