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CLEARING DEMONS OR DARK ENTITIES | Light Language Message from Lyra

WARNING Beings from Lyra, the Pleiades, and Orion, fallen Seriphim and Elohim are the demons that are possessing people and ruining their lives on earth. They are also known as the Galactic Federation of Light, Ashtar Command, Niburu Council, Confederation of Planets, and the Great White Brotherhood. They are behind all the sick paranormal phenomenon. They are also behind demonic possessions. Don't buy into their angelic channeled messages that you see on YouTube. They are all demons. They are possessing me and enslaving me with my own energy and power. By manipulating my chakras, my DNA and RNA, they have shifted me to a parallel reality or phantom earth where I am possessed and tormented by these beings with no connection to my "REAL" family. This is a spiritual crime that these beings are committing against me. Through this possession they are able to manipulate my environment. They can steel money right out of my pocket and often do. These are the same demons that help to uphold the worst corruption that we know in this world. They are the same demons behind the Illuminati. They already have all the money in the world yet they steal things out of my pocket, and out of my home and car. These are animal spirits, reptilians, insectilians, avians, etc., yet they can appear as humans often using cloned bodies. I know this is hard to believe but I'm going to keep presenting this information until everyone knows that we are really dealing with Satan when we talk about God. Luciferic beings that are hell bent on destroying the most weakest and vulnerable among us. Please pray for the eradication of these monsters and that they are ridden from this world.

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