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There is a lot of money being made from Illness in general, a lot of it is people supported but in general it's the corruption of the pharmaceutical industry....

I do think there are good people within that industry though, that work to find cures to many diseases, and they have, I guess I never want to think that all people are bad and all of any orginization is evil, because that's not what I've seen in people and what life has taught me.

There are many Cancers that can be cured now, and yes, they are making tons of money on it, but to the person who is fighting for their life, money is of little importance when you look at how valuable life is...

That being said, if I did get something more serious I would probably have to use all angles, and would seek a more natural approach to my healing, I just don't trust many medicines that the Pharmaceutical industry has made, that being said, many of those medicines have saved people's lives...

I'll just leave this with - I know there are good people in there - I have faith in that - and I want to believe it, and hope that someday I can.


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