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Dear Members,

                              I am definitely a sensitive, empathic and clairsentient. I get much exposure living in a big city to all the energies wherever I go. I depend on public transportation so I have to deal with many sorted vibes wherever I go and walk.

                          Anyways, my abdomen has been tense starting this new year. It's like a upset stomach but without needing to puke. I am also feeling some energy I have never felt before.

                        I feel emotionally exhausted from 2014. I feel many of us through ascension have been riding a crazy roller coaster with too much G-Force this past year.

                      I know much about esoteric knowledge but there is many possibilites. The chakra right there is intuitively trying to tell me something. Problem is I know of too many possibilities for this sensation so I am confused.

                       If anyone can relate or indicate objectively what this is about, please relate, even if it's different sensations. I just wonder if I should be better prepared for perhaps a cacophony of events.


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...Im The  Same..Sensitive..Empathic.Clairsentient.....Ive Also Been Feeling..Much Anxiety..In This..Area..+..Upset Stomach.....But I Dont Have The Answer.....Ive Got To The Point....Of Not Analizing....Being Happy..+..Getting On With Things..Sure All Will Be Revealed.....In Time...:)  ...Take Care Zac......Hugs.....<3<3.................                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Yes, I am meditating and being kind to myself. I don't like to get paranoid so I don't analyse that much. It's just interrupting my life with the disorientation I am feeling as well. It kind of feels like something is affecting gravity and the electro-magnetism is unreal

It's your ego. It's a high frequency device, situated on the belly button region, which  allows an illusive singularity within the indivisible Light frequency from Source.

It actually modulates the Cordial center's reception and closure.

"The Cordial center is your crystalline heart, localized in the center chest, it's the emotive, nervous system within the light body, related with sensitive capabilities beyond the physical frame of comprehension. The emotional-intuitive spectre. Creative force. The higher perception"

The ego's dissociative frequency might repulse the incoming light(information) particles on the Cordial heart. Out of balance, it might also generate fear, stress, among other imbalances, finally resonating on physical illness, if constantly subjected to dissonant frequency fields.

With "frequency fields" I mean auras which don't resonate with your speed of vibration.

"I can't breathe"

The more it closes in, more feedback is being actually denied, not just outer feedback, but yours as well. The subject's behaviour becomes "mechanic" showing both, a diminished expressivity and a lower personal development.

"Your soul, the life frequency, manifests itself throughout the Cordial center. When it's being overly protected by your ego, it makes your personality unable to flow outside freely, since the incoming Light feedback from your higher template on Source, is being undermined by the repulsive field generated by the ego"

It often happens with sensitive, shy people. Their cordial center is highly advanced in comparison with other beings. Thousand of light receptive fibers instead, which often means a higly evolved being.

The more evolution, the better the connectivity. Sharing emotional and mental frames inside their planetary grid, as one single all-knowing society.

With "higher template" I mean your higher-self by the way.

This means you're from more advanced star systems.


...Thx Suiris.....Very Interesting Reply....<3....

Thank You for your information. I feel that you added some real depth to the body/mind/soul connection. We are evolving as a team to help each other find clarity and also relate.
I feel that astro-physics and earth science play into the mix too.

"Anyways, my abdomen has been tense starting this new year. It's like a upset stomach but without needing to puke."

Sensitive people have the ability to pick up on the ELF-waves that emanate from the ground from a few weeks before and up until there's a grand earthquake somewhere in the world.
Such waves can create nausea and a "jittery" feeling in the entire body.

I haven't sensed any such feelings but I am quite sure that there will be a large terror/war-event very soon. I just "know" it, and have so for days.

I am feeling the sensations might be from our pole shifting. I think that lines up with earthquakes. I can't say for sure but I have felt for awhile that a planetoid or large meteor/s are affecting gravity as well. It's all working in concert I believe.
I don't know the finer details but I am not going to worry much because this is bigger than us. Bigger hands are guiding and guarding this transition.



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