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  •   Can the human race who is actually a cloned being? I believe some of us will recognize these clones because some humans are very mindful and perhaps more spiritually advanced than clones and robots.Robots and clones are tend to be more intellignet they don't have a soul but some might say that they have a soul. They can be programed to be more positive and not harm others and they can cause harm in a lot of ways. In the future humanity will be exinct and clones and orbots will be the dominate force on earth. Michines,flying sauscers and the whole world become a digial power house on earth. There is always been the negative and positive existence on earth that humans have gone through over and over until it no longer exist.8115854279?profile=original

  •     Human Cloning has been around a long time but are we aware that human clones exist as every day people and how can we tell if they are clones?. What are the charactisics of human clones ..etc.. most hmans  are too busy or not educated about this suject. Could this be the reason why Coivid19 exist to depolulate planet earth the elderly and those with health issues and replace more clons and robots on earth this could happen or has already begun. biologist have worked in underground bases took pictures of human clons. Black Magcians have created demons creatres such as the Ghoul is make of human dead bodies duriing world war 2 there occured an incident where the Ghoul was created in one of the concerntration camps. The early part of the century the silent flim indestry showed movie of one of these Ghouls. William Mills Compkins mentions robots in the space beyond the solar system. MIBs and Grey ETs are created beings who resemble robots slaves of the Surpent Race it seems off world beings have created other types of creatures including those that resembel human kind. Biologically the human race has a number if DNA strands here are some of them : DNA Fire Codes,Star Crystal Seals,Seed Crystal Seals,DNA Seed - Base Codes and Acceleration Codes cause minute crystalline structures to manifest within the molecular structure of the blood,which prepares the body's bio - chemical,cellular,hormonal and metabotic systems for acceleration of particle rhythm and transmutation.There are 9 Cystal Seeds locatedin the sturcture in the human body and 6 located within the mulitdimensional bio - energetic body (out side of the physical structure ) for a total of 15 Star Crystal Seals within the mulitdimenional human anatomy. There 12 Fire Codes dormat within the original human stand 12 strand DNA imprint,each corresponding to one of 12 strand Star Crystals.The 12 Fire Codes referr to the Silicate Matrix or Crystal Gene the Gene Of  Transmutation.The Fires Codes break down through distortion in the DNA Seed Codes. Prior to mutation of the human genetic code ,the process of Seed Crystal Seal, Star Crystal Seal and Fire Code activation happened auotmatically as a natural part of the biological evolutionary process. Body systems were under control conscious and the Immortal Human could chose desired time - space placement by consciously atlering the personal Merkaba Fields Bio - Energic Structure and particle pulsation rhythem at the present time various DNA stand codes have distortions and mutations. Human Ascenion is a complex system. 8115853897?profile=original

  • Hi! As a Raelian I'am in full support of human cloning technology and its good to know that advancements have been successful behind the scenes let us march on together for the benefit of eternal life for all of humanity may this knowledge be ready for those wanting eternal life let us make death vanish for the sake of continued life.

    • Cloning won't give you eternal life. It will just give New life to something that is not you but looks walks and talks just like you, provided we first learn how to repliate memories and experiences. Before that, the copy will be just a blank slate. ;)

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