• The use of the King James Bible to prove the existence of Jesus is like using the Warren Commission Report to prove Kennedy was shot by Oswald. There is much proof of the existence of Jesus OUTSIDE of the King James Bible, including his blood relationship to St. John the Baptist (who also actually existed).

    The horoscope of Jesus is a mystery; note that I said that Don Jacob's chart MAY be the horoscope of Jesus. Don Jacobs was a very good astrologer and was on the 1960's FBI watch list (along with Angela Davis, Jimi Hendrix, and Abbie Hoffman) due to his accurate predictions via astrology. Until someone can come up with a better chart, I'm sticking with this one. 

  • Christmas is clearly three different holidays together. You have the pegan version, the Christian version, and the regular cultural holiday that you don't have to be anything to celebrate. It is all squished together in multicultural merriment. Santa (our image of him) as he is now first appeared on coke cans during the depression so as to lift spirits....:)
    • .... yes indeed TTT, and we manage to put all of them together ...

      here is russian cartoon ... no english translation but it's nice ... ;)

  • it's kind of funny, that St. Nikolaus was born in Greece, than a little tortured and imprisoned by Catholic Church, and after become a Saint ... anyway i have a feeling that it was more fun before ... thanks Custos for sharing,  i wouldn't mind to have Wii for myself ... ;)

  • Hey Ara, that's my daughters name except its spelled Arrah but the same thing. It means surrounded by light. Anyway here is the truth about Christmas and 2012 and even much of the foolishness going on with the elephant in the room.

    DECEMBER 21 2012 11:11 - A RESISTANCE DOCUMENTARY from Sevan on Vimeo.

    • there is so much theories about Us, the world, the traditions ... however there is "no smoke without a fire" ... so maybe all of this have a valued points, of course with a little exaggeration but nevertheless important. Thank you for sharing The Resistance ... and it's cool that you daughter have this name ... ;) it's also the name of the Constellation.

  • I believe I covered all of that here and here:

    All videos I made are also part of this big volume, which includes the long song "Shadows of Ignorance" which speaks of Love, Enlightenment, Spirituality, and a lot of things people should know:

    • interesting Phaedron, it seems not much originality, everything is borrowed, in Russia  instead of Santa we have Father Frost (and similar traditions to Christmas, but applied for New Year ) ... and Christmas was  celebrated by some on January the 7th ... and the old New Year on January 13th.

    • Surface thinking, this knowledge is ancient Druze and predates modern interpretations.

  • which hemisphere? the winter starts differently at some continents ... and which calendar it goes back?

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