Babies breastfed by mothers who took mRNA vaccines ARE DYING

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Image: Babies breastfed by mothers who took mRNA vaccines ARE DYING

(Natural News) Babies being breastfed by mothers injected with mRNA shots against the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) are dying.

This warning came from Dr. William Makis, a Canadian physician with a triple specialization in radiology, oncology and immunology and the author of over 100 peer-reviewed medical articles. Makis provided two cases of babies who passed away due to being breastfed by mothers fully vaccinated against COVID-19. (Related: Nurse whistleblower: Fetal deaths have SKYROCKETED since pregnant women started being forced to get COVID-19 vaccines.)

One case involved a 36-year-old mother from New Mexico, who wrote about how her eight-week-old baby died on July 2021.

“He became very sick with a high fever on June 21, about two weeks after I got the first Pfizer vaccine,” she wrote. “He was treated for two weeks with IV antibiotics for a supposed bacterial infection, however they never found any bacteria.”

“After the 14-day course of antibiotics, he was home for one week, but exhibited strange symptoms,” she continued, noting how her child had a swollen eyelid, strange rashes and was regularly vomiting.

“I took him back to the hospital on July 15, where he presented with what they called an atypical Kawasaki disease. He passed away shortly thereafter from clots in his severely inflamed arteries,” she concluded.

Makis presented another case, that of a five-month old baby who died on March 20, 2021, just three days after the infant’s mother received her second dose of Pfizer’s mRNA vaccine.



Just one day after the mother was fully vaccinated, the infant instantly developed a rash and “became inconsolable, refusing to eat and developed a fever,” Makis wrote. “Baby was brought to ER, blood analysis revealed elevated liver enzymes, was hospitalized but continued to decline and died on March 20, 2021, with a diagnosis of TTP.”

Thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura (TTP) is a disorder characterized by the sudden formation of blood clots in small blood vessels that can block the flow of blood to vital organs like the brain, kidneys and heart.

Doctors have been warning against vaccinating pregnant and breastfeeding mothers since the beginning

Medical experts have been warning governments almost since the beginning of the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines that these jabs should be kept away from pregnant and breastfeeding women over serious concerns about their safety.

One such group – composed 66 doctors, scientists and other clinical practitioners – published its own open letter warning that the safety concerns about COVID-19 vaccinations in pregnancy are too dangerous to ignore.

The group, which includes obstetricians and gynecologists from the U.K., have warned against recent advice from medical organizations in the country about vaccinating pregnant women, claiming that it is in complete contradiction to everything that “it itself and academic institutions have been teaching about evidence-based medicine.”

“This advice is that: COVID-19 vaccines are not only safe but strongly recommended for pregnant women,” wrote the group in the letter. “Such advice is not grounded in robust data based on ethically conducted research – and anyone who is medically and academically trained should take serious issue with this.”

The experts noted how concerned and “deeply disturbed” they are about how best scientific practices are being distorted just to bring a newly developed pharmaceutical product to market.

“We have a collective duty to restore the principles of medical ethics to our practice and to clinical research to protect the most vulnerable groups from harm, and this includes pregnant women and their babies,” the group concluded.

Visit for more stories about the side effects of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Watch this video showing how so-called experts repeatedly told the world that the COVID-19 vaccines were safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

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