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Can plants THINK? Shrub makes ‘complex decisions’ to prevent infection...PLANTS TALK TO EACH OTHER TO WARN OF PREDATORS, SCIENTIST CLAIMS

Barberry has 'structural memory' that helps it anticipate future events
75 per cent of the time the plant seems to understand that when it has two seeds - one infected and one intact - it's a much better idea to release both
When a fruit only bears one seed, and that ends up infested, the Barberry aborts only five per cent of the time
That pot plant sat innocently on your desk may be more intelligent than you might think.

Scientists in Germany have discovered that one particular plant, the barberry, can choose whether to abort its seeds before they are ready to prevent parasitic infestations.

This is because it has something called a ‘structural memory’ that helps it anticipate future events.

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Maybe you will stop supporting the murdering and consumption of plants now...

next time I'll consume plants and not animals , I'll think of you laughing.........................



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