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Profeson Staton Friedman was one of the few invited by the Governor and Chairman for the Board of Directors of Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority for a conference held in Saudi Arabia on Jan 22-25, 2011.  Among the list of guests are: Tony Blair, Chairman and CEO of Google and a key note speaker was non other than Bill Clinton!!.  The conference theme was:  "Extraterrestrial Life". 



02-24-11 - UFO Congress Special - Linda Moulton Howe, Stanton Friedman, Jim Marrs, Travis Walton

UFOs discussed at Saudi Arabian conference

It was breaking news to most people when Stanton Friedman spoke on “Coast to Coast AM” radio in the early hours of February 25, 2011 and said he’d spoken about UFOs at a conference in Saudi Arabia in late January.

Even Friedman thought it was an Internet joke when he received an invitation to speak about UFOs at the 2011 Global Competitiveness Forum in Saudi Arabia. It wasn’t and he became part of a five-man panel titled Contact: Learning from Outer Space.

Jacques Vallee – Michio Kaku – Nick Pope – Stanton Friedman – Zaghloul Elnaggar
Jacques Vallee – Michio Kaku – Nick Pope – Stanton Friedman – Zaghloul Elnaggar

The other four members were Jacques Vallee, the astronomer who inspired a character in the movie “Close Encounters of the Third Kind;” Michio Kaku, professor of theoretical physics at City University of New York; Nick Pope, formerly with Britain’s Ministry of Defense; and Zaghloul Elnaggar, an Egyptian professor of Earth Science and Geology and member of the Supreme Council of Islamic Affairs.

Not only was it unique for these men to speak about UFOs in “The Kingdom,” but the conference was attended by world heavyweights in business and governments including former U.S. President Bill Clinton, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair and corporate executives from Google, Disney, Boeing.


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Actually they are a bunch of FOOLS wasting time and money and this is no big news.


Extraterrestrials are here now even more in number to help Planet Earth get into 5th Dimension New Earth.

The conference should have been on how they can change and live their lives in the Mode of Goodness and how they can change other people's lives so that they live in the Mode of Goodness...THIS IS THE BIGGEST ISSUE NOW ON PLANET EARTH..for time is going fast and MOTHER EARTH is ready to do more demolishment work if people do not start living their lives in the Mode of being KIND TO NATURE and KIND TO ALL LIVING ENTITIES or else those who do not change they will not be going into 5th Dimension New Earth. LIVING IN THE MODE OF GOODNESS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING ON PLANET EARTH... FOR ALL TO FOLLOW NOW




Ravinder, YOU REALLY MISSED THE POINT here, my god!.   Step out of the Box and pronto!.


The big news is that at least there is a movement (NOT IN THE USA) towards talk of the use of these technologies that If the leadership truly served the people, WE would have peace, end to most diseases, poverty and homelessness would be no more. Face it, the war, disease, oil and banking profiteers are running things, the "me", mine, elite with a lust for power and wealth that is insatiable. This will end in social, economic, environmental collapse and total enslavement if the masses don't wake up.

The bottom line is until there is a change in consciousness and the leadership reflects that change there will continue to be a downward spiral in evolution. Your freedom as well will shift to total enslavement unless a shift in consciousness occurs.   TO ME, THAT IS PRETTY BIG!!.

We can be part of the problem or part of the solution, its up to you.





Although I don't 100% agree with Ravinder, he was just expressing his point of view, and he has every right to. He is not obligated to look at things from other points of view. Nor is he obligated to keep an open mind. He is just expressing what he feels and he definately has the freedom to do so.


I must agree with Ravinder that being Kind to Nature and All sential beings should be the agenda during such conferences .

These topics seem far more important .

I also see Ravinder's point, that human beings need to learn to love and care for each other, and let go of selfishness and greed and clean up their own back yard before they start worrying about ETs or UFOs. However Ravinder could have stated his case with a little less superiority.

"Somebody is making Progress"

......but to be on serious side, this still is good news.......too bad we don't have transcripts what was discussed.I'd like to know what was said, especially from human clones like Bill Clinton. Too bad G. W. Bush is nowhere around ( his battery must of had expired )........................

LOL ...@ Esseya .... good one!

Disclosure comes gradually nor than everything simultaniously..

Wow this is interisting to see that these people could get along with each other 


But I already know there is life out there we need to start getting along here before we can go

Reaching the STARS.

love peace all.

I will see the congress but i have a feeling .....They prepare the population from the coming of the Grays in great numbers..

They will be seen like a saviors of the Earth but in fact they have a secret enslave and kill all the people on Earth....They want just 500 millions  of us to be slave...and the rest of us i am not fool by them....

The Elite of this planet like Blair and Clinton want you to know what they want....nothing more...



With every breaking news story.Brings us one step closer to UFO disclosure!



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