Ego Dissolution

Continuing the Unified Focus of:


mask off  

(A 2-Week Daily Concentration in Focused Surrender) 
The cosmic light of the Galactic Center is about to intensely activate our expanded DNA and white fire core as the memory seed atom of our full God realization comes into fruition. We are readying for an even greater reboot of our human operating system which is  expected to change our life course dramatically. 
For those desiring the upgrade and to be ready for this incoming eclipse alignment, we must be diligent about our preparations... and do all that we can now to constantly call forth and stand willingly in the purification fires. We have to surrender  more deeply.. to levels that we have never gone before.   
This is a time in which many of us may be sitting in the womb of uncomfortable emptiness, flat-lined from all of our thoughts and mental constructs. We might be entering the great void for a period of time to allow more of the erasure to happen... the erasing of our human memory, of the programs, of all the stories and, the desire to even tell the story. 
It can be a confusing and disorienting phase as the illusory concepts melt from the dissolving framework of our human self. Yet, simultaneously, as the dissolve occurs, the pathways are instantly recoded and resultant suffering is not nearly as intense as we have experienced in the past, if any at all. 
The Death of the Ego, The Death of the Ego, The Death of the Ego 
We must, without exception, allow the death process and dissolution of the human to happen if this is our course, and, however that is reflected in our lives... whatever it takes to forever dissolve the monkey mind and the control of the free will. This is our greatest challenge. We must have focused surrender like never before and always come back to the heart... no mind, no analysis, no making sense or having the desire to see things from the logic behind outplay.  
Oh the ego is so clever in its many manipulating subtleties. Much of them live in the subconscious programming. The mind wants to make sense of things. We build concepts upon concepts from mind constructs and beliefs systems. These concepts turn into desires, attachments, justifications, frustrations, excuses, avoidances. We go back to what feels comfortable and secure...and many of us are STILL doing this. 
Energy Exorcisms 
We must exorcise all controlling mechanisms that still keep us locked in fear programming. These are often the areas within us that remain unconscious, deeply entrenched in the hidden shadows of the psyche and the subconscious layering. We are purging the nervous system for this is where they also hide... in between the electrical impulses, or, as the charge itself. 
Some of us still carry obstructing pieces of the ego dominant, electrically overcharged blueprint creating blinding resistances to fully letting go. These patterns can be found even within the most spiritually advanced. We must get into the crevices and un-trench these lower frequency forms, freeing them from their confinement so that they can transform into their higher frequency expressions. 
Allowing the Over-Ride of the Human Design 
overrideAs we surrender the human consciousness and endure its final dismantling process, a new multidimensional operating system completely over-rides the human design.

Deeper, more intricate physical restructuring can take place within our body to remove the imprints of duality within our entire holographic energy matrix. This expansion is what can be attributed to our many recent bouts of dizziness, clumsiness and body aches. 
This next 2-week preparation we are coming into now as a unified group action is specifically assisting in the removal of the programmed matrix including the genetic structure of our divisive nature and its distorted neural network. In this physical transformation, likened to a change of mental software, the neural patterns in the physical body are enduring a process of recodement. Nerve synapses are instantly reconnecting as we make our swift return to wholeness. We are being rewired so that the Higher Mental Body is more accessible, to directly bridge with our I AM Presence and the Universal light of harmonic union and unconditional love. 
It is a time of extreme vulnerability as we are completely emptied and the human consciousness fades into oblivion. Please be sensitive to your and each others process. and again, never to take anything personal. The group support is invaluable and so crucial  to our stability. 
Invoke the Flame of Elohim ~
and the Herculean Power of the Blue Lightening Fire !!!
Start invoking the sacred fire love of the Elohim (designers of the human form) to work in tandem with the building cosmic pressure from the coming alignments. 
We are specifically invoking the Herculean power and legions of blue flame master beings who stand ready with their flaming swords to cut us free from the remaining discordance within our confining human compound. When that blue lightening descends within and around us, it is also gifts us with an armor of protection and absolute invincibility to break free from the mold. 
Those of us who are ascending the human form must embody the Blue Lightening of the Will of God, the Elohim say. "You must hear it crackle and pop inside of you for you are living in a time of great density where there is a requirement to Shatter and Consume! Shatter and Consume! Shatter and Consume the hardened muck and mire! 
Hercules and Amazonia is the Elohimic consciousness of the Blue Ray of Power, Faith and Divine Will. In the beginning when God sent forth the Fiat "Let there be Light," it was Hercules who summoned the mighty Elohim and the Builders of Form to come forth and precipitate the Divine Plan of the Solar Logoi. 
Hercules and Amazonia are charged with the blue fire and this creation field of cosmic consciousness directs the electronic blue fire force from the Great Central Sun to the Earth. The other prominent representatives of the flaming sword are so many and include our beloved Archangel Michael and Faith, Master El Morya, Lord Maitreya, Babaji and their legions of angels of the Blue Lightning Ray.  

Use in combination with the Violet Transmuting Flames

Their momentum can be invoked to proceed the action of the Violet Flames... as a way to excavate those areas of blinding obstruction and through the driving action of Divine Will and God-Victorious transmuting action!

Blaze and drive the sacred flames now through your entire energy system and that of our entire group body.. to be ready to receive the upgrade ascension codes of light arriving in full force later this month of May.

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  • Thank you Drome;

    yes looking forward to the death of Ego :)

  • Ego, Super Ego, and Id are all part of the brain, all part of the physical world. Let go.
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