Clock number patterns

Very recently i have been experiencing a very odd but interesting phenomena. I will be doing something like a usual day but there are these sometimes when i will look up to see 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 5:55, 4:44, and 10:10. Is this a possible message by the ascended masters? Maybe a message from my guides or higher self or even a message from a ET race in the Galactic Federation. I have been monitoring and recording my dreams since than and one involved a flood. I was in a creek and a huge 100 ft wave rushed in and swept me and 100 other people up and i was being carried far down the creek and i do remember a taste of saltwater. And last night i had a dream that i was in a city and much of it was blurry after me arriving to the city then it ended after i was approaching a actually pretty attractive girl and then i woke up. Note: Before i went to bed i had a straight pattern of numbers on the clock starting at 1:11 then i looked up a hour later to see 2:22 and another hour then i saw 3:33. Very strange indeed if anyone can shed some light on this phenomena or it's meaning for me please add a comment to this discussion.

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  • I 2nd that statement!  :)

    • Thanks guys. I just keep going back for the positive affirmations alone during the not so fun times.

  • I "envy" your infinite plethora of bad-ass pictures LOLOL...~...Huggz

  • YAY!!! Welcome to the groove Nick!!!

    Si and Feather Winger have given you a very good direction. For myself numbers in the new age are exactly as animal medicine of the old age. When I see Brother Hawk or ##s it is a sign for me to pay close attention to life's path as there is a "hidden" opportunity for spiritual growth if I choose to experience it.

    Doreen Virtue is awesome as well as many others. To take that route to ## meanings, look around and find the "oracle" which rings truest to your Self. My personal favorite is:

    Sacred Scribes

    If nothing else they're great positive affirmations. Enjoy the ride!!!


    Love, Light, Laughs
  • Thanks, FW! :D

  • Hi, FW. I'm curious to learn more about number symbolism in regards to DNA. Do you have any info you can share on the subject? :)
  • Maybe but i don't quite know what they are trying to say.

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